Abs Protein Pancakes – High Protein & Low-Carb


Abs Protein Pancakes

Abs Protein Pancakes is a product is a pancake mix that contains ingredients which will help you gain enviable abs while enjoying pancakes. The premise is based on maintaining a high-protein, low-carb diet in order to slim down and build muscle.

About ABS Wellness LLC.

The maker of Abs Protein Pancakes is ABS Wellness LLC. The company was created in 2013 and is based out of Florida. The registered agent for the LLC paperwork is Ashley M Drummonds. Interestingly, the comment section seems to be maintained by someone named Ashley.

The company is active on social media, claiming they will personally respond to everything you send…questions, comments, or congrats and likes.

The Product

The product is a pancake mix that won't kill your healthy eating habits. It's made in Southern California. The base ingredients are whey protein, milk protein, coconut flour, vanilla extract and micellar casein.

— Under 250 Calories For A Nice Stack Of Delicious Golden Pancakes
— More Than 24 Grams Of Protein Per Serving – That's Incredible!
— Less Than 4 Grams Of Sugar, Which Is Also Amazing For Pancakes
— And To Top It All Off: Less Than 5 Net Carbs- Surprisingly Low Carb!

The Abs Pancakes have been featured in major news media outlets like ABC Action News, Oxygen, Powerhouse Gym and ABC Shark Tank. World Gym features the product too.

Each package contains 10 servings. Now, a serving of pancakes can mean anything to anyone so let's be a little more clear. Each package contains enough to make around 40 mid-sized pancakes.

Abs Protein Pancakes Flavors

Here are the flavors:

— Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes & Waffle Mix
— Cinnamon Roll Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix
— Vanilla Cake Batter Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix

The company offers lots of fun recipes using their mixes- found on the blog. You can get a free book of their recipes by submitting your email address right from the website. The recipes are creative, using the mixes to create other foods as well (not just pancakes and waffles).

There are also guidelines and meal plans you can follow. These make it easy to incorporate the pancake mixes into a healthy diet. There's a women's program and a men's program.

The Opportunity

While there's really no income-generating network marketing opportunity here, there is an affiliate program. Affiliate members get a flat 15% on all retail products. They also get lifetime customer commissions- every time a customer you brought in makes a purchase, you get paid. This includes recurring monthly orders on auto-ship.

Unlike most commission structures, ABS Wellness is nice enough to figure commission based on the full retail value PLUS shipping and taxes!

Affiliates are given a unique affiliate URL, which must be used by customers if they want credit for the sale. The cookies used by the company last for 60 days. The problem is, when customers clear cookies from their browsers, they no longer have your tracking info in their computers and you miss out on any further commissions. The company has no control over that.

The same thing happens if they use a different browser- no cookies are sent, so no commissions.

For those who just want to save on pancake mix, there is also “Pancake Membership”. It consists of regular deliveries of pancake mix in exchange for a pretty good discount.

Sign up to have 1 pack per month (1 lb) and save $15.43. Your price is $33.95 instead of $49.99. There are similar Auto-ship deals for 2 and 3 packs per month.

To qualify for the discount, one must stay on the Auto-ship without canceling for two months. After that, you can cancel at any time.

The Verdict

While many packaged nutrition foods are a waste of money, Abs Protein Pancakes does actually offer value. They contain wonderful ingredients which aren't exactly household pantry staples. When was the last time you had a box of Whey Protein in your cupboard? Or Stevia-sweetened chocolate chips? How about erythritol?

Didn't think so. Besides, when you eat from the Abs Protein Pancakes mixes, you know exactly what you're getting, as far as nutrition data goes. There's no fear of hidden calories, carbs or other things you'd rather avoid, like there is when you follow a recipe you found on the internet from a random source.

Yes the price is steep but all you have to do is skip eating out at a restaurant twice a month and you've covered the expense. Isn't your body worth it? You'll be cutting lots of restaurant carbs too, when you eat at home!

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