Allegro Electric Toothbrush – Charging & Sterilizing Travel Cup?


Brushing your teeth can be a daunting task, we get it. But, the reality is, that it is something everyone in the world (for the most part) does at least twice a day. And, there are dozens of toothbrushes available on the market, including electric ones.

So, you might be thinking to yourself ‘why would I need another toothbrush?’ and, that would be a great question. The answer is, although there are many to choose from, they exclude two (2) things in their design; inconvenience to travel with and often expensive toothbrush heads.

About The Allegro Electric Toothbrush

Allegro has solved that problem with their Charging and Sterilizing Travel Cup Electric Toothbrush. They have developed an electric toothbrush that is more economical and by far, more convenient.

Allegro Electric Toothbrush Packages

There are two (2) version of the Allegro Sonic Toothbrush;

  • Cup Kit
  • Standard Kit

The Standard Kit, is economical and comes with the toothbrush and toothbrush head. In addition, it comes with a charging stand. The toothbrush, has three (3) different modes; clean mode, sensitive mode, and white mode. Would you ever have considered that there were different settings for different purposes? Probably not until now – and know that this is of importance.

The brush is of a high-quality bristle, described as sonic clean, ability for wireless charging and the toothbrush is IPX7 Waterproof. Imagine, 31,000 brushstrokes per minutes – that is what we can high frequency followed by a deep clean!

The Cup Kit comes with the same benefits as the Standard Kit plus, the added cup that is designed to charge, sterilize and dry the brush. The cup has been described as magic – when you are done brushing, insert the brush into the sterilization and drying hole and your toothbrush is transformed into a clean and hygienic toothbrush in only thirty (30) minutes.

The main portion of the brush can also be taken advantage of with the drying, charging and sterilization functions! Once it is entered into the charging hole, it too is being dried and sterilized and ready for your next use. These functions are automatic, so there is no need for any button pushing or valve switching, simply enter them into the hole and let the magic cup go to work.

And, let’s not forget its convenience when traveling. You can literally take this Cup Kit with you anywhere. The cup, can also be used as a rinse cup when on the go. Perfect especially for those outdoor adventures or hotel stays when a sterilized cup isn’t readily available.

More About The Sterilizing And Drying Process

After the research and studies were completed on the prototypes of this product, the findings were that 99.72% of the bacteria has been removed. So, think about this, your mouth, is one of the dirtiest places on your body – yet when you are done brushing you simply drop it into its holder, or let it dry on the sink and then you use again when needed.

It is almost gross to think of the kind of bacteria that may in fact live on the very thing that you use, to remove bacteria, dirt, etc. from your mouth. Don’t let the sterilization aspect of this product go overlooked or undervalued – this is a huge deal.

Allegro Electric Toothbrush Features

The built-in lithium battery has a guarantee of thirty (30) days battery life – with standard brushing habits and the wireless charging up can be fully charged in as little as 16 hours.

The bristles, are that of Germany Hahl-Pedex, which means they are more slender and soft and provide a curved design that will help glide over, and work into the shape of your teeth much better than your regular toothbrush can. This improves the contact area by up to 28%.

How To Support The Allegro Electric Toothbrush Project

As part of a Kickstarter campaign, Allegro needs your help to get things rolling! You can donate $1.00 simply because you love the project and want to help get more of the Alergo Electric Toothbrushes out to the world.

Or, purchase the Standard Kit described above for only $29.00 This includes the Electric Toothbrush handle, wireless charging base and the Pedex Bristle Brush Head.

Or, purchase the Cup Kit described above for only $49.00. This includes the Sonic Toothbrush Handle, the portable multifunctional cup and the Pedex Bristle Brush Head.

And as another addition, you can purchase three (3) extra brush heads for future use, for only $9.99.

The deal is, you brush your teeth every day – and yet, we don’t always consider what we are using or how clean it in fact is. With the Allegro Charging and Sterilizer Travel Cup Electric Toothbrush, there are no unanswered questions. Quality brushing with every single stroke.

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