Amway G&H Refresh Body Milk

Not all body washes are created the same. And in this day of environmental and ecological awareness, we are often bombarded with “new and improved” formulas of our favorite products and body washes. All without the real knowledge of which company to trust, and which products will really deliver.

With that being said, it only makes sense to reach out and continue to use products from companies with a long-standing reputation for transparency and trusted skincare products. Many will claim to have the new and best ingredients, but often fall short on performance.

What Is Amway G&H Refresh Body Milk?

Amway has remained a global leader in premium nutrition and beauty care products, and has continued its reign with their line of naturally inspired G&H bath and body care line. Combining the best of nature with Amway’s scientific leadership, G&H Refresh+ Body Milk is designed to give you a luxurious experience. With its natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, Amway G&H Refresh Body Milk will have your skin feeling soft, and your environmental conscience clear.

24 Hour Moisture

This super lightweight and fast absorbing body milk will have your skin instantly feeling and looking refreshed and healthy. The 24-hour moisturizing formula smooths and softens your skin after just one use by hydrating and soothing your skin. The specialized blend of Aloe, Green Tea Extract, and Grape Seed Extract all hold their own unique formulas:

What are the Benefits?

G&H Refresh+ Body Milk is guaranteed to refresh your skin, leaving it looking and feeling smooth, soft, and hydrated. This unique and lightweight formula uses natural ingredients to improve the moisture balance in your skin. The easy to spread formula is easily absorbed and is long lasting, leaving your skin soft for up to 24 hours.

Better for the Environment

G&H Refresh+ Body Milk is dermatologist tested, allergy tested, wheat free, and has been made with no animal products; all to reduce the risk of irritation. These naturally inspired, vegetable derived ingredients include a unique botanical blend, including plant derived glycerin.

All the washes and soaps in this line are biodegradable and formulated without antibacterial chemicals or sulfates.

The packaging design to the product formulation and manufacturing, G&H Refresh+ Body Milk is an environmentally aware alternative that goes beyond just skin care. The 100% recyclable packaging means less waste, while the innovative bottle design means less overall plastic per unit. In addition, Amway delivers eco-efficient refill pouches to reduce waste for multiple products.

Amway has continued to deliver products that have remained true to their reputation of quality and consistency. Moving to more eco-friendly ingredients and packaging, while offering the best promised results from products are only what would be expected. G&H promises, and does, give you 24 hours of softer, silkier skin; while remaining true to their eco-friendly packaging and natural ingredients.

Amway G&H Refresh Body Milk Directions for Use

These and other Amway G&H products should be stored in a cool dry place and have a shelf life of twelve (12) months once opened and up to three (3) years unopened.

Suggested use is to cleanse your skin before applying the moisturizer. This of course, will allow the lotion to lock in moisture instead of bacteria. Other products such as the body lotion or hand cream which are also available, can be applied as often as necessary.

This product is suitable for all ages with the exception of infants under six (6) months of age.

This product is designed for extremely dry skin but is suitable for all skin types. In terms of those who have sensitive skin, because these products were not tested specifically on those with sensitive skin, a patch test is recommended.

A tingling sensation or mild stinging feeling may occur when applied on extreme dry and damaged skin. If this feeling persists you should discontinue use and consider a patch test before applying all over again.

How to Order Amway G&H Refresh Body Milk

The G&H Refresh+ Body Milk is available for purchase online for $12.90.


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