Bellachase Cosmetics

Bellachase Cosmetics is a beauty brand that helps consumers show off their personality with balanced colors and the assistance of consultants. Once the consumer reaches a certain monetary value in their cart, the company donates money to women in need.

What is Bellachase Cosmetics?

When a woman wants to express herself visually, she has many different outlets. Clothing is often the easiest choice, but the art of applying makeup is an entirely different experience. Makeup takes two things – skill and variety. However too many brands limit their options, and do not have anyone to help consumers make the best decision for themselves. Luckily, that is where the Bellachase Cosmetics brand comes in.

Bellachase was created by Laura Vanderwall, who has pursued a successful career on the surgical side of cosmetics for over 20 years. Her progress took to the Christian Dior makeup counter to explore the artsy side of cosmetics, which helped her build up her reputation in Hollywood as a makeup artist. The Bellachase brand is the culmination of the decades of experience she has gained, with a superior understanding of cosmetics and application.

The Bellachase products and inventory are not meant to just be an everyday source for coloring eyelids and enhancing lips. Instead, the creator wanted the company to mean something.

In this effort, every purchase that exceeds $75.00 will result in a 5% donation to women’s charities around the country. To bridge the gap between purchasing makeup and being able to use it, consumers have the luxury of turning to Cosmetics Consultants, which is where most of the purchases are made.

Though the website is presently in a “pre-launch” state, consumers still have access to all the information online so they are prepared for their first purchase.

How to Become a Cosmetics Consultant

To become a part of this impressive company, all the individual needs to do is select “Join” from the banner at the top of the website. From here, the user has the choice of several different programs for their starter kit, which are:

  • The Apprentice ($69), which includes the basic supplies for the business, a $20 credit for products, a free month of web hosting (which is $8.95/month), and access to their own website
  • The Guru ($199), which includes the basic supplies, a $40 credit for products, a 50% discount on all products, a free month of web hosting, and access to their own website
  • The Maven ($399), which has everything of the Guru package, except that the credit for products is increased to $75
  • The Pro ($749), which has everything of the Maven package, except that the product credit is doubled

Anyone can sign up to be a consultant, as long as they are over the age of 18, have a valid credit card, and have a social security number.

Types of Products From Bellachase Cosmetics

Like most cosmetics brands, Bellachase Cosmetics provides nearly everything a woman may need to prepare herself for the day ahead. However, all the products come from other brands that allow the company to list them on the website.

The available types of cosmetics include:

The company also provides gift cards for consumers that want to let their loved ones expand on their repertoire of makeup. Read on below to learn a little more about what the user finds with Bellachase.


The Body section of the website helps consumers to nourish the skin that is not on their face. However, this section is relatively small still, because the only product offered is the Whish Bath & Body Gel, available in both Pomegranate or Lavender for $16.00 each.


All the fragrances available through Bellachase come from Defineme. Consumers have the choice of:

  • Audry, which offers a blend of peony rose, jasmine, and sandalwood
  • Clara, which blends lily, lilac, violet, and hibiscus for a soft musk
  • Delphine, which includes lilac, freesia, ylang-ylang, coconut, and rosewood
  • Harper, which does not offer a description of the scent
  • Payton, which does not offer a description of the scent

Each one of the fragrances comes in a 9ml bottle with a roller applicator, and is available for $38.00.


All the products in this category specifically deal with the skin on the face. Primers help to keep makeup in place, while the other products focus on skin clarity. Some of the best-selling products in this category include:

  • Water Balm by Sonia Roselli Beauty, which helps keep skin soft, supple, and youthful $48)
  • Sexapeel by Sonia Roselli Beauty, to exfoliate the complexion ($40)
  • Skindanavia, a makeup primer spray that restricts the user’s oil excretion ($14)
  • CaneAustin Glycolic Treatment Eye Cream, to reduce fine lines ($105)
  • Chella Brow Full-Fillment, to improve the growth of eyebrows ($60)


All the face products are different types of makeup that provide coverage to the complexion. The concealers are available for $39 each, the pen-style concealers are $40, and the liquid concealers are just $14.


The only products in the Cheeks section are blushes, which include (but are not limited to) the following colors that range from $11 to $22:

  • Lace
  • Pinstripe
  • Toile
  • Naturally You
  • First Blush


The eyes are the window to the soul, which is why there are so many different shades included. Consumers have the choice of buying individual colors ($7) or complete palettes ($36 to $80) depending on their needs.


In the Lip section, consumers will find many styles of lipstick in a range of colors. Choose from:

  • Cream lip color ($19)
  • Hi Gloss ($19)
  • Matte ($19)

There are also multiple collections, like the Noir Collection and the Icon Collection, that feature bold shades that start at $24.


Even with all these products, consumers need to make sure they can apply them correctly. Each brush is part of a collection that comes with at least five other brushes, starting at $27, but going up to $89.99.

Contacting Bellachase Cosmetics

Even with all the inventory and information online, some consumers may still have concerns that they want to address. The customer service team offers both a phone number and an email address, making it easy for anyone to get the answer to their questions.

Even if the question is about a return, all the products are covered under a 30-day return policy for a complete refund.

Bellachase Cosmetics Review Summary

Bellachase Cosmetics is a reliable company for finding the subtle, bold, or everyday makeup that consumers need. Their charitable efforts help consumers to feel included in their mission, while consultants address the issues that arise during application and the ordering process.

Whether you want to sell the products or wear them, the Bellachase brand has something for you.


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