BasePro & GlovePro – Next To Skin Insulated Base Layer Clothing?


With tailored insulation technology, BasePro & GlovePro are a comprehensive base layer and protective glove, respectively, for optimal body temperature in cold climates.

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About BasePro & GlovePro

Fortress Clothing has developed BasePro & GlovePro to serve as the ultimate base layer in cold environments. Both utilize their “next to skin” technology, which allows just one layer to be worn to maintain optimal body heat, rather than multiple cumbersome and heavy layers.

BasePro is insulated in essential areas to keep the body’s core temperature stable without the hassle of many layers. Its four-way stretch fabric keeps one warm when wet or dry and remains comfortable against the skin. Intended to be worn under a coat, shell, or other outerwear clothing, BasePro can also be used inside a sleeping bag for warmth throughout the night.

Designed with a waterproof and windproof shell, GlovePro also keeps the wearer warm, even when wet.

A stable core temperature is essential for the body to function properly; while extremely cold extremities are uncomfortable and can inhibit movement, they do not threaten the body’s well being.

Core temperature refers to the maintenance of the area containing the organs, which cannot drop significantly in temperature or their function will be significantly impaired.

Thermal heat control and moisture wicking insulation make this line of products perfectly suited for those working or spending a lot of time outdoors. Ideal for outdoor use, these products will keep users warm while skiing, performing winter chores, walking the dog, working in construction, or just while at the cabin.

How Do BasePro & GlovePro Work?

For men, the fit of BasePro tops are true to size. Women, however, are instructed to select a size smaller than their regular shirt size for optimal fit.

BasePro pants and GlovePro fit true to size for both men and women.

Sizes range from small to XXL for BasePro while GlovePro sizes range from XS to XL.

BasePro and GlovePro Features



Enforced stitching around high movement areas keeps the top durable as a four-way stretch brushed base layer. Insulation in front of and behind the core, in addition to extra protection around the shoulders and upper arms, maintains warmth for the entire body.


Insulation extends around the glutes, hamstrings, thighs, knees, and around the groin to keep every area warm. A drawcord and elastic waistband allow it to be layered with different clothes and for optimal comfort.


Offering protection from both the wind and rain, GlovePro is made with a durable shell for use in harsh winter climates even while working outside for the entire day.

Pricing For BasePro & GlovePro

As a Kickstarter fundraiser, neither product will be made unless the financial goal is met. At this point the campaign has raised $15.396 of its $22,000 goal with the end date set at Sunday, November 19. Contributors have several options in donation tier:

With the lowest denomination at $10 or more, donors will receive two Fortress Stickers. Contributions of $89 or more will guarantee investors a BasePro Top or Pant or GlovePro as part of the Early Bird order.

Donations of $99 or more provide backers with the same options as part of the first or second batch manufactured at a 30% discount. Pledges of $169 or more receive both the BasePro Top and Pant to be delivered in April, while backers offering $249 or more will receive all three items in April 2018.

Should You Use BasePro & GlovePro?

Utilizing patented insulation technology, it seems that this line of products might be very useful for those who spend a lot of time outside during the winter.

For these items to be produced, interested consumers are encouraged to contribute to the Kickstarter, upon which manufacturing is dependent. More information can be found at:

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