Welt Belt – Smart Waist Belt For Improving Health & Wellness?


When it comes to tracking and managing your health, like most people you may think that it is only possible by wearing a smartwatch or a fitness tracker while you are working out.

The good news is that there are actually new brands on the market that are revolutionizing the way you approach your fitness routine and health management. Now, you can take care of your health in style.

That being, this review would like to introduce you to the Welt Belt. This belt is the latest way to track your health and fitness levels in style. Here is everything you need to know about this nifty device before you buy:

What is the Welt Belt?

The Welt Belt is the new wearable fitness fashion. With this belt, you’ll be able to better manage your health and embrace the healthy habits that lead to a better quality of life.

The great quality about this device is that it isn’t one that you wear on your wrist, but it is a fashionable and high-quality belt that you can add to your daily outfit and when you wear it, no one will detect that you’re actually using a fitness device.

Therefore, not only are you tracking your health in style, but you’re doing so discretely as well.

The Features of the Welt Belt

When choosing a fitness device, even if it is a fashionable one, it is always useful to understand the benefits and features involved. Here are the main capabilities of the belt so that you know exactly what it can do:

  • Activity Tracking

    First, the belt works to track your activity levels throughout the day as you wear it. For example, you’ll be able to track how long you sit at your desk and how many steps you’re taking as well.

    With the activity tracker, you’ll be able to determine whether your level of activity is one that you are comfortable with or whether you may want to kick up your movements a notch.

  • Waist Circumference

    According to the brand, the size of your waist is one of the greatest markers of your health levels. Of course, those who have wider waists are more prone to health issues as opposed to those with a slimmer figure.

    Dissimilar to most products on the market, this one is able to track the size of your waist and even the minutest changes that take place throughout the day. With this information, you’ll be able to determine if you need to tweak any part of your health for a better and slimmer figure.

  • Eating Habits

    Very few, if any, fitness trackers also provide you with insight into your eating habits. This is a quality that makes the Welt Belt another prime option. The product assesses the meals that you consume, both which are regular or big. With insight into your eating habits, you’ll be able to make the right decision for your health.

  • Curated Insight

    Next, you’ll also receive curated insight. This insight provides you with a comprehensive health analysis so that you can make the decisions necessary for optimal performance on a daily basis.

  • Smartly Adjust

    You’ll also be able to smartly adjust the device depending upon your preferences and goals. With the personalized goal setting, you’ll be able to see how much work you need to do in order to get to a certain point. This quality enables you to rev your efforts so that you can make the progress that you are aiming for.

  • Long Battery Life

    The belt’s fitness tracker also comes with a long battery life. The battery is meant to last you 30 days with a single change. You can change the device in the evening and use it again in the morning if you are worried about the battery depleting.

  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0

    Finally, the device also syncs to your Bluetooth device and it is compatible with both android and iOS. The Bluetooth capability enables you to manage your performance and view how you are doing on a daily basis in all of the aspects mentioned above.

As you can tell, there are many positive aspects to the Welt Belt. With the qualities above, you can always feel confident that you have the data necessary in order to make the right decisions for your health and that you are doing the right things to fulfill your goals.

The Welt App

To track your fitness levels, the device syncs to the Welt App on your smartphone device. The application has the following capabilities:

  • Healthier Insight

    First, you can attain healthier insight. The health data includes a comprehensive health analysis and warnings so that you can always stay on track and make the progress that you are aiming for on a daily basis. With this device, you don’t need to worry about faltering.

  • Smart Goal Setting

    Second, you also receive smart goal setting. This capability makes it easier for you to manage your goals and to make sure that you are always following through in a manner that you can be proud of. With the goal setting property, you can maintain and manage optimal progress.

Wearable Fashion

Finally, you can consider the Welt Belt to be an excellent wearable fashion device that is practical as well. The belt comes in brown and black so that you can opt for one that will work well with your daily outfit.

Where to Buy the Welt Belt

If you are interested in purchasing the Welt Belt, then you can do so through the brand’s website. The product is currently available through Indiegogo indemand. Once you access this site, you’ll be able to order the device and get your own Welt Belt.

Welt Belt Summary

Overall, the Welt Belt is ideal for those who are looking for a high-quality and reliable belt that they can use to make the most out of their day, but in a fashionable manner.

When you incorporate this product into your routine, you’ll be able to track every aspect of your health and fitness in a discrete and easy manner and then view it all on the product’s appl. To order, visit the brand’s website today.

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