Herbivore Moon Fruit – Nightly Enzyme Superfruit Skincare Cream?


Finding a perfect skincare product is not as easy as such in the current age. One sure way of finding a one is to choose a reputable manufacturer. Herbivore Moon Fruit is one of the popular skin products used today, and it is made by the popular, Herbivore Botanicals.

About Herbivore

Herbivore Botanicals is a skincare products company that was established by Alexander Kummerow and Julia Willis in 2011 in Seattle.

The main aim of developing Herbivore was to develop products that are non-toxic, safe and highly effective to the user. The developers of the brand wanted to deliver tangible results to their customers. It was all about getting results that can be seen by other people and felt by the user.

Herbivore Botanicals exploits Mother Nature to develop effective products that help to solve the common skin issues. The company doesn’t use fillers in their products, which also helps to minimize the chances of experiencing lethal side effects.

Above all, they are known to develop original products that they create and test themselves. They also test their products on real people, and not on animals like some cosmetic-based brands.

Some of the sources of the powerful ingredients used in their skincare products include the Brazilian Gemstones and French Pink Clay. The formulated treatments contain a blend of botanicals, minerals, and essential vitamins that help to restore the vitality and optimum health of the skin.

How Does Moon Fruit Work?

Herbivore Moon Fruit is a skin care product that has been specifically developed to work on the skin overnight and deliver the best skin tone and texture. The product is applied to the face, and the active ingredients are absorbed into the skin to fight the visible aging signs like wrinkles. It also contains shea butter and exotic kokum, which help in locking the moisture in the skin and offer deep hydration to the skin.

As the cream is absorbed into the skin, the ingredients also support the renewal of cells and resurface the skin gently. This will, in turn, exfoliate your skin and leave it smooth and glowing. You will experience a cool feeling on your face when you wash off the cream in the morning.

Benefits of Herbivore Moon Fruit

You will enjoy a lot of benefits when applying Moon Fruit to your skin. Some of the benefits of applying the cream include the following;

It fights Aging

The product is known to contain plant-based ingredients that help to fight all the aging signs on your skin. You will need to use it frequently to enjoy the results.

Promotes Cellular Regeneration

The ingredients used will naturally trigger the renewal of cells in the skin.

Solves Uneven Skin Tone

You can be sure of eliminating the dark patches on your skin when applying this product. The ingredients will gently bleach the dark marks, which then restores your natural skin tone.

Solves Skin Dryness

If you suffer from skin dryness, you can depend on this product to enjoy a tender skin. When the cream locks in the moisture and offers deep hydration, your skin will naturally become soft. This works perfectly when it is applied overnight.

Boosts The Skin Texture

The cream will also work at balancing the skin texture. You will not experience uneven skin texture on your face since the cream contains ingredients that act as exfoliators. This is a multitasking skin treatment that has been designed to deliver the best results gently without experiencing harsh side effects.

Ingredients In Herbivore Moon Fruit

As mentioned, this product is developed with organic, plant-based ingredients that deliver perfect results. Here is a look at the active ingredients used in the cream;


The night treatment cream comes with powerful fruits like Red Raspberry Seed, Goji Berry, as well as Prickly Pear.

These fruits help to repair the oxidative stress that is caused by too much exposure to the sun. It also solves aging signs like wrinkles.

So when you are out exposed to the sun during the day, you can enjoy a soothing skincare experience at night.

Fruit Enzymes And AHAs

Some of the fruit enzymes contained in the cream include sugar cane, bilberry, papaya, orange, maple, and cranberry enzymes. These fruit enzymes work gently at regenerating and resurfacing the skin, which leaves it smooth and glowing.

They also help to unclog the blocked pores in any skin type.

Kokum And Shea Butters

These two ingredients are known to contain hydration properties. They are natural humectants, which help to pull back and lock the moisture into the skin.

Aloe Juice

Aloe Vera is well-known as a skincare remedy, and Moon Fruit contains the Aloe Juice that helps to sooth and calm the skin.

Also, the juice is responsible for lessening irritations from blemishes. If you have any dark spots and other blemishes, the Aloe Juice in the cream will eliminate them.

Hyaluronic Acid

This acid is vegan and bio-identical, which means that it helps to promote your skin elasticity and offer deep hydration.

Price And How To Purchase

The product goes for only $58, and it is advised to purchase it from Sephora {http://www.sephora.com/moon-fruit-superfruit-night-treatment-P415745?skuId=1905843&icid2=herbivore_lp_bestsellers_carousel:p415745}. Buying it from Sephora assures you of getting the genuine product and avoiding counterfeits. Also, the US and Canadian buyers can return the product for a refund if the results do not satisfy them.

What Do Other Users Say About It?

Most of the users are contented by the performance of the product, as it has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, after 132 reviews. The users acknowledge that the cream is perfect for hydrating, resurfacing, and nourishing. They also state that it is a luxurious product that is gentle, natural, and quite effective.

Pros And Cons Of Herbivore Moon Fruit


  • It works for almost all types of skins
  • It is smooth and absorbs easily
  • It works well with other oils
  • It is thick enough to stick to your skin.
  • It contains natural ingredients
  • Limited to no side effects


  • The smell might not be pleasant to some users
  • You must follow the directions on how to use it for you to experience the results

Herbivore Moon Fruit Summary Review

The Herbivore Moon Fruit is one of the best night treatment you will find out there. The purple color is pleasant, and you will enjoy wearing it as you sleep. However, keep in mind that it is not a face mask.

Always follow the direction of use to enjoy the results. Also, purchase it from the official online store for the original product. Remember to allow it to dry on your face before you go to bed to avoid messing up the pillow case.

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