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Adderdrene XR Review

Adderdrene XR is a nootropic that uses an extended release formula to boost brain function. Here’s our Adderdrene XR review.

What is Adderdrene XR?

Adderdrene XR is a nootropic specially formulated to increase brain function, mental focus, and memory – or at least, these are the promises made by the manufacturer.

The supplement claims to use natural ingredients and stimulants to boost your energy without giving you jitters or other unwanted side effects.

Adderdrene XR is currently available on Amazon for around $30 for a package of 30 capsules. The supplement is made by a company named Gentix Labs.

How Does Adderdrene XR Work?

Adderdrene XR, as the name suggests, promises to provide similar results to the similarly-named ADHD medication Adderall.

In order to create those results, Adderdrene XR uses a proprietary blend containing a variety of natural ingredients and synthetic formulas. Those ingredients include L-Theanine, Vinpocetine, and Dimethylaminoethanol.

It’s recommended that you take one capsule per day to support your overall cognitive abilities. You should not take more than one pill every 24 hours.

Aside from listing its ingredients, the creators of Adderdrene XR don’t really explain how the pill works or which effects it will have on your brain – aside from stimulation.

Scientific Evidence for Adderdrene XR

Adderdrene XR claims to have recently undergone a placebo-controlled clinical study. However, that clinical study didn’t involve Adderdrene XR – it involved some of the ingredients within the formula. The manufacturer never actually lists which ingredients were tested in that study, nor does it link to that study at all.

It does, however, happily post the results of the study. Participants exhibited all of the following benefits:

— Retained Up To 30% More Information At A Time
— Recalled Short Term And Long Term Memories More Easily
— Increased Their Overall Energy And Wakefulness

As you can see, this study didn’t exactly focus on things like “quantifiable results”.

Instead, it led to more general conclusions like the ability to “focus more intently”.

Which percentage of patients were able to focus more intently? By which metrics were these patients judged? We don’t know the answer to these questions. And, since the creator of Adderdrene XR refuses to link to that study or explain where it was published, we really have no idea about any further details of the study.

Adderdrene XR Ingredients

Adderdrene XR

Adderdrene XR publishes its full ingredients list online. Unfortunately, every single one of the active ingredients is hidden within a “Proprietary Blend”. The manufacturer hasn’t listed any details about the proprietary blend – so we don’t know what the dosage of say, Vinpocetine is relative to the L-Theanine dosage.

It’s also important to realize that the supplement doesn’t really contain natural ingredients: all of the formulas (like dimethylaminoethanol) are synthetic formulas. Nevertheless, the manufacture continues to make bold claims about its “blend of natural stimulants”. If you’re looking for a natural herbal brain booster, then Adderdrene XR certainly isn’t it.

How to Buy Adderdrene XR

Adderdrene XR is available online through Amazon, where it’s priced at $29.99 for a package of 30 capsules.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Adderdrene XR?

The supplement currently has an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. The majority of reviews are either 5 stars (75% of all reviews) or 1 star (16% of all reviews).

One revewier named MissLondon claims she’s a clinical psychotherapist who suffers from ADHD and claims that these pills are exactly like Adderall:

“I was on Adderall but hated the way it made me feel, it gave me some form of numbness, so I stopped Adderall and tried to find another medication that has less of a severe effect. So I bought this pills, and they are exactly like Adderall, the exact effect, extreme focus, mind clarity with less thoughts, accompanied with an uncomfortable feeling. It worries me that this medication is available to everyone for $5, I hope no one will abuse it. I gave it a four star because it does what it says it does, and the day I took it, I got all my chores done, just like Adderrall.”

Other glowing reviews claim the supplement “exceeded expectations” and basically changed their entire lives.

Many of the 5 star reviews appear to be fake, like one reviewer who purchased the supplement for her “niece who is a STEM student in University” and “also works a few hours a week as an intern in a local medical center.”

Meanwhile, the one star reviews say things like

“Don’t waste [sic] your money. It doesn’t work at all. I used for 2 weeks and there is no effect, every time I took it I wanted to get what you paid for.”

Another reviewer claims that “I am very ill right now. I feel poisoned.”

Oddly enough, all of the 5 star reviews are written in perfect English with no grammatical errors. All of the lower-rated reviews are worded in the way people actually write online – complete with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Who Makes Adderdrene XR?

Adderdrene XR is made by a company named Gentix Labs. It appears that Adderdrene XR is the company’s only product.

When you search for “Gentix Labs” online, the first thing that comes up is, a fake review tracking website. That site claims that an estimated 40% of reviews for Adderdrene XR have been discovered to be fake according to the site’s algorithm.

Other than that, there is virtually no information about Gentix Labs available online. We don’t know where Adderdrene XR is manufactured, where its ingredients are sourced, or any other information about the company.

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