Cebria Review

Cebria is a nootropic supplement made with all-natural ingredients that promises to improve your short-term memory using a safe and effective formula.

Cebria Nootropic Supplement

You’ve probably seen ads for Cebria on TV. It’s one of those “As Seen On TV” products that comes with a lineup of silly infomercials.

Sure, the late night infomercials are silly. But does Cebria actually work? Can it actually transform your short-term memory and reduce age-related cognitive decay?

Cebria’s advertising is targeted towards the elderly. However, it claims to work on people of all ages. In total, over 12 million doses of Cebria have been administered around the world.

So what’s the secret behind Cebria? Is it really the safe and effective nootropic supplement you’ve been looking for?

How Cebria Works

Cebria’s advertising makes the product sound impressive.

According to those advertisements, Cebria was developed over a 20 year period in a “European laboratory”. Cebria is that lab’s latest breakthrough and it has only recently become available for sale in the United States.

But let’s skip past all the marketing nonsense for a second. How the heck does Cebria actually work? Here are its basic mechanisms:

Why We Lose Memories As We Age

— After age 25, our bodies produce fewer neuropeptides every year. Neuropeptides allow neurons in the brain to branch out and make crucial connections, which helps us form new memories.

— As we get older, this cognitive decline becomes more and more noticeable. This is why older people often have poor short-term memories. They forget names, can’t remember why they walked into a room, or forget where they parked, for example.

— By age 50, as much as 50% of our short-term memory power has been lost. Many people describe this as the “mental fog” that comes with age.

How Cebria Reduces Memory Loss

— Cebria contains a proprietary formula called “Neuro Pep”, which contains 12 different ingredients that have been linked to various cognitive improvements. We’ll talk more about those ingredients below.

— Essentially, this formula activates chemical processes in the brain which ultimately raise your natural production of neuropeptides. Our bodies produce neuropeptides every day – even when we’re older. Cebria promises to raise neuropeptide levels to a level similar to when you were younger.

— Unfortunately, Cebria’s manufacturers don’t really disclose how those chemical processes are activated. That’s why we need to take a closer look at the ingredients.

Cebria Ingredients

Cebria’s primary ingredient is a proprietary formula called Neuro Pep 12. Neuro Pep 12 is manufactured by a German company named EVER Neuro Pharma. In Europe, it’s marketed under the name “Cerebrolysin and is used as at treatment for stroke, dementia, and brain injuries.

It’s unknown how similar Cebria and Cerebrolysin are to one another. However, they’re based on the same pharmaceutical science.

Here are the ingredients you’ll find in Cebria:

Let’s break down each one of those ingredients:

Cebria Facts

Lactose, glutamic acid, Lysine, Leucine, Arginine, Aspartic acid, Phenylalanine, Valine, Threonine, Tyrosine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Methionine, and Tryptophan are all amino acids.

These amino acids have been individually linked to powerful cognitive benefits. Lactose, for example, has been observed to have beneficial effects on social functioning, stress, and memory. Arginine has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to play a critical role in the learning and memory formation process.

Many of these amino acids also enhance neuroprotectivity, which means they reduce the breakdown of various neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitter degradation is one of the main causes of “mental fog”, so you can expect all of these ingredients to fight mental fog in some way or another.

There’s one thing missing from this ingredient list: the amount of each ingredient included within the proprietary blend. We know that aspartic acid has particularly powerful cognitive benefits, for example, but we don’t know whether there’s 1mg or 100mg of it within Cebria. That’s troubling.

Cebria Comes with Bonus Gifts like Perfect Omega

If you order Cebria at the right time, then the company will send you a bonus gift in the form of Perfect Omega.

Perfect Omega provides your body with valuable omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids further enhance neuroprotectivity and have been linked to cognitive benefits. Perfect Omega is valued at $40 and you get a free 30 day supply of this supplement when you start your Cebria trial.

Oh, and you also get a book called The New Memory Advantage, written by a couple of doctors. That book claims to improve your mood, memory, and confidence and is valued at $20.

Is Cebria Legit?

The problems with Cebria: Is it really a scam?

There’s one major problem with Cebria: it has not yet been extensively studied by independent researchers.

Advertisements for Cebria claim that the supplement was studied by a team of researchers and published in a journal called International Clinical Psychopharmacology. That study claims that participants were able to reverse memory loss by 10 to 15 years in just 30 days.

Although International Clinical Psychopharmacology is a legitimate journal, this study cannot be found on that journal’s website or in offline sources. That suggests to me that the study was retracted or worse, is totally fictional.

So instead of relying on scientific evidence, you have to rely on anecdotal claims from other users. It can often be difficult to find trustworthy reviews online, so I’ll leave this up to you.

Nevertheless, it’s not all bad news about Cebria: the ingredients are clearly labelled and have been individually linked to cognitive and health benefits. Still, we’re awaiting the first major clinical study or scientific test which verifies the results of Cebria.

How Much Does Cebria Actually Cost?

Cebria can be ordered online without a prescription. There’s a risk-free trial offer available from the official Cebria website, although that trial offer isn’t totally free. You’ll need to pay “S&P”, or shipping and processing, which costs $9.95.

That fee isn’t nearly as expensive as other “As Seen on TV” products. You’ll pay a total of $9.95 shipping and processing for your free trial.

However, you need to enter your credit card number during the checkout process, and your credit card will be billed for two bottles at $39.95 per bottle, plus $9.95 shipping if you don’t cancel before the end of your trial. This auto-ship program is why they can afford to offer the free trial.

So here’s the breakdown: after signing up for the free trial, your credit card will be immediately billed $9.95 for a 30 day trial of Cebria. Then, on Day 30, your credit card will be billed again for $89.95, and you’ll receive two more bottles of Cebria.

Buying Cebria Online

Ultimately, I recommend the Cebria free trial because you get $60 of free gifts plus a month’s supply of Cebria for $9.95. That’s cheap – especially when you consider that the usual price for a 30 day package of Cebria is $89.95.

However, if you forget to cancel your credit card before the trial period is over, then you will be charged $89.95. Priced at $10, Cebria is worth it. Priced at $89.95? Not so much.

Consider ordering the risk-free Cebria trial online today.


  1. i may be commenting twice, so to make a long post short, I ordered the Cebria, am on the second batch, and haven’t missed a word, lost myself, forgot what I was doing/going in nearly 2 months. I talked to and showed my Doctor the packets and paperwork, and he couldn’t see anything WRONG with it, but said be careful of a scam…
    So far so good. It’s working beautifully…

  2. I turned 73 years old last Saturday (8-27), and have a family history of “Old Timers Disease” (my spell check couldn’t spell the Alt word). My husband saw the offer for Cebria online, and asked if I wanted to try it. I thought about it (I’m already taking Donepezil), and we discussed it. Even with the Donepezil, I sometimes couldn’t put what I wanted to say together, or I forgot what I wanted to say altogether. If you or someone you know has altzheimers, you know what I mean.
    So we purchased the Cebria online, and I started taking the second packet this Sunday.
    I can’t tell you what a difference it has made. I haven’t struggled with words, or forgotten what I was doing, or what I left the kitchen for in at least three weeks. Everyone asks me what I’m doing different (that I’m remembering and thinking for myself)!
    I’ve talked to my doctor, and showed him the Cebria. He couldn’t find anything WRONG with it, but told me according to the paperwork, it’s all natural.
    I hate that Cebria costs so much, but there’s nothing out there on the medical scene stronger than what the doctor gave me that won’t cause terrific side effects…I think we’re going to buy another round of Cebria. At least until something else comes along.

  3. Stop night sweats! Vitamin c, fish oil, regular oatmeal/flaxseed, 500mg glycine all before bed. Don’t have to take glycine. No sugar before bed. This works for me.

  4. I think the only way to know is to try it and see if it works for you. That’s what I’m gonna do. One week ago I had the first major seizure of my 61 years and before that I’ve been experiencing brain fog and strange sensations in my jaws. During the seizure I arched my back so hard I broke my left shoulder blade (I broke my right one in a home fall four months earlier — it’s been a tough year.) Extensive medical tests have revealed absolutely nothing about my seizure. I only have two suspects left:
    1. Heavy metal poisoning. If so, it will be the second time I’ve had to deal with it. It was in the late 80s when an alert, brilliant, open-minded medical doctor (Carl Osborn, D.O.) tracked it to my teeth. He explained that because my dentist left my old ground-down silver fillings in place when he covered them with a face full of crowns, it created a situation where dissimilar metals break down in a solution. In my case, I was loaded with mercury and tin. My symptoms got worse when I worked at my computer, a source of high electromagnetic frequencies. Three years of out-of-pocket dental expense later, followed by many rounds of out-of-pocket chelation therapy by Dr. George Jeutersonke, D.O., my levels had dropped to the normal range and I felt much better;
    2. The second suspect is exposure to a toxic, possibly intentional bombardment of high EMFs from the wind farm that grew up around my property this year. It just strikes me as very ironic that the very day I go public with a complaint against the wind tower company, that evening I go to the E.R. after suffering a seizure so severe it snapped my left shoulder blade. I plan on undergoing more tests to prove or disprove my theories in the near future.
    I am considering filing a lawsuit against the wind tower company if I can find a attorney. Anyone have any suggestions, recommendations or contacts? Anyone with similar experiences?

  5. Seems to be a scam to me all they want is your credit card number i got into one of these type scams once had to cancel my credit card to stop it,if this product is so great it should offered in health stores at a way cheaper cost just a scam thats all.

  6. I need this however I cannot take a chance on anyone overcharging my credit card. I live at low low income. I do not buy unless I have money in my account.
    Thank u anyway.

    • These “brain enhancing” drugs are a hot commodity right now, and couldn’t be on the market at a better time. I don’t think it’s lost on any of us that they are probably targeted for the baby boomers. Many of these so-called brain enhancers can be found in eating a well balanced diet, especially vegetables. But we’ve all become so involved in a fast moving lifestyle that eating fresh food and veggies, fish and beans is almost impossible to do. There’s a fast food restaurant on every corner and they are all doing a thriving business. I’m 73 yrs old, have thyroid disease and am allergic to dairy. However, I notice when I get a good night’s sleep, eat a balanced diet and I do that for 3 days straight, I have no brain fog, more energy and my memory magically improves. I wish I could do that all the time but sadly, I’m hopelessly addicted to sugar and chocolate. We are a society that prefers drugs and hot fudge sundaes to doing what’s best for us. The pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits on our cockeyed lifestyles. We literally need a building to fall on us all before we wake up.

    • They have an over the counter medication or rather vitamin called A/G-Pro and it’s got about 18 or 20 amino acids supposed to be a complete list and then some modest vitamin and mineral supplementation I have taken it at a lower dose then recommended on the label and I do feel more alert brighter less foggy but I bought it at my local pharmacy


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