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Al Sears MD Review

Al Sears MD is a medical doctor who calls himself “America’s Number One Board-certified Anti-Aging Pioneer.” His new subscription book series is called Confidential Cures and promises to help you cure diseases like cancer.

Who is Dr. Al Sears?

Dr. Al Sears MD is a naturopathic doctor who focuses on using alternative medicine and holistic remedies to help his patients live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Dr. Sears currently runs a practice called the Center for Health and Wellness in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, where he claims to have helped over 25,000 patients. He conducts in-person consultations and recommends a holistic approach to health that is unavailable with modern medicine.

Over the years, Dr. Sears has written 15 books on health and wellness. He also created a lineup of nutritional supplements called Primal Force.

Dr. Sears claims to have appeared on ABC News, CNN, The History Chanel, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and even ESPN for some reason.

In any case, Dr. Sears appears to be a legitimate doctor who runs a legitimate medical practice. That practice is located at the following address:

11905 Southern Blvd.
Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411

At, Dr. Sears wants to convince you to subscribe to his newsletter called Confidential Cures, which costs $39 per year. He also sells a lineup of supplements and dozens of other eBooks that promise various cures for aging.

What is is the online home of Dr. Al Sears MD. The website features a lengthy story about how President Ronald Reagan found a secret cure for cancer during his presidency.

Dr. Sears claims that on July 12, 1985, President Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with “three deadly forms of cancer.”

Few people knew about this diagnosis, but Reagan was prepared to step down as president and hand it over to Vice President George Bush, Sr.

Instead of dying from cancer, obviously, Reagan took a different approach. Dr. Sears claims he used something called the “8th Element Protocol”.

The 8th Element Protocol cured Reagan’s cancer without any visible signs of cancer treatment. He experienced no hair loss, no nausea, and no disfigurement from surgeries.

Reagan would eventually die at age 93, although he wouldn’t die from cancer.

In any case, Dr. Sears makes some bold claims about the 8th Element Protocol, including:

— The 8th Element Protocol “Can Cure All 213 Types Of Cancer – At Any Stage”
— Has Zero Dangerous Side Effects
— Can Be Performed At Home Without The Need For Doctors Or Expensive Prescriptions
— It Costs $1.08 Per Day
— It Takes Only One Minute To Apply
— Has successfully cured wealthy elite people and celebrities all over the world, including Jack Nicholson, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, and Princess Haya of Jordan.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Find out how the 8th Element Protocol is supposed to work in the next section.

What is The 8th Element Protocol?

Dr. Sears won’t tell you exactly how the 8th Element Protocol works until you buy his book. Dr. Sears does, however, provide some hints.

He claims the 8th element is the earth’s most abundant resource and it’s the very source of life. That element is oxygen, which is the 8th element on the periodic table.

Breathing oxygen won’t immediately cure your cancer. But many naturopaths believe that cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen in the body. According to,

“Supplying your cells with oxygen not only kills cancer cells and tumors, it blocks future cancer cells from forming.”

Once you work your way through all of the sales copy, you’ll discover that Dr. Sears MD is simply advertising oxygen therapy, which involves administering oxygen using medical devices like a face mask. By doing this, Dr. Al Sears MD promises you can cure cancer.

How to Buy the 8th Element Protocol

You can buy the 8th Element Protocol from, where it’s packaged as part of the doctor’s subscription program called Confidential Cures.

Confidential Cures: Truth and Lies in Medicine from Around the World, promises to teach you how to cure all sorts of different diseases – many of which have no known medical cure.

The subscription program costs $39 for 12 months, which works out to $3.25 per month. You get one issue per month delivered directly to your email inbox.

Dr. Sears claims the program is only open to a select number of people: he’s only letting 500 people subscribe to the program because he doesn’t want the FDA cracking down on him.

Seriously – that’s his excuse:

“But you’ll need to act fast before these 500 slots are filled up today. With the FDA cracking down on independent scientists and doctors, who knows if this website will still be here tomorrow.”

In any case, Confidential Cures discusses cures for problems like heart disease, arthritis, and more. You can subscribe to it by visiting

Other Al Sears MD eBooks

Dr. Sears has written over a dozen different eBooks. You can download all of those eBooks from where they’re priced for between $20 and $35 or by heading over to Amazon.

Popular eBooks include:

— 12 Natural Ways to Stimulate your Cells to Grow Younger: Discusses using 12 different nutrients to activate your “fountain of youth” gene and become younger.

— The “Fountain of Youth” Breakthrough: This book will teach you how to “tap the remarkable power of your telomeres and the age-reversing enzyme that helps maintain them.” — Rated 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon based on 11 reviews.

— 12 Secrets to Virility: This book is marketed towards men and promises to teach readers how to recapture their manly spirit and sex drive even at an advanced age. — Rated 5 out of 5 on Amazon based on 5 reviews.

— Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps: This book contains seven strategies that will help you burn fat. Dr. Sears also busts some of the biggest fat loss lies. — Rated 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon based on 12 reviews.

— P.A.C.E. Kitchen Makeover: This book teaches you how to eat the fatty foods you love without the unwanted side effects. — Rated 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon based on 102 reviews.

— Telomere Secrets Volumes 1 Through 5: These 5 books provide a list of strategies, nutrients, and techniques you can use to activate a “revolutionary gene” called the telomerase enzyme.

Dr. Sears MD Supplements

Dr. Sears also sells a range of different supplements, most of which are designed to treat the symptoms of aging in some form or another. Supplements include all of the following products:

Ultra Primal Lean

Ultra Primal Lean promises to melt fat right off your body uses a mixture of natural extracts like white bean extract, fucoxanthin, irvingia gabonesis, garcinia cambogia, and chromium. Despite the lack of scientific evidence for most of these ingredients, Dr. Sears claims they can suppress your appetite while shedding fat off your body.


Much of Dr. Sears’ work centers around telomeres, which are genes in your body that may be deactivated as you age. By eating the right foods and ingredients, you may be able to reactivate these genes and live a healthier life.

TeloEssence is a supplement specifically designed to activate your telomeres. It includes all of the following ingredients:

— Vitamin and Herb Blend: Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Selenium, Magnesium Citrate, Trimethylglycine, Asian Ginseng, Kudzu, Milk Thistle Extract, Horny Goat Weed, Bacopa, Green Tea Extract, Cat’s Claw, Natural d-Mixed Tocotrienols, Resveratrol, pTerostilbene, Fenugreek, Citrulline, Mixed Tocotrienols, Gingko Extract, Gotu Kola, and Ashwaghanda.

— Amino Acid Proprietary Blend: Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Arginine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Carnosine.

These supplements – along with medical equipment like heart rate monitors and calipers – are all sold on at prices ranging from $15 to $349.

Final Thoughts: Should You Listen To Dr. Sears MD?

Dr. Sears MD is an interesting character: he claims to have helped over 25,000 people fight back against aging at his clinic in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. However, there’s very little information about Dr. Sears available online – including only a handful of reviews for his clinic.

The reviews that do appear online are not overly positive. Some reviews compliment the friendly staff and effective programs, while others claim they were disappointed by treatments that failed to work, were not covered by insurance, or were extremely expensive.

Dr. Sears also claims to have appeared on major news networks, including everything from The History Channel to ESPN, and yet none of this appears to be online. You would think there would be at least an online newspaper article about him.

But perhaps the biggest red flag about Dr. Sears MD is that he wholeheartedly promises his patients that he can cure their cancer:

“…6,100 independent studies confirm that my 8th Element Protocol: can cure ALL 213 types of cancer – at any stage.”

There’s no known cure for cancer. If there was a cure that singlehandedly cured every type of cancer in the world today, it certainly wouldn’t be sold in a $40 eBook online.

If you feel comfortable trusting alternative medical treatments, then Dr. Sears MD certainly has a lot of those treatments available. If you would rather trust modern medicine and scientific testing, however, then Dr. Sears MD may not be the right choice for you.

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  1. I live in Switzerland and have been a customer of Dr. Al Sears for a few years. His PACE fitness program absolutely rocks. I recently had a check-up and my classic doctor was very impressed by my health and fitness levels. (And you should know where I am coming from, I had health problems throughout my life and am in better shape now than ever before.)
    Telo-Essence is indeed expensive, but after about half a year my grey hair has reduced visibly and I feel more energy. I was also very satisfied with other products, especially RES-4 (now RES-9 Plus).
    I regularly read Dr. Al Sears’ work and find it extremely helpful. There was a lot of good advice that I am using as prevention techniques, e.g. regarding prostate cancer, Diabetes or high blood pressure.
    Whether the “8th Element” (= Oxygen) protocols can really cure a cancer I cannot judge. But if somebody close to me would develop cancer I would not hesitate to use it, in conjunction with the recommended classic treatments. Dr. Al Sears stresses the importance of good oxygen levels in the body to prevent or fight cancer. That makes sense to me. What I find intolerable is that some cancer patients get the “death sentence” from their doctors and even at that point some “well-meaning” experts adamanty want to forbid alternative treatments.
    Bottom line: I do not agree at all with the critical remarks of disgruntled ex-employees and mainstream defenders above. Dr. Al Sears surely makes mistakes just like anyone else, but he is an outstanding doctor who is contributing a lot to the progress of medicine. His work has been instrumental in turning my bad health around and giving me a positive outlook for my senior years.
    No, I am not getting paid for wrting something positive here and if you have trust issues or no hope that real help is possible then that is your problem.

  2. Marcelo works for Dr. Sears. That’s why he’s telling you he’s not a fraud. I worked for him too. He is a fraud.

    • When did you work for him? My mother went to his wellness center last week against my wishes and there was literally 2 patients in there over a 3 hour period one of which was my mother. The person who saw her is a phsycian assistant. There was no MD on staff, only front desk girl the PA and a nurse. Phones wrang minimally. Office is huge and empty. Everything seems to just be “placed” there. His supposed office looke bare minimum with some degrees hanging on wall.
      Front desk girl told me he graduated from med school in Ohio but degree said So. Florida. $350 consultation fee for a non doctor who accomplished absolutely zero. Told her she probably had a heart condition because her pulse was 54 and would never cure her Thyroid.

      There wasnt one picture of this man anywhere in this office. All her had was a giant poster of his wife with a tiara on dressed ex Miss Uganda and the name of some charity.

      Does this man even exist? I cant find one single patient that has ever been treated by him personally.

  3. If there were alternative, natural remedies for common ailments that people suffer from, I believe most of the medical profession and the big pharma companies would denounce them, for these remedies could result in major changes in the way people spend their money attempting to find relief of disease. This could result in substantial financial losses to the medical and pharmaceutical communities.

  4. Our government shouldn’t be the Super Doctor Evaluator in the Sky, telling us this type of doctor is good and that type of doctor is bad; or this type of treatment is good and this type a scam. The function of government is to protect our rights, not shrink our choices in medicine. In my opinion, traditional medicine and alternative medicine should work together. Since many natural cures can’t be given a copyright and therefore are not profitable to research, people must rely on experience or anecdotal records. While there are of course scams in natural remedies, in my own experience, I was surprised how often I was helped by some natural remedies; Also, I am horrified by some of the side effects of prescribed medications. I very much enjoy Dr. Al Sears writing and his trips around the world to study various herbs and natural remedies. He is passionate about his profession. It hurts to see him vilified.

  5. I was hired by Dr. Sears as a copywriter to write about a women’s Alzheimer’s cure. He kept sending me off in different directions over 3 months, then abruptly canceled our agreement. He made his worthless assistant, Turia Riebuck Haydn, relay all his messages. Their legal department denied me my kill fee because of their sick wording in the contract. Dr. Sears is a scam artist, do not give him your money, talk to a real doctor about your health. If you get hired as a copywriter, use YOUR OWN contract!

  6. We have the POWER to decide , not pray on it or ask JC to come into one’s life… Give yourself a break! We are given ALL the tools, talents and intellect to put ALL together….but we haven’t… and ask yourself WHY! This naturopath doc seems to present some solid facts.. I am ordering something I got in the mail… So, PHARMA? kiss off!

  7. Articles such as this only prove that Dr. Sears and other alternative and naturopathice doctors are a threat to mainstream medicine, including the AMAZON, the FDA and of course, Big Pharm. After all, what in the world would they do if one of these pioneers does come up with a cure or even a method to suppress or kill cancer. Goodbye chemo…huge loss of money for mainstream medicine.

  8. Alternative medicine, encompassing practices like acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy, by definition refers to treatments that have not been proven using scientific methods. Let me reiterate that: They have not been proven.

    Nevertheless, they persist because of the tremendous power of anecdotal evidence. Sometimes, in the wake of alternative treatments, the body gets better on its own or through a placebo effect, giving rise to the powerful “It worked for me” response. Thus, ardent followers of sham medicine are born.

    Traditional, evidence-based medicine isn’t perfect. The reason for this is overt: it exists in the real world, where things are not as simple as “like cures like.” Diseases like cancer and HIV are ruthless and difficult to control. There are no easy solutions to a lot of conditions. But that doesn’t stop scientists and doctors from trying.

  9. I would like to get in touch with de al Sears. I am at the point of suicide. I got stressed and put my fingers down my throat and brought up drugs 3 times. Valium, lexapro and clonazapam. I feel really embarrassed about it as it is not like me to that. Now I have a really dry throat and awful pains in my stomach. I can’t taste food and I can’t sleep. I just want to be like I used to be before this happened. I want to know if dr Sears can help me. All the Drs want to do is give me antidepressants which I can’t take.

    • Marilyn, try Jesus. 1 Timothy 1:15, says; “that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners ( like me and you); of whom I am chief.” All we have to do is ask in faith, this; Jesus I m a sinner, forgive me and cleans me with blood. Then verbally ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you and ask Jesus to be to be your Saviour and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life. Then thank Jesus for saving you. And then ask Jesus to heal your throat, He will. Now, you find a good Bible teaching chuch, be baptize and allow God to work you and you for his glory. May God be with you.

  10. A comment that 7 pages of reviews on HIS website leaves me cold. If his concepts actually work, others, including naturopathics, would be talking about it. Yes, modern medicine is financed by the drug industry. Yes, research is directed into non-natural cures. Yes, the industry is not interested in a cure that they can not get super high cash returns on. And, yes, most wonder cures promoted by individuals are snake oil. Investigate independent facts provided by non-involved 3rd parties.

  11. I have looked a lot at cancer possibilities and think the two best are 1. oxygen therapy and 2. anti-angiogenesis (a wonderful 20 min. summary by Dr. Li on TED Talks – just google, it has gone viral). I think a company has produced a supplement following Dr. Li called, The Angiogenesis Factor.

  12. If one is going to trust articles like this, and therefore the modern AMA approach to medicine, they’ve effectively bought a sale of goods that not worth the paper it’s printed on! Modern medicine is backed 100% by the multi-billion $ pharmaceutical industry, which time and time again has proven they’re about money and that’s about it. The govt FDA is also holding hands with drug companies so believing what they say as being “official” is for the careless and gullible. Sad part is this involves people’s lives and how doctors and our govt get away with this stuff only shows the extreme lack of character and conviction the majority of people have.

    • CC Dean….I believe you are 100% correct. Doctors and modern medicine have their place-like MAYBE life-threatening emergency measures,but even then they should be accompanied by integrative medicine!

  13. How can I order the 8th element offer . I received the offer in a email but there was nothing on the advertisement page the allowed me to order

  14. Modern medicine and scientific testing dont necessarily belong in the same sentence; a lot of fraud going on there also. And they are not the only option besides Dr Sears’ questionable supplements. There are lots of good alternatives that dont risk your health and/or your wealth.

    • Marcelo can you please give me that list of 7 pages to read. I would like to see the pro’s. You can email me those links to read. ???? Thank You ????

    • Hi Marcelo

      If you could please send e-mail me those reviews then I would be very grateful.

      Thank you

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