Iodoral – Optimox High Potency Iodine & Potassium Iodide Pill?


Most healthcare professionals are aware that there is an increasing problem in society with regards to the health of the thyroid. The latest studies found that over 20 million adults in the United States suffer from some form of thyroid condition.

Though many Americans don’t know they’re suffering from a thyroid condition, these vast numbers suggest that healthcare professionals need to come up with an easy and effective method for treating common thyroid conditions.

Iodoral is a high potency iodine and potassium iodide supplement that makes treating thyroid conditions simpler for healthcare professionals.

What is Iodoral?

The tablet form of Lugol solution, Iodoral is an iodine and potassium iodide supplement that works to improve the average intake of iodine by those suffering from thyroid problems. Because so many people suffer from thyroid dysfunctions, it’s more important now than ever before to find an easy solution that offers real results.

With the long history of Lugol successfully treating the thyroid gland, Iodoral is the perfect extension for doctors looking to treat their many patients.

In recent years, with the switch of iodine to bromine in bread, the average adult is only getting a fraction of the iodine needed to support a healthy thyroid.

Just as disheartening is that studies have found that bromine might actually block the function of the thyroid, causing even bigger problems. With Iodoral, doctors have a simple solution to offer their patients combating thyroid dysfunction.

Benefits of Iodoral

One of the biggest benefits of Iodoral is that it has such a long history of successful use. In its liquid form, Iodoral was called Lugol, which was a solution used in the early 1900s to successfully treat low and high activity of the thyroid.

Not only was this solution extremely effective, but due to its effectiveness, it is still used today. Iodoral is simply a tablet form of Lugol, so it still shares the same properties, and therefore the same results, of Lugol.

Another benefit of Iodoral is that it is much easier to use than Lugol. In its liquid form, Lugol was quite difficult to take. Not only did it make measuring and administering the solution harder, but the liquid was notorious for staining clothes.

The liquid form of Lugol also tasted horrible, which deterred many patients from taking it regularly. With Iodoral, physicians can trust that their patients are getting just the right amount of the iodine and iodide mixture. Plus, in tablet form, the solution is easier to take, doesn’t stain clothes, and there is no worry about taste.

Finally, Iodoral is very easily absorbed by the body. Because the tablets are coated with a very thin layer of pharmaceutical glaze, they begin to breakdown in the body almost immediately.

Because Iodoral was designed to minimize the gastric irritation so often experienced with these types of supplements, the iodine and iodide mixture is absorbed into a colloidal silica excipient. This form allows Iodoral to work quickly and without causing side effects in users.

Suggested Use for Iodoral

When patients are ready to start Iodoral, it is suggested that physicians run the regular tests for thyroid over or under activity. For most patients, this means tests for hematology and blood chemistry. For some, an ultrasound of the thyroid might be needed.

Once patients are ready to start Iodoral, four tablets are the ideal starting amount. This will allow physicians to test the sufficiency of the iodine, with a urine test 24 hours after the first ingestion.

Once these tests come back, the prescription amount may need to be changed, though three to four tablets are the average amount taken by patients.

Iodoral Review Summary

Iodoral can only be prescribed through a physician. For more information on the supplement and how to start it, the OptiMax website ( offers more details, as well as a hotline to call for ordering.

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  1. I LOVE iodoral for myself. At the end of your article it states Iodoral can only be prescribed by a physician. Not true. I have never gotten through dr. I’ve ordered from several different sources, no prescription needed. I do take other recommended supplements as well. Hope this helps.

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