Arthritic Goat Milk Review – HIV Cure & Therapy Benefits?


Arthritic Goat Milk Review

Can Arthritic Goat Milk Really Cure AIDS? Charlie Sheen’s Doctor Says Yes…

Arthritic Goat Milk In The News

In a story that reads like a headline from The Onion, Charlie Sheen claims his doctor used Arthritic Goat Milk to cure his AIDS. Find out everything you need to know about this crazy story today.

What Did Charlie Sheen Do?

This past week, on Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher hosted a guy named Dr. Samir Chachoua.

Dr. Chachoua is best-known for injecting himself with Charlie Sheen’s blood while he was treating the HIV-positive actor in Mexico. Dr. Chachoua casually mentioned that fact on an episode of Dr. Oz that aired in January 2016.

Dr. Chachoua is not actually licensed to practice medicine in the United States, so he operates his practice from Mexico.

Despite the lack of an American medical license, Maher seemed to treat Chachoua as a beacon of hope in the fight against AIDS. At the same time, Maher trashed the antiretroviral AIDS drugs that have been proven to save millions of lives around the world.

Sheen and Chachoua claim that the secret to curing AIDS comes from taking the milk produced by arthritic goats.

What is Arthritic Goat Milk?

The milk produced by arthritic goats purportedly cured Charlie Sheen’s AIDS.

Dr. Chachoua, the doctor who treated Sheen, claims that his unique cure comes from the CAEV virus, which is a virus found in the milk of arthritic goats.

That virus purportedly “destroys HIV and protects people who drink it for life.”

That doctor didn’t get into the exact scientific details of the program while talking to Maher, but he did insist that he’s offering a “cure” for AIDS – not just a therapy.

That’s an important difference.

In other words, after undergoing Dr. Chachoua’s treatment, Charlie Sheen should be HIV negative.

Charlie Sheen is Not HIV Negative

If Dr. Chachoua’s treatment was really a “cure”, then Charlie Sheen would be the world’s first person to go from HIV positive to HIV negative.

Charlie Sheen is not HIV negative. He is HIV positive.

In other words, the cure seems to have some major flaws with it – like the fact that it doesn’t work.

In response to this, Dr. Chachoua claims that Sheen’s virus was undetectable while he was following the arthritic goat milk therapy:

“As soon as he started my treatment he became undetectable.”

Dr. Chachoua Claims He’s Cured Entire Countries of HIV

Talking to Bill Maher, Dr. Chachoua claims he cured entire countries of HIV.

“I’ve cured countries!” Chachoua claimed.

Specifically, he claims he cured Comoros – an island country in the Indian Ocean off of Africa – of HIV back in 2006.

Of course, Dr. Chachoua also claims he injected himself with Sheen’s HIV-positive blood. It’s unclear whether or not Dr. Chachoua is HIV positive or not.

Who is Dr. Chachoua?

Dr. Sam Chachoua describes himself as an Australian Medical Doctor “registered around the world”, including in Australia, Mexico, China, India, and Comoros.

Dr. Chachoua claims that in Australia and England, doctors don’t have the qualification MBBS (the same MD qualification used by American doctors). To achieve that designation, doctors from outside America have to take a test.

Chachoua claims that he “may one day choose to do that for America but the events of the past twenty years did not even allow that as a consideration.”

What are these “events”? Dr. Chachoua talks about a $10 million lawsuit that he filed against LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for breach of contract.

If you listen to Dr. Chachoua, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center stole his AIDS cure and buried it.

Fortunately, someone smarter than me about legal proceedings took a look at the actual case filed by Dr. Chachoua. Peter Staley posted details about that case on Facebook, where he said the following:

“The $10 million case that “Doctor” Sam Chachoua claims he won from L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was another lie he told to Bill Maher. The court immediately reduced the “breach of contract” damages to $11,250 (in 2001). Cedars then successfully sued for recovery of their own court costs, in excess of that amount, and Chachoua started missing court dates after that. His own lawyer quit the case at that point. Cedars never paid him a dime.”

Anyways, Dr. Chachoua calls this case a “deception” that “essentially destroyed any chances that I had to register with the FDA in America”.

How Does the Arthritic Goat Milk Treatment Work?

At, Dr. Chachoua has gone into a good bit of detail about how his arthritic goat milk treatment works.

Here’s a brief description of the treatment:

1) Biological lytic and apoptosis agents are used to destroy disease cells and organisms

2) Vaccines made from Nemesis Organisms (a phrase that appears to be only used by Dr. Chachoua) are used to optimize the lytic and apoptosis processes while protecting cells and tissues that have not yet been corrupted by the disease. This effectively stops metastasis in cancer while also preventing HIV from progressing. The vaccines also “contain DNA correction enzymes” that enable disease removal from our genetic blueprint, working in both an enzymatic and immunologic way.

3) In most disease cases, the immune system is exhausted. Dr. Chachoua treats this issue using a “fresh younger version” supplied from a bank or from children of the ill person. Basically, he performs a blood transfusion, and the blood from that individual attacks cancer cells and stops HIV cells.

Chachoua claims that “the heavy science will be covered in follow up publications on the web site” (they haven’t been posted yet). He does, however, explain that the basics of the treatment were already verified by medical researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA, who called the treatment “profound and exciting”, according to Chachoua.

Will Arthritic Goat Milk Really Cure Your AIDS?

If there was a cure for HIV/AIDS on the market, then people would have been cured of HIV/AIDS by now.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, as there hasn’t been a documented case of someone going from HIV positive to HIV negative.

Nevertheless, Dr. Chachoua – who has never been licensed to practice medicine in America – continues to claim that he has a cure for HIV/AIDS despite limited evidence backing it up. From his practice in Mexico, Dr. Chachoua claims he cured Charlie Sheen of HIV/AIDS using arthritic goat milk. Dr. Chachoua claims he was so confident in this cure that he injected himself with Sheen’s blood.

Does the cure work? It might – or it might not. Dr. Sam Chachoua certainly has an interesting and controversial background. And it takes a lot of confidence (is that the right word?) to inject HIV positive blood into your body.

Nevertheless, Dr. Chachoua has been called a “quack” by the established medical community. Some people believe that big pharma is trying to suppress a legitimate cure for HIV/AIDS so they can continue making money from their traditional HIV/AIDS drugs. Others believe that Dr. Chachoua is just another illegitimate medical doctor peddling a cure that doesn’t actually work.

The truth behind Dr. Chachoua’s arthritic goat milk cure is up to you to decide.

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