Axe Is It Ok For Guys

Over the years, the idea of what a man is has subtly shifted. And this is good news, because it allows men to express themselves in more truthful ways. Axe is a company that works to provide men with the best toiletries possible, so they can be themselves at every point during their busy lives. Offering body sprays, deodorants, hair products, and shower gels, Axe is the one-stop shop for meeting the needs of the modern man.

About Axe

Axe is a company that has fully and totally committed itself to improving the lives of young men. The company has been able to meet this goal by offering a wide range of hair and body care products that meet the varying needs of men. With pure scents and products designed to meet the unique needs of each customers, Axe is able to aid men in feeling and looking their best.

Axe Is It Okay for Guys

As mentioned above, Axe is very serious about the role it plays in the lives of young men that use the company’s products. Over the years, Axe has noticed that there are harmful labels and limits that are placed on these young men, causing them to question themselves. Studies have found that 70% of all men will at one time or another be told that ‘real men’ act in certain ways.

These societal pressures make it more likely for young men to be bullied, suffer from depression, or consider suicide. Because this is an issue that Axe considers to be of the upmost importance, it has taken steps to counteract these harmful pressures.

The #IsItOkayForGuys campaign is the method that Axe, along with its partners, has taken for giving young men a space to ask questions and express themselves. Available on most social media platforms, this hashtag doesn’t just allow young men to empower themselves, but it also brings light to the amount of pressure men feel every day to act in certain ways.

With Promundo, Ditch the Label, and the Representation Project, Axe is showing a whole new generation of boys that they are perfect the way they are, no matter what society might expect of them.

Products Sold by Axe

All Axe products are available for purchase on the company website ( Because Axe has grown so extensively in recent years, the company has had to be creative in the way it categorizes its products, so customers can find what they need faster. In an effort to make it easy for men with varying lifestyles to find what they need, Axe has broken its products into three main categories. These categories, and a brief description of each, can be found below.

The Signature Range for Refined Grooming

These products are for men who live a premium lifestyle and want products that reach the same standards. The Signature range is made up of products that will help users get the smooth and sophisticated look the want for a hard day of work or an even harder night out. These products were specifically crafted to give men a modern dapper look, taking timeless styles and giving them an updated twist. From pomades and deodorants to hydrating cleansers, these products are ideal for modern men.

The Adrenaline Range for High Performance Styling

For those who train hard and put time and effort into reaching their goals, products are needed that are able to work just as hard. The Adrenaline range has two aspects which makes it perfect for men who are always on the go. The first is that these products are considered high-energy, meaning they aid in cooling down, warming up, or whatever users need at that moment in their life. The second aspect of the Adrenaline range is that it keeps users fresh all day with invigorating, powerful scents. From a ginger deodorant to a cooling body wash, these products are ideal for men on the go.

The Urban Range for Style with an Edge

Men who are comfortable with who they are like to express themselves in innovative, stylish ways. For those who are constantly looking for authentic inspiration, the Urban range is the perfect choice for them. These products are both flexible, allowing for men to change up their style as needed, and versatile, making them perfect for a wide range of users. And because urban living can get hectic, all of the Urban range is designed to be extremely durable.

For more information on the above ranges and Axe retail locations, customers can visit the company website listed previously.


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