Simply Contour – SmartTex Garment For Waist & Body Shaping?


Being a woman has its challenges, but one that all women can agree upon is that it can be terribly difficult to find clothes that fit and that help you feel feminine, beautiful, and shapely.

The most significant trouble areas are those that encompass your hips and thighs. For many women, even the most strenuous and intense workouts cannot fix a flat buttocks, a padded stomach, or unshapely thighs.

Therefore, to truly get your body back on track without having to undergo surgery, you may want to consider a new product on the market that you can wear right beneath your clothes.

Called Simply Contour, this new and functional body shaper is everything that you need to shape your entire body and get the gorgeous look that you are hoping for.

What is Simply Contour?

Simply Contour is a new garment that works to shape your entire body so that you can flatten and smooth the problem areas and lift the parts of your body that need the extra push up.

With this garment, you can achieve a smooth, firm, and shapely body within a matter of moments. Better yet, unlike other contour systems, this one is completely unnoticeable when you wear it beneath your clothes.

The Simply Contour comes in three different colors so that you can choose the appropriate shade for your outfit. The three different colors are black, white, and nude.

How Does Simply Contour Work?

There are many different body contouring systems that you can choose from, but none offer you the same mechanisms of support as Simply Contour. With this product, you can achieve the perfect slim and shapely body within a matter of minutes.

The garment is made out of what it terms “Smart Tex” technology. This technology naturally flattens your abdomen, it slims down your waist, and it gives your buttocks the lift that it needs to appear smoother, shapelier, and perky.

Better yet, the Smart Tex technology is thin and unnoticeable when you wear it beneath your clothes.

This differs greatly from other systems that use bumps, lumps, pads, and other fillers to achieve the desired result. Now, you can get the look you want without all of the trouble involved with other garments.

Why Choose Simply Contour?

Simply Contour works well to provide you with results, but in most cases, that one quality is not enough.

Luckily, Simply Contour features a number of other elements that make it certainly worth your while. For example, here are a few reasons for choosing Simply Contour:

  • A Comfortable Garment

    First, this garment is extremely comfortable. You can wear this garment throughout the entire day and enjoy from the flexible, body molding, and gentle qualities of the material.

    As you continue to wear it, you’ll hardly notice it beneath your clothes. It also does not generate heat, so you certainly will not sweat while wearing it.

  • A Seamless Design

    Second, the garment has a seamless design, which means that it can be worn beneath virtually anything you want and no one will notice it. There will be no bumps from seams that can ruin your overall outfit.

    This seamless quality is certainly a benefit, as most products on the market do not offer it.

  • Designed by Women for Women

    Finally, this great product is designed by women for women, which means that you can be certain that it has your needs and expectations in mind.

    By choosing a product designed by a woman, you support female entrepreneurs and a product that works well to provide you with some amazing qualities.

As you can tell, there are many great reasons for choosing Simply Contour. With this product, you achieve the support, structure, and shaping qualities that you need. Better yet, the product is comfortable, it is seamless, and it is designed by women.

Works to Fix Three Main Areas

When you choose Simply Contour, you’ll be able to fix three main areas where you tend to accumulate weight the most.

For example, the garment focuses on smoothing and improving the following parts of your body so that you can achieve an better figure:

  • Buttocks

    Your buttocks may be flat due to age or genetics, but regardless, Simply Contour is designed to help you overcome this issue.

    With the Smart Tex system, your behind gets the lift it needs to appear smoother, firmer, padded, and shapely.

    This quality ensures that you look great no matter what you wear. As you’ll notice on the brand’s website, the garment can be worn even beneath tight dresses and no one will notice a thing.

  • A Flatter Abdomen

    Another benefit to this product is that it leads to a flatter abdomen. The flat abdomen is certainly a benefit, since you’ll look great in skin-tight clothing, dresses, and anything else.

    With this quality, you’ll be able to experience improved confidence levels.

  • A Smoother Shape

    Finally, as a whole, this garment also improves your shape. You won’t have to worry about a troublesome muffin top, your waist will be slimmer, and you’ll notice that your body will retain the qualities conductive toward a beautiful and slim body.

With Simply Contour, you can reshape, revamp, and improve your body by just wearing a simple garment. The product helps you look two sizes smaller and the seamless design works well beneath anything that you wear.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing Simply Contour, then you can purchase the garment through the brand’s website.

Currently, there is a promotion that allows you to buy one and to get the other free – as long as you pay the additional shipping and handling. The price for one Simply Contour garment is $29.99, plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

Simply Contour Review Summary

Overall, if you are looking for the right body shaper, then Simply Contour may be the ideal option for you.

This product is comfortable, it fits well with whatever you are wearing, and it leads to some amazing results. To order the Simply Contour, visit the brand’s website today.

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