Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Workbook – Legit Coaching Program?


In clinical terms ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ is a syndrome that has been found to affect different processes and functions of our bodies. Due to its multifaceted nature, it is extremely hard to diagnose.

Thus many trained medical practitioners find it hard to identify, as its symptoms may be varied and extremely had to pin down upon one or two causes. Some of the common issues which can be labelled as ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ include laziness, dullness, always feeling tired.

In terms of clinical diagnosis, many people who suffer from Adrenal Fatigue have reported feeling tired, lethargic and also claim to experience all sorts of other vague symptoms over a long duration's. Essentially, a person becomes aware that there is something wrong with his/her body but can't seem to find the key reason for it.

As a result, many people have been known to start taking numerous kinds of drugs, antidepressants and sleeping pills that end up causing various dependency issues at a later stage. Lastly, while medication can temporarily help, it only takes care of the outwardly symptoms one might have. It however does not address the key underlying causes, and thus can be seen as applying a bandaid on a deep cut.

What one needs in such a situation is a holistic integrative approach to combat the various issues related to ‘Adrenal Fatigue’. This essentially means the solution is an approach that takes in consideration our mind and body.

Ideally a treatment plan for Adrenal Fatigue involves changes in one’s diet, adopting healthier lifestyle choices (like exercise, workouts) and (emotional) stress management. Navigating our way through different treatment options (especially without proper knowledge) can be really difficult, time consuming and expensive.


About Adrenal Fatigue Workbook

The ‘Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Workbook’ is a product that has been born out of many years of scientific research combined with the authors personal experience with the issue. In its essence, it is a complete solution for alleviating all ‘adrenal fatigue’ related issues.

The workbook contains educational literature, exercises, self assessments and all the information one needs to test and identify the cause of one's Adrenal Fatigue problems. Apart from the diagnostic aspect of the book, it can also help users learn how to restore  energy levels, how to maintain one’s vitality, and ultimately how to recover and keep Adrenal Fatigue from coming back.

The book does not claim to give users some magical formula or a new medical breakthrough, it can rather be thought of as a stockpile of information that has been derived from years of research into this condition.

All of the relevant information is available on the website and in the Adrenal Fatigue Recovery workbook. Using these tools, once can kickstart his/her recovery. The information in this workbook is invaluable and costs less than 20 minutes of counselling/ therapy.

What One Gets

Some of the key benefits one receives through the use of the workbook include:

  • It provides users with an in-depth explanation of Adrenal Fatigue, a brief history of the condition, its prime causes and associated symptoms.
  • Through a systematic study of the book, users can see for themselves the importance Importance of ‘The Fight-or-Flight Response And The Relaxation Response’. The system also presents us with facts which might be a bit counterintuitive, for example ‘Why Cortisol Is Not A Bad Hormone’?
  • There are various tips which can help us maximise the working potential of our Adrenal Glands. The book also contains a review of ‘HPA Axis and other Organs Involved in the maintenance of one’s health’.
  • There are also various overviews of conventional testing methodologies, alternative tests routes, complementary tests and self screening tests, which help diagnose our problem better.
  • The workbook clearly deliniates the 4 Main Stages Of Adrenal Fatigue with a detailed description of the development and progression of the common signs and symptoms that one might experience.

Other Important Information

(i) Dietary info: there are many dietary changes that have been outlined in the book, through these simple changes, one can influence the working of his/her system so that any symptoms related to ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ can be quickly recognized and alleviated.

(ii) Hormonal Regulation: The book outlines a list of Bio-identical Hormones, 5 Important Aspects of Hormone Replacement Therapy and a List Of Relevant Hormones that can be used to optimize our overall health.

(iii) Exercises: there are various easy to perform exercises that have been included in the book, using these simple techniques, one can optimize their neural network efficiency so that the body can operate at a high level.


Pricing and Availability

The Adrenal Fatigue Workbook is available only as a digital book. It can be purchased via the online shopping portal on the author's website ( Each copy has been priced at $17.00 and is immediately available for download upon full payment.

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