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Alpha Focus Review

This is a new health and wellness product that has caused a lot of buzz in the health and wellness market. It is ideally formulated as an advanced brain support product. Alpha Focus as its name suggests is meant to enhance memory and the general well-being.

About Alpha Focus

Alpha Focus is manufactured by XPI, a US-based supplement empire that has been in the market for many years. The company manufactures other nootropic supplements as well and these may not be covered in this article.

Distinctive Characteristics of Alpha Focus

— It is composed of more than 20 ingredients.

— It mainly improves the memory, alertness, and focus.

— Its manufacturer XPI produces other supplements and therefore they are not new in the health and wellness market.

Pros and Cons of Alpha Focus

The Good:

— The manufacturer has given an extensive description of each of its ingredients and thus you get to understand what you are buying.

— The supplement can be purchased easily from the manufacturer’s website.

— The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee to clients.

The Flipside:

— There are no free trial products availed to clients

— There is lack of sufficient information regarding the effectiveness of Alpha Focus.

— There have been a few cases of people reporting some mild short term negative effects resulting from use of the product.

— The fact that XPI has many other effective supplements does not guarantee this product to be as effective as the others.

Alpha Focus key Ingredients

It has over 20 ingredients but we can focus on the few popular ones;

— DHA 300gm: – important for brain functioning and maintenance. It further boosts learning capability and reduces depression

— Alphasize Alpha GPC 100mg: – -reduces Alzheimer disease and also eliminates other age related ailments.

— L-Tyrosine: – an amino acid that improves concentration and boosts the mood. It also reduces depression and eliminates attention deficit disorder.

Cognizin: – is a citicoline compound that enhances focus and attention.

Alpha Focus Usage and Precautions

Alpha Focus being a stimulant-free supplement can be used daily without any cycle off. 2 capsules should be taken at least 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch as advised by the health practitioner. If the supplement is taken twice daily then it is advisable you leave at least 4 hours apart between both servings.

The use of Alpha Focus target adult men and women. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the supplement. For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding it will be wise to consult with a healthcare expert before use. Those who are also under prescribed medications should first consult before taking the supplement.

However, one main merit associated with XPI’s products is that they can be taken alongside other medications without posing any risk.

Does Alpha Focus have any Side Effects?

There have been no major side effects associated with the use of this product. However, some of the reviews about the product show some instances where clients experienced some minor side effects.

These include stomach upset, mild headaches, and anxiety. When you look closely at these side effects you notice that they are easily avoidable by one assessing their tolerance to some of the ingredients.

Can you trust Alpha Focus?

Well, this depends on your judgment but based on the analysis of its key ingredients, effectiveness and minor side effects, it is yes for me. Nonetheless, you should make an individual effort of researching on all the other ingredients so that you get to understand the product fully.

More so, we still look forward to receiving more scientific data about the product from the manufacturer.


In a nutshell, Alpha Focus is a supplement formulated specifically for enhancing brain function and ensuring a healthy life. According to its manufacturer XPI, the product is effective and this is backed up by the immense positive reviews received from users. Notwithstanding these, potential buyers are advised to carry out their research about the product and seek guidance from medical experts as well.

This will hopefully help eliminate any side effects associated with intolerance to some of the ingredients. Most of the intolerance cases commonly reported includes stomach upsets, mild headaches, and anxiety. Furthermore, an expert will give better guidance to those with past medical conditions.

This will help avoid potential adverse effects.

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