White Kidney Bean Extract


White Kidney Bean Extract

Dieters are always on the lookout for the next big diet trend and one product that has been gaining the attention of the public is called white kidney bean extract.

Since it was featured on several TV shows like The Dr. Oz Show, more people are taking notice of this potentially game changing weight loss product. So what is white kidney bean extract and how does it work?

White Kidney Bean Extract and Weight Loss

White Kidney Bean Extract is a natural extract that obviously comes from the white kidney bean. According to some studies, white bean extract can inhibit the effects of an enzyme called alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase naturally is found in the body and its’ primary function is to break down carbohydrates into fat

By blocking this enzyme, white kidney bean extract instantly turn carbohydrates into usable energy and it also enables the liver to burn fat instead of creating it.

In addition to weight loss, it appears white kidney bean extract may be good for the heart as well. White bean extract appears to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, although the process is not well known. It is entirely possible that white bean extract users lower their blood pressure and cholesterol simply by losing weight.

White Bean Extract Clinical Trials

There is a limited amount of data to support the claims of white bean extract supplements. In a 2007 study, 60 overweight voluntarily took white bean extract or a placebo.

After 30 days, researchers found that the white bean extract group experienced a dramatic reduction in body weight, fat mass, and waistline size. The placebo group saw little to no change in body composition. However, researchers also noted that white bean extract seemed to help maintain lean body mass, which is not the case in many other weight loss supplements.

There are also other studies that have used white bean extract although most of the studies seem poorly formatted and are therefore should not be considered credible.

White Bean Extract Side Effects

From the information we have available, it appears that white bean extract is safe for most adults to take. There do not appear to be any major side effects or negative health effects when taken in the short-term although it is unknown whether or not there are any long-term effects of white bean extract.

As with many other dietary supplements, pregnant and nursing mothers should not consume white bean extract simply because it is unknown whether or not any complications may arise. The same goes for children as well. However, for the average adult, there should be no side effects.

If you are unaware whether or not white bean extract is safe for you, then you should speak to your doctor. He or she will let you know whether or not white bean extract is right for you.

Where to Buy White Bean Extract

If you want to try white bean extract, you can do so by ordering it through various online retailers. When buying white bean extract, make sure you purchase a supplement that utilizes 100% pure white bean extract. This will ensure you purchase a supplement that is both safe and effective.

Although white bean extract seems far from a miracle weight loss supplement, it seems like it may actually be able to help you lose some extra pounds. Therefore, if you’re looking to lose some weight and want a boost, taking white bean extract. It may just be what you need to lose the extra weight you want to lose.

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  1. Pure White Kidney Bean Extract is the current buzz in the “fight of the bulge”. It promotes healthy weight management and healthy weight-loss, and is currently the very best starch blocking item available.

    Starch blockers are made from white kidney beans, which have a natural chemical called amylase. Amylase helps absorb starch or complex carbohydrates. When amylase is obstructed, those carbohydrates pass through the body undigested, so you wear \’t take in the calories.

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