Endurox R4 – Quality Natural Nutritional Recovery Supplement?


People who are training for marathons or Ironman races will want to check out this drink mix formulated for the specific needs of endurance athletes.

Endurox R4 is a post workout drink mix that works rapidly to boost the body’s muscle glycogen levels leading to reduced soreness and faster recovery. Please read below to learn more.

What is Endurox R4?

Runners, triathletes, and endurance athletes will appreciate this new specialized drink designed to promote workout recovery. Endurox R4 is a tasty drink mix that helps enhance the body’s glycogen levels leading to faster muscle recovery without soreness or cramps, helping athletes train more efficiently and more frequently without injury.

When used following long training runs or bike rides this drink powder will reduce muscle damage as well as enhance athletic endurance. By utilizing a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio this product speeds up muscle glycogen replenishment and supports muscles in their rebuilding process following exercise.

Endurox R4 is available in two different container sizes. Both sizes are available in six different flavors including Tangy Orange, Vanilla, Fruit Punch, Chocolate, Lemon Lime, and Vanilla Cream.

How Does Endurox R4 Work?

As a post workout recovery drink Endurox R4 is formulated to help insulin levels within the body quickly move carbohydrates and amino acids to muscle fibers helping promote recovery and prevent cramps or soreness.

The 4:1 ratio or carbohydrates to proteins is a scientifically proven ration for optimum muscle support following exercise. Endurox R4 offers more protein synthesis than regular protein drinks and offers significantly better glycogen replenishment than lower quality carbohydrate drinks like Gatorade.

In addition to supporting workout recovery this drink mix will also support improved performance for the next workout.

Users simply mix two scoops of powder with twelve ounces of cold water and drink immediately following exercise.

Endurox R4 Nutritional Profile

Unlike simple carbohydrate drinks or protein shakes this drink mix offers the best of both worlds in a tasty, chalk less drink powder. Endurox R4 offers high levels of both vitamin C and vitamin E which work together to keep the immune system strong while enhancing muscle performance and recovery.

Each two scoop serving offers one quarter of the daily recommended values of protein and calcium as well as a few other vitamins and minerals crucial to healthy bodies.

Consumers with allergies should be aware that Endurox R4 does contain both whey proteins and soy proteins which may make it unsuitable for people with intolerances or allergies to these ingredients.

Endurox R4 Pricing

Interested consumers have three different online vendors to choose from when purchasing Endurox R4.

Pacific Health Labs

Endurox R4 is available in two different sizes and six different flavors.

-14 Servings: Each 2.29 pound container is available for $30.00.

-28 Servings: Each 4.63 pound container is available for $48.00.

All purchases made through Pacific Health Labs ship for free in the United States with no minimum amount.


The prices for 14 serving containers match the manufacturer’s website at $30.00 per container. Where the prices go up is the larger containers which cost roughly a dollar more through Amazon.

The Vitamin Shoppe

The prices available through this website are significantly higher at $39.99 for 14 servings and $69.99 for 28 servings.

Should You Use Endurox R4?

This drink mix is a great option for people who are following extensive training regimens or regularly push their body to the limits with long bike rides or races.

Endurox R4 is a bit pricey but it appears to be worth it for the benefit it brings to serious athletes who are working to improve their athletic performance and prevent injury.

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