AZO Cranberry Gummies – Real Cranberry Health Benefits?


Keeping track of the body’s urinary tract health is essential especially due to the fact that a small infection can end up having long-term consequences on the kidneys.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are one the most common urinary health problems especially amongst women.

In order to prevent infections of the urinary tract there are a few things that can be done including drinking more water, cutting off sugary foods, eating yogurt with active cultures and so on. The most popular option to support the urinary tract health is cranberry juice, partly due to the berry’s antioxidants compounds.

However, cranberry juice is not as popular in taste as it is as a remedy thus people tend to try and avoid having to include the product to their diet.

AZO Cranberry Gummies combines the beneficial effects of the cranberry to the more popular flavours of other berries making AZO Cranberry Gummies the right compromise between health and taste. This article will present the AZO Cranberry Gummies and its benefits to urinary tract health.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Urinary tract infections are a widespread health issue mostly amongst women. The lifetime risk of getting an UTI as a woman has been ranked by experts to 1 in 2 which includes women that will have repeated infections.

The urethra is the tube that carries the urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. Located close to the anus, the urethra can be easily invaded by bacteria coming from the large intestine. Having shorter urinary tubes, women are more prone to UTIs due to the fact that their shorter urethra allows bacteria to have a quick access to their bladder.

UTIs are provoked by gastrointestinal bacteria when these get into the urethra and start multiplying on the walls of the tube. Urinary tract infections lead to a burning feeling when urinating, pain in the back and the lower abdomen, fever, an intense or frequent urge to urinate and dark urine.

The danger of not treating an urinary tract infection quickly is that once the infectious bacteria has entered the bladder, it can continue to go up the urethra and infect the kidneys.

The Benefits of Cranberries

Cranberries are a versatile fruit that has many health benefits. The polyphenol in cranberries help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing blood-pressure due to anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

Research have demonstrated that cranberries not only have positive effects on cancers such as ovarian, breast and prostate cancer but also on slowing tumor progression. However, cranberries are most known for their effective role in the prevention of UTIs. The red fruit helps reduce the adhesion of gastrointestinal bacteria to the urinary tract walls due to its high level of proanthocyanidins.

Cranberries are also full of vitamin C and are amongst fruits and vegetables the ones containing the most disease-fighting antioxidants. Usually, fresh cranberries are only available around autumn thus the fruit gets transformed into a large range of products such as cranberry capsules or cranberry juice.

What are Azo Cranberry Gummies?

AZO is a company that focusses on urinary, vaginal and bladder health products. AZO produces homeopathic products that are used as UTI pain reliever.

The products developed by AZO not only prevent infection like UTIs to appear in the first place but also positively affect the pain caused by vaginal and yeast infection. AZO also provides natural supplement to support bladder control and urinary health.

Maintaining Urinary Tract Cleanliness with AZO Cranberry

AZO Cranberry Gummies is one of AZO’s most popular products to help maintain a healthy urinary tract. The product offers the benefits of 1 glass of cranberry juice in 2 gummies.

Aside from the health benefits of AZO Cranberry Gummies, the product has a flavor that most consumers love due to its natural mixed-berry flavor that takes away the acidity of cranberries.

AZO Cranberry Gummies is beneficial to maintain a healthy urinary tract because it helps flush the urinary tract to preserve it cleanliness. As a dietary supplement, AZO Cranberry Gummies is to to be taken daily.

Although, AZO Cranberry Gummies can come across as a treat, it should not be taken more than once a day. A serving of AZO Cranberry includes 2 gummies per day which is more than sufficient for the product to fulfill its purpose.

The formula of AZO Cranberry Gummies is composed with a clinical serving of Pacran. Pacran is a cranberry powder made from a formula of proanthocyanidins-rich cranberries.

Pacran is the first cranberry product with a government sanctioned health claim, it has been clinically shown to support urinary tract health with only 500mg per day making it an efficient and price-effective product.

AZO Cranberry Gummies Availability

AZO Cranberry Gummies can be found all across the United States in large supermarkets like Walmart or Target. In addition, the AZO website provides its customers with a store locator function to help you find a store near you.

AZO Cranberry can also be found in different forms such as caplets containing vitamin C and a probiotic.

Having a healthy urinary tract is important for the rest of the body’s health, especially the kidneys. Urinary tract infections, amongst other symptoms, often come with burning pain whilst urinating, chills, fever and pain in the lower abdomen.

These infections affect a large number of women and are hard to fully heal from. Once you have been infected by a gastrointestinal bacteria once it has a tendency to frequently come back and maybe get worse. For these reasons, it is essential to have a healthy diet and drink a lot of water to cleanse the urinary tube.

AZO Cranberry Gummies is a powerful product that helps prevent UTIs by flushing the urinary tube and consequently maintain the health and cleanliness of the urinary tract.

Popular for its nice flavour, AZO Cranberry Gummies is a beneficial addition to your daily routine that will have positive effects on the health of your urinary tract. Pacran being the main ingredient of the AZO Cranberry Gummies it clinically validates the efficiency of the product and makes it a good supplement to have.

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