Badass Body Diet – Breakthrough Diet & Workout Program?


Christmas Abbott is a CrossFit celebrity, and with her dedication and hard work, she has now documented how the rest of us can have the strong, killer body we've always wanted.

She calls Raleigh, North Carolina her home now, but still travels the world to compete in CrossFit competitions and facilitate nutrition classes. Christmas struggled and overcame her self-inflicted body abuse of alcohol and drugs. She has fought the good fight and is now able to offer those struggling in their lives some of the answers she found for herself.

What Is The Badass Body Diet?

Christmas is a professional athlete, a transformational guru, a motivational speaker, and a branding advisor. She has also been:

  • An Olympic weightlifter
  • A NASCAR Pit Crew Member (she was not only the first, but she was also the only full-time female member of a Sprint Cup NASCAR Pit Crew)
  • A defense contractor in Iraq
  • A CrossFit Gym owner
  • Featured in the New York Times, Maxim, and Glamour

CrossFit is clearly how she keeps her body toned, but it seems at times that she has no time to eat and is in a constant state of perpetual motion. She offers online personal training and also has a blog, which is filled with #MondayMotivation inspirational entries that she posts every Monday morning.

Her poignant and realistic thoughts can remind us of missed opportunities and even failed efforts, but she never fails to offer the motivation we need to keep on the path to better health and overcome the obstacles that life throws at us.

Christmas has also shared some of her favorite daily product uses, such as:

  • ROMWOD – Free 2 Week Trial
  • Rodan + Fields Skincare
  • 10% OFF PRX Home Gym – Use code “ABBOTT10.”
  • LIFEAID Beverage Co.
  • Sweat Cosmetics
  • Barbella Box
  • JerkFit
  • EXO Sleeve
  • Live score Apparel

She also sells tees and coffee mugs in conjunction with her badass body branding. Her Facebook page offers videos of Christmas performing some of her exercises as well.

In her book which teaches how to follow the Badass Body Diet, she educates readers how to “spot reduce” fat by using the proper meal plans and recipes that will kill off cellulite and give you a firmer body through easy to understand work out plans for a toned butt.

According to Christmas, your butt is the key to total body fitness. But don't worry, she also helps us with every problem area to get us into the top shape of our lives.

Benefits Of Badass Body Diet

Christmas categorizes all of us into three buckets: Gainers, Maintainers, and Modifiers. She speaks to each of us in terms that we can relate to in our daily lives. Her theory is that our gluteus maximus is where we should start because that is our largest and most powerful muscle group.

Other wonderful things in her book include:

  • Stop worrying about your flabby tummy!
  • The right proteins, fats, and carbs for a hot booty
  • A total body workout that is easy to follow
  • Targeting cellulite by way of your diet, exercises, and other tips
  • Improving your posture, mobility, and overall health
  • Great before and after pictures of some of her clients
  • How to get that tight body, lean legs, and sexy abs

There are also some simple and quick recipes in the book, including:

  • Mexican omelets
  • Texas-style chili
  • Sweet tuna salad
  • Low carb lover’s pizza
  • Coconut shrimp
  • Badass eggs
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Spinach salad
  • Blackened whitefish
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Bacon wrapped sea scallops
  • Naked taco salad
  • Creamy coleslaw
  • Balsamic dressing
  • Smothered pork chops
  • Breakfast egg muffins
  • Zucchini chips
  • Shrimp scampi
  • Turkey loaf
  • Mini quiche
  • Stuffed tomato with crab salad
  • Crocked pot roast
  • And a bunch of other treats!

Possible Issues

  • Some readers have reported being “leery” of the food advice.
  • Other readers say there are a flurry of editing errors.
  • The book may be too focused on nutrition for some users, and that claims are very broad and not supported by citable facts.
  • And as always recommended, consult your doctor before you begin any diet or exercise routine.

Read the Badass Body Diet Book

Even with the issues reported by some readers, you need to read the Badass Body Diet book! It’s published by William Morrow and is only 352 pages. There are lots of photos as well, so not all that much to read. The book is broken down into four parts:

  • The minimalist (fat reduction)
  • The modifier (if you need to lose more than 30 pounds)
  • The maintainer (if you have 20 to 30 percent body fat and aim to increase muscle mass)
  • The gainer (increase body fat and muscle mass)

There is also an excellent review of Ms. Abbott's life, which has been incredibly interesting, especially considering her young age.

As with most diet focused books, this one also caters to the ladies; however, men can also benefit from reading it to improve their health as well. If you're in a relationship, you can even get buff together! Amazon even lets you take a sneak peek into the book online before you buy it to ensure that you will love it.

Badass Body Diet Final Words

Any diet effort will be easier for you if you don’t feel deprived. It's important to eat enough calories to feel satisfied, but not so many that you maintain your current weight.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Go ahead and eat your favorite foods, just don’t over-eat them
  • Replace potato chips with veggie chips
  • Using healthier oils in your cooking, such as coconut and olive oils
  • Buy lean meats as well as lots of fresh veggies and fruits
  • If you have a sweet tooth, try drinking a cup of hot tea, as you may find that you feel completely satisfied afterwards.
  • Chew sugar-free gum if you need to keep your mouth busy and taste something sweet

These suggestions will help you stay committed to your plan because you won’t feel like you’ve strayed too much, if at all. You’ll reach your goal and be able to maintain it with the new healthier habits you’ve created. For perhaps the first time, this is not a one size fits all book, thanks to the categories she created for us.

Snatch up a copy of this book and get that booty on the right road to feeling and looking better, having more energy and confidence, and leading a healthier lifestyle naturally using the tips provided.


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