American Flatbread – Ultimate Handmade Wood-Fired Frozen Pizza?


When it comes to cuisine, nothing is more American than a pizza. Whether it’s the thin, floppy crust pizzas of New York or the thick pies of Chicago, pizza is one of those dishes that was so heartily adopted by America, many forget it didn’t originate here.

However, despite the deep love Americans have for their pizzas, it has deviated greatly from the original pizza. The dish used to be about carefully crafting the best sauces and adding it to handmade crusts. The toppings used to be of the highest quality, many picked from small backyard gardens.

In an effort to bring back a little piece of delicious, handcrafted pizzas, American Flatbread is offering some of the highest quality frozen pizzas on the market. Made with delicious flatbread, every single ingredient in these pizzas were picked for a reason, expertly blended so every bite is flavorful and delicious.

About American Flatbread

American Flatbread was founded by George Schenk, who believed that food is part of the greater food of society. With this in mind, the driving force behind American Flatbread has always been that ‘food remembers the acts of hands and heart’.

In other words, if the creators of dishes put in the time and energy, as well as the best ingredients, food can tell. That small phrase has been the foundation of American Flatbread for years, encouraging the company to create flatbread frozen pizzas of the best ingredients.

American Flatbread pizzas use rustic, thin crusts as the base for all its pizzas. The sauces used on American Flatbread products are handcrafted and made with the best ingredients, with freshness that can be tasted.

With these amazing pizzas, customers don’t have to sacrifice quality for simplicity. Like other frozen pizzas, American Flatbread can be prepared quickly and easily. However, the taste is different. And, because American Flatbread believes in using the best of the best ingredients, these pizzas aren’t the unhealthy indulgence like so many other pizzas.

What Makes American Flatbread Different

The biggest difference between American Flatbread and other frozen pizza companies on the market is found in the ingredients. Based in New England, American Flatbread is able to access fresh vegetables and herbs to make its sauces and toppings, adding a flavor to the pizzas that can’t be found anywhere else.

All American Flatbread crusts are made using organic wheat, making them the perfect base for the delicious handcrafted sauces and toppings. Finally, American Flatbread uses cheeses made from the finest milks, using no rBST growth hormone, making it deliciously natural. When American Flatbread pizzas are baked, the cheese melts perfectly over the superior ingredients and crispy crust.

Just as important as the ingredients used in American Flatbread products are those left out of the food. American Flatbread has long been a supporter of locally and responsibly sourced products, choosing the best of the best when it comes to its ingredients. As a result, American Flatbread contains no artificial colors or flavors. There are no preservatives used in American Flatbread products, instead using all-natural ingredients for each and every step of the process.

Because pizza is such a beloved food, it can be extremely difficult for anyone who can’t eat the dish. Those who suffer from gluten intolerances often find it very hard to find food options, much less tasty food options, that will curb their cravings. Another big difference between American Flatbread and other companies is that American Flatbread offers gluten free options for its customers.

With two gluten free options, American Flatbread allows those who might usually struggle to find options the opportunity to enjoy delicious, guilt free pizza. In addition to gluten free options, American Flatbread also sells several vegetarian and even a vegan pizza option, making the company perfect for those with dietary restrictions.

While American Flatbread pizzas are made with higher quality ingredients and exclude any harmful ingredients, the true difference between American Flatbread and other options on the market comes down to taste. All the natural ingredients used by American Flatbread give its products the delicious, one of a kind flavor that can’t be found anywhere else.

However, American Flatbread also uses a special baking process to assure that its customers will be completely satisfied. American Flatbread uses wood fired ovens to par back its pizzas before freezing. As a result, the crusts of these pizza are light and crisp, and the flavors of the sauces and toppings blend together effortless, making every bite an experience.

Products Sold by American Flatbread

American Flatbread currently offers 15 different pizza options, all of which can be seen on the company website ( On this website, customers will also find more details about the company, including its commitment to quality and taste.

The easiest way to purchase American Flatbread pizzas is by using the company’s store locator. On the company website, customers can put in their zip code and find the store closest to them selling the pizzas.

However, for those who would rather shop online, American Flatbread does sell four of its pizza options in bulk. Each package includes six or eight pizzas and cost between $82.81 and $93.63. American Flatbread offers free shipping on all of its orders.

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