Holothink Deep Zen App – Meditation Program For Peace Of Mind?


The way society works doesn’t leave a lot of room for concentration, calm and and taking time to recenter oneself in order for a person to clear their mind. In today’s day and age, people are far too busy running from one place to the other to take the time to actually pause and meditate.

In addition when a person does get the opportunity to slow down and try and meditate then it can be really difficult to get into the right mindset due to external interferences and stubborn everyday concerns that don’t want to leave a person’s thoughts.

What Is Holothink?

Holothink is a company that provides people with a diverse range of programs that will help them get into a particular meditative state anywhere. The programs offered by Holothink are available on mp3 and can be downloaded on a person’s phone or any other device in order to for them to benefit of the meditation guide in different places such as the park, the bus, the beach or simply home.

These mp3 programs are available for immediate download or in CDs. Holothink’s aim, is to help people target a specific goal they have set for themselves and get there faster and more efficiently by using their modules.

How does Holothink Deep Zen work?

To get the mp3 files, a person interested in Holothink programs, will have to order the program of their choice or more. After the order has been processed, the customer will get access to the Holothink membership system on the company’s website which will let them not only download the guide but also select specific audios in order to make personal playlist. Having access to the company’s membership system will enable any member to make their own CD with only the desired tracks on it.

The way these mp3 files have been recorded and process makes it that can be isochronic. Isochronic audios are recorded with a specific device in order to have an audio on wavelength that is free of parasitic noises when played on speakers.

However, Holothink programs have been scientifically and clinically demonstrated to be more efficient when people listen to them with headphones. This specific property supports the use of these audios anywhere as by playing them through headphones they enable people to get into a meditative state without having to worry about other people around. Headphones help people make abstraction of the external world.

In order to get the best results from the Holothink programs, minimal effort is required. Even by just absent-mindedly listening to the mp3 files downloaded on a person’s mobile phone, the listener will experience the benefits of the meditation audio. In addition, the results obtained by using Holothink have lasting positive effects on the brain. Widening perspective, enhancing focus, reducing sleep deprivation and training the brain, the Holothink programs are a revolutionary addition to the world of meditation, making meditation available for everyone, everywhere.

The Holothink Deep Zen Program

There are four different type of programs available on the Holothink website. Each program has a different goal and fits a different type of personality. There is a program for people who are not deeply invested in meditation and are not interested in mastering this ancient art but only profit from the beneficial results that come with meditating. This program is called Deep Zen and enables people to go zen by only listening to this audio, helping them reach a blissful state without having get into a deep meditative state.

Totally Tranquil is a program intended for stressed people that need an efficient solution to release them from their stress. As stress can be quite harmful to a person’s health, it is vital to find an outlet to the nervousness and tension accumulated during the day. People will feel a lot more relaxed by using the Totally Tranquil program. A person only needs to spend 30 minutes listening to the audio for it to work and significantly reduce feelings of stress.

The third program is Laser Focus which contains audio that help people sharpen their mind and enhance their concentration abilities in order to increase their work efficiency. With Laser Focus a person will have a longer attention span and will be able to get more done in less time. The last program is called Digital Sandman as the audios in this program help people find sleep more easily and regulate their circadian cycle in an efficient way in order to reduce sleep deprivation.

Holothink Deep Zen Availability and Pricing

Every Holothink program is available on the company’s website for an immediate mp3 download or to be ordered as CDs for $77 USD. All the products provided by Holothink have 100% refund guarantee so there are no risks in trying their revolutionary programs out and see if one of them is the right match for you.

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