Bayberg Brain Booster Nootropic – Cognitive & Neuronal Enhancer?


Nootropics are a class of products that have become immensely popular in the past couple of decades. This is primarily because these items have been infused with natural extracts that have been studied and found to heighten the overall working of our neural pathways. As a result of this, an individual starts to experience higher cognitive functionality, decreased mental fatigue, reduced dullness, increased sharpness.

Another major feature of all high quality nootropics is the fact that they contain only natural agents within them. This ensures that once the nutrients from the supplement have been absorbed, they can be easily synthesised within our bodies and then eventually expelled with ease.

Thus, users are often encouraged to make use of products that are not only potent, but also naturally derived.

About Bayberg Brain Booster Nootropic

As the name clearly refers to, Bayberg Brain Booster Nootropic is an all new ‘nootropic formula’ that has been infused with a wide variety of herbal extracts to help increase cognition and overall mental functionality. In terms of its validity, the core components have been carefully researched into and here are host of different studies which clearly demonstrate the efficacy of the chosen nutrients.

Additionally, users may wish to do a quick search on these items and see if they are suitable for them or not. Some of the key aspects of Brain Booster which make it highly potent include:

(i) Cognition: due to the presence of certain stimulatory agents, the product allows for the heightening of stimuli transfer. This basically means that audio and visual signals are transferred and processed much faster by our cranial centres, allowing for increased receptivity and faster response.

(ii) Neuronal Enhancement: one of the main benefits of Bayberg is the fact that it allows for increased neuron production. When there are large volumes of neurons operating in our neural pathways, the efficiency of the user in terms of his/her mental work can be enhanced quite dramatically.

(iii) Focus: studies have shown that the core elements present in the mix can be used to increase the overall focus and clarity levels of the user. When a person is highly focused on the task at hand, he/she can greatly increase their overall work productivity as well as output levels.

(iv) Made in the USA: unlike many other supplements which are produced in countries where quality control measures are not strict, Bayberg Brain Boost is manufactured in facilities that are located in the United States and have been cleared by the FDA.

Bayberg Brain Booster Nootropic Compositional Data

  • Huperzine A: this naturally derived plant extract has been shown to increase memory retention capacity in users through the regulation of cranial neural transfer. Some studies have even suggested that Huperzine can help in increasing visual memory retention as well as enhance overall mental clarity.
  • GABA: this neural receptor has been widely studied for its effects on our brain and stimulatory response. In terms of its uses, clinical doses of this potent compound have shown to improve mental health and overall cognitive functionality. Additionally, GABA is also known to help with the alleviation of certain depression based symptoms that have been found to affect many members of society.
  • DHA: this omega 3 fatty acid derivative is highly useful in promoting neural efficiency and has also been found to support brain development. Recent studies have shown that when used with GABA, it has the potential to protect and enhance neurological function in our bodies.
  • Phosphatidylserine: this potent phosphate derivative has been shown to be involved with the upkeep and restoration of our core nerve cell membranes. It also helps in the release of dopamine into our bloodstreams, thereby allowing for happier and calmer mind states.
  • DMAE: this choline derivative is highly important for optimal brain function as it is known to protect the cranial centres in our bodies via the action of various potent antioxidants. DMAE also promotes the production of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine (which is said to improve memory and learning capacity) .

Bayberg Brain Booster Nootropic Pricing And Availability

Each bottle of Bayberg Brain Booster Nootropic contains 60 capsules which should serve users for at least a month. Additional details like dosage directions, precautions can be found on the label outside.

A single unit is available for $16.06, and on purchase of 2 or more bottles substantial discounts can be availed of. Orders can be placed on Bayberg’s official Amazon portal, and payments can be completed using safe means like PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

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