Alizonne Therapie – Contour Shaping Weight Reduction Therapy?


Alizonne Body Shaping is a program that targets weight in the multiple places that it can be. Because weight gain and loss can have many facets to it, it is important to target all areas for maximum results. Working out constantly is not the only way to lose weight and will not contour your body.

Alizonne has created an intensive program that will address all areas of weight loss and contouring your body, so that you can get the best results and see the best version of yourself.

How does the Contour Body Shaping work?

Alizonne Body Shaping addresses more than one area of weight loss and body shaping. There are different types of weight loss and there are many facets to what shapes your body. Alizonne takes many different techniques and combines them to attack fat and create lasting results

The steps of the treatment are:

-Ultrasound Therapy: Fatty tissue in your abdomen does not have a good blood supply, therefore it is harder to tackle and eliminate. Dieting will only eliminate so much weight in the abdomen before addition steps are necessary.

Dieting will not eliminate the fat layer because of the poor blood supply, so Alizonne came up with the solution of ultrasound. Alizonne Body Shaping program uses ultrasound to heat up the cells. This will cause the fat cells to melt away or explode, to be carried away by your lymphatic system.

This safely and effectively eliminates the fat cells that simply cannot be removed by diet alone. How many sessions you need depends on the level of fat to be broken down. Your clinic will determine how many ultrasound sessions you will need to see the results you want

-Connective Tissue Massage: The Connective Tissue Massage is a massage technique that helps contour and shape areas such as the arms, legs, and thighs. It is designed to tighten and firm the skin with a technique called endermology.

Endermology is used to massage the connective tissue with a motorized roller. This increases the elasticity of the skin and stimulates circulation in the skin. This will also help drain liquids and fats that are stored in the fat layer under the skin.

This part of the treatment will also break down cellulite and help give you that perfect shape you are looking for. This will also help flush out the fats that are eliminated by the ultrasound therapy, so these steps are crucial together for the process to be completed

-Medical Diet: Alizonne uses a closely monitored medical diet to ensure that your body is getting the nutrition that it needs to complete the treatments. It is essential to continue to eat and feed your body, since weight loss is not just about starving yourself.

The diet plan is also important because your body goes through a lot of changes when it loses weight. Alizonne makes sure that the body changes are monitored and that counter measures are in place for negative effects of weight loss.

The processes in losing weight are quite extensive in the body. It is not just as simple as losing pounds. Alizonne Body Shaping is a program that is completed under the supervision of a clinician, therefore you can be assured that your body will not suffer any of the ill effects of losing weight such as

  • over-burdened gall bladder, causing gall stones
  • over-taxed liver and higher toxicity in the blood stream
  • blood pressure lowering to dangerous levels
  • muscle cell damage because of lower proteins
  • shifting pressure on joints because of shifting weight

Alizonne’s program ensures that these things are monitored, and that your body gets the proper nutrition it needs to counter these problems. Because everyone’s body will react differently to these factors, it is important to have a personalized program to counter some of these affects.

Who does the Alizonne Body Shaping?

Alizonne Beauty Contour Body Shaping is done under the supervision of a doctor. In order to find a doctor that does the program, you may search on their website. Currently the program is only offered in the Netherlands, Norway, and Germany

Alizonne Beauty Contour Body Shaping Review Summary

Because many weight loss programs are either too slow or just do not show the results you are looking for, the Alizonne Beauty Contour Beauty Shaping may be right for you. If you have not had success in any other diet program, have too much weight to lose, or are just not seeing the results you want to with your current program, find a clinic near you to see if Alizonne Body Shaping would make a difference for you.

You can learn more about Alizonne Beauty Contour Body Shaping, read results, find a clinic, and decide if it is right for you at their website at There you will find extensive weight loss information, study information, and ask questions if you need to.

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