Be Grapefull – Professional In-Depth Wine Education eBook?


Aimed at making wine tasting informative and accessible, Be Grapefull is a reference book for everything related to wine, from the basic components of grapes and color to understanding the subtle nuances between different varietals.

Please continue reading for more about this e-book designed to develop the palate and inform wine consumers.

About Be Grapefull

Understanding the nuances of different wines can be difficult and overwhelming for beginners with hundreds of varieties to choose from. Wine lists are often lengthy and repetitive, with the nuances confusing to those who have not been educated.

As a comprehensive digital reference book, Be Grapefull is designed to enhance wine knowledge, develop the palate, and generate appreciation for outstanding wine. This cultivates sommelier skills for users to pinpoint flavors and have the ability to choose between different wines.

More than an e-book, Be Grapefull is a complete guide to understanding the production and flavor profiles of wines from around the world. It includes information about the building blocks of wine and how different flavors are created, as well as in-depth descriptions of the varietals of wine.

Developed by the creator of Wine Tasting Events, an Australian wine education company, this book is written to be accessible and not overly technical for optimal absorption of information. Vibrant photos accompany each section for visual appeal and improved learning.

With over 30 years of experience, the other main contributor is a renowned wine expert who holds the OIV Master of Science in Wine Management and teaches one of the most widely recognized and respected wine courses. This focus on education is apparent in the e-book, with user-friendly headings, titles, and well-written content.

How Does Be Grapefull Work?

Users can read through the entire guide to grow their knowledge base or use it for referencing particular varietals as they are encountered.

Ideal for those who enjoy wine or are in the restaurant business, Be Grapefull will provide readers with the skills necessary to expertly taste and understand wine. They will be empowered to face long and complicated wine lists and to pick the right wines for specific meals.

People seem to agree that this e-book is beautifully designed and easy to understand, making learning about wine interesting and fun.

Be Grapefull Features

The Building Blocks of Wine:

By breaking down the nuances of different wine flavors, this elucidates the complexities of various wines and simplifies taste profiles. Increased knowledge for how flavors appear in wine is extremely useful for those who want to understand the production process better.

Basic components such as color and vineyard conditions are clearly explained for users to fully grasp the origin of winemaking.

Main Varietals of Wine:

Aimed to improve the palate, this guide clearly explains the different flavors associated with each wine varietal, for more informed tasting. This will help readers to choose wines outside of their comfort zones and to know what to suggest for different taste preferences.

Tour of Wines Around the World:

With helpful hints for up-and-coming areas, this tour profiles the most popular wine regions and the type of wines they typically produce. With beautifully curated photos, readers get a sense of each location and the environmental elements that contribute to the growth of particular grapes.


Through Creative Winebooks, the Be Grapefull reference book is available for $59 with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Should You Use Be Grapefull?

With such descriptive information about winemaking and palate development, this might be a useful book for those interested in expanding their knowledge base for enhanced appreciation of different wines, or even as a first stepping stone for those who wish to become sommeliers.

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