Apothecary Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Removing Skin Tags & Moles


Moles and skin tags are both physically and visibly unappealing, as they both stand out and can be annoying at times. In terms of skin tags, there have been many products that work specifically to remove them completely by stopping the blood flow.

Similarly, there have been many creams for those who want to remove moles, but the question becomes whether or not there is a natural way to permanently remove moles and skin tags.

What Are Moles and Skin Tags?

For anyone who is unsure as to what the difference between a mole and a skin tag is, a mole happens when the skin grows bunched up together instead of evenly spread out.

A mole is easily noticeable as it looks like a dark blob of skin. Some are small and contain no texture, while others literally pop out.

A skin tag is much smaller compared to a mole, and is a soft type of skin growths. It does not hurt in any way, but it is tough to remove; it cannot be ripped or peeled off and it gets in the way as well.

What is the Apothecary Tea Tree Oil?

The Apothecary tea tree oil is derived from leaves from Australia known as the Melaleuca. This is the purest essential oil of all essential oils out there and works specifically to kill bacteria, viruses and other forms of bacteria out there. It is a great oil to combine in “do it yourself” products right at home.

Benefits of Using Apothecary Tea Tree Oil

Since the purpose of the Apothecary tea tree oil is to defeat any form of bacteria, fungus, mole and viruses, this essential oil can be integrated into body care products, household cleaning products and personal care products as well (depending on the specific purpose). Some of the different types of uses are as follows:

  • Detergents and other cleaning products
  • Soaps, toothpastes, etc.
  • Acne treatments
  • Relieves any type of bug bites
  • Viral infections, flus, and colds

How does the apothecary tea tree oil help to remove moles and skin tags? In order to efficiently and safely remove a skin tag or a mole, the following list of things are needed:

  • Apothecary tea tree oil
  • Bandage
  • Cotton ball
  • Water

Step 1: Ensure that the area around the skin tag has been cleansed. Consumers can use a cleanser or just water too, both works just fine. Ensure to dry the area after having properly cleansed the area.

Step 2: Dip the cotton ball into some water and squeeze the excess water out that way when adding the drops of the apothecary tea tree oil, it is a proper ratio of water to essential oil.

Step 3: Add one to two drops of the apothecary tea tree oil onto the cotton ball and place it over the skin tag or mole.

Step 4: Place the bandage over the skin tag or mole and do the three previous steps at least 2 times daily and within approximately 3 to 6 weeks, the skin tag or mole will fall off on its own.

Is This the Safest Method of Removing Skin Tags and Moles?

The use of the Apothecary tea tree oil is the most safest and sanitary way of removing skin tags and moles. Recall that the purpose of the Apothecary tea tree oil is to treat and eliminate any form of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

What this method does is that, it stops the blood flow in the skin tag making it easier to shrink it and when there’s no blood flow it hold no life thus it ends up falling off.

Other methods such as cutting it off or using tweezers is extra work, unsanitary if the tools used are not properly cleaned as well as the area being treated and makes the whole experience painful to undergo. Although it takes an extensive period of time to remove the skin tag or mole, this is the most natural way to go about it.

Overall, the Apothecary tea tree oil is an ideal way to eliminate bothersome skin tags, moles and any form of bacteria. Consumers need to ensure that they use no more than one to two drops, as it is an overwhelming smell and has a tingly feeling.

There are many different types of Apothecary tea tree oils out that, therefore consumers should be cautious when picking out this essential oil.

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