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NatureBox Review

NatureBox is a snack delivery service that delivers a diverse range of snacks to your doorstep every month. Here’s our NatureBox review.

What is NatureBox?

NatureBox is yet another food delivery service that has popped onto the market in the last year. NatureBox focuses on delivering healthy snacks to your doorstep.

The company’s catalog of snacks contains over 100 tasty options. You choose 3 to 5 snacks to receive with each delivery. Vegan and non-GMO options are available.

Each snack has between 3 to 5 servings. You can also customize your number of snacks and the frequency of your snack delivery.

NatureBox pricing starts at $14 USD for 3 snacks and $20 for 5 snacks. You can choose to get those snacks delivered once a week, once every 2 weeks, or once a month. Shipping is free to American addresses, although Canadian customers will have to pay an extra $4.95.

NatureBox is one of the most popular snack delivery services available today and is also one of the fastest growing services. As testament to the popularity of the snack delivery service, the company has over 1 million Facebook fans.

Types of NatureBox Foods

One of the things that makes NatureBox different is that it packages all of its snacks into its own NatureBox-branded packaging.

Unlike other food delivery services, you’re not just getting a bunch of third-party snacks thrown into a box. You’re getting exclusively NatureBox snacks.

Here are some of the NatureBox you can receive with your subscription:

— Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mixes
— Sriracha Pop Pops
— Cinnamon Spiced Almonds
— Mini Belgian Waffles
— Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars
— Cashew Crumble

There are certain foods that cost more to add to your order. The cashew crumble, for example, is priced at $4 per bag. There are also other premium add-ons like dips, including hummus, tapenade, and roasted red pepper dips.

In general, reviews posted online about NatureBox are positive.

Here are some other stats NatureBox has posted about its snacks:

— 60 of the snacks are vegan-friendly, including dried fruits, nut mixes, and more
— 60 snacks are made without soy ingredients
— 75 snacks are made without milk (note: NatureBox doesn’t say they’re made without dairy)
— 60 snacks are made without gluten
— 55 snacks are non-GMO
— 60 snacks are made without nuts

Ultimately, the manufacturer promises that the diverse catalog of snacks gives you plenty of options regardless of your dietary restrictions.

You can pick and choose the exact snacks you like with NatureBox. Or, if you’re not super picky, you can just tell NatureBox your preferences and they’ll pick a bunch of snacks for you.

NatureBox Pricing

NatureBox prominently advertises its 50% off offer for new members, where you pay just $6.97 for 3 snacks or $9.97 for 5 snacks.

However, after your first delivery, your price will increase to $13.95 for 3 snacks and $19.95 for 5 snacks.

You can choose to receive NatureBox delivered weekly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks), or monthly. The price doesn’t change based on how frequently you order the box.

Shipping is free to all United States addresses. Canadian shipping costs $4.95 USD extra.

Like many other snack delivery services, NatureBox also has a subscription plan for offices. Here’s how those memberships break down:

— 200 Snacks for the Office: $185 per month including shipping (recommended for between 10 and 40 snackers):

— Corporate Snack Plans: NatureBox also has corporate snacking plans where you can customize your delivery and receive a customize quote. You can learn more about these plans here:

The office snack boxes are only available in the United States at this time.

About NatureBox

NatureBox was founded in 2011 with “just two people and big dreams” according to the company’s Jobs page. In a 2014 write-up on CBS Money Watch, we learned more about the origins of the company.

Specifically, NatureBox was founded by Gautam Gupta and Ken Chen. Chen was once an “overweight teenager” before becoming an entrepreneur.

In 2014, the company raised $18 million in Series B funding. Forbes had previously praised the company for raising $10.5 million in 7 months “to disrupt the healthy snack industry”. In 2012, the company shipped 50,000 boxes of snacks. By the end of 2013, it had shipped over one million boxes.

Today, the company claims to employ nearly 100 people and is one of America’s fastest-growing food companies.

NatureBox, Inc. is headquartered in San Carlos, California 94070.

You can contact the company by phone at 888 613-6998 or by email at [email protected].

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