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AdvoGreens Review: Plant Based Nutrition

Those who keep up with their nutritional value intake and fitness are healthier, happier, and have a trim waist. But, as you may very well know, getting your adequate nutritional intake is much harder said than done – that is, unless you have a food product or supplement that provides you with the necessary nutritional compounds.

These days, many are turning to nutritional shakes. Nutritional shakes are filling, delicious, satisfying, and great for your health. For those who are specifically plant-based nutritional shakes, then the brand of choice should be AdvoGreens.

Here is everything you need to know about this up-and-coming brand to get started:

About AdvoGreens

AdvoGreens is a plant based nutritional shake supplement that was created by AdvoCare brand. As AdvoGreens explains, its products are the “latest in plant-based nutrition.” The supplement comes in powdered form, which you then transform into a delicious, nutritional, and high-quality shake. If you’ve ever tried Herbalife products and are looking for something better, then here it is.

AdvoGreens are made out of quality ingredients that you can rely on for your daily nutritional value. Moreover, AdvoCare, who created the line of products, is one of the most reputable brands in the health and wellness industry. By choosing a well-known and popular brand, you can feel more confident in the qualities and effectiveness of its products.

The AdvoCare Brand

AdvoCare is a brand that empowers its customers and its employees by focusing on high-quality and effective products. The brand is known for its weight management, health, and wellness products that are able to transform your confidence levels, weight, and the way you look.

In addition to creating and marketing great health products, the brand is also known for its philanthropy. For those that love brands that give back to the community, then AdvoCare is a great option to purchase from. At least here, you can view the brand’s philanthropic efforts on its website.

A “Wellness” Category Product Line

AdvoCare has three different lines of products: Trim, Active, and Well. Each of its products fall into a category so that you get a sense of the main function of the product.

AdvoGreens is a wellness category product, which means that it works to improve your core nutritional, reduce stress, reduce your mental capacity, improve digestive support, and so much more. The benefits that wellness category products are many and they improve your overall health so that you can live a better and more comfortable lifestyle.

While you can certainly read about AdvoGreens on its website, you can also access the products through the AdvoCare website as well.

Great Ingredient Blends

AdvoGreens does not use one type of ingredient blend for all of its products. Instead, there are a number of blends that are used in different products to create the overall formula.

For this reason, this review is going to touch upon the different ingredient blends so that you get a sense of what goes into the products. You’ll find that the ingredient blends are nutritious, healthful, and effective for a better lifestyle.

Plant Based Protein Blend

As you may be able to gather, this blend is a medley of protein-rich plant based ingredients. The ingredients to this blend mainly include proteins that are derived from brown rice and peas. In using these types of ingredients, you can get an excellent amount of protein from simple plants that you use every day.

Greens and Vegetable Blend

The Greens and Vegetable blend has a broad variety of phytonutrients and antioxidants. This blend works to support your overall health and it provides a range of different advantages, such as antioxidants, energy, and focus.

Enzyme, Prebiotic, and Probiotic Blend

The Enzyme, Prebiotic, and Probiotic blend is meant to improve your digestive health using some of the best probiotics and prebiotics on the market. With this blend, you’ll feel much less digestive discomfort and you can put bloating, gas, and upset stomachs behind you.

Fiber Blend

The Fiber Blend is another digestive enhancing blend. Here, you will feel less full and you will experience an increase in digestive function for a healthy system. This type of blend is one of the best ways to manage your appetite in an easy manner.

The Benefits of AdvoGreens

There are many reasons to choose AdvoGreens for all of your nutritional needs. While you should not and do not need to use the supplement as a replacement for your regular diet, these shakes are designed to give you the boost you need to replace what your body is missing. After all, most people cannot receive everything they need from traditional foods.

Those who use AdvoGreens for their health needs experience a heightened level of convenience, and increase in nutrition, and they are able to consume a delicious and filling shake that keeps their appetite at bay.

Control the Taste

Some AdvoGreens products come flavored. For example, the chocolate flavor is quite popular. However, you can also control the taste using your own additions to the shakes. Some consumers like to add fruits or their own greens to the product. Either way, you’ll find the taste to be hearty and delicious.

Types of AdvoGreen Products

If you are looking to add AdvoGreens to your diet, here are a few of the products offered by the AdvoCare brand:

  • AdvoGreens Snack Shake (Phytonutrient Protein Shake)
    • Chocolate Flavor
    • Servings: 12
    • Retail: $39.95
  • AdvoGreens Greens Powder (Phytonutrient Supplement)
    • Lemon Flavor
    • Servings: 20
    • Retail: $32.95

Currently, the brand is developing additions to its AdvoGreens line, since it is relatively new.

Where to Buy

AdvoGreens are not yet available in stores. Therefore, to purchase, you’ll need to do so through the AdvoCare website or the AdvoGreens website. To order, you’ll be prompted to create an account, which makes ordering easier in the future.

The return policy is not readily available on the website and as a result, it would be best to discuss the matter with the brand during the order process. In all likelihood, the brand probably does have a reliable return policy that you can use if you need to.


Overall, AdvoGreens is ideal for those who are looking to improve their daily nutritional levels. The beverages are made out of plant-based ingredients and blends that leads to better all-around health. Moreover, the order process is easy and you can quickly save your favorite products on your profile so you can check out easily on your next order.

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