Ab Step – At Home Abdominal Core Workout Exerciser Machine?


Ab Step is a ab and oblique training system that promises to help you get better abs with no neck pain or back strain. Read our review to find out how Ab Step works.

What Is Ab Step?

Ab Step is a training system that promises to give you a full-body workout from the comfort of your own home. The small device features multi-directional pads and adjustable knobs for extra resistance. You can use Ab Step by stepping on it, lying on it, sitting on it, or performing other workouts.

To help you make sense of all the workouts, Ab Step comes with a full body workout DVD. You can follow along as you’re guided through the Ab Step program. Ab Step is made by a company called DURE.

Ab Step Features

  • Adjustable knobs for added resistance
  • Tri-directional pedals
  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • Non-slip pedal surfaces
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable storage
  • Comes with comfortable back cushion for additional workouts

These features allow you to use Ab Step anytime, from anywhere. In promotional images, people are seen using Ab Step underneath their desk at work, for example, or on the couch at home while watching TV.

If you want a more intense workout, then you can add dumbbells or lie on your back on top of the device.

Ab Step Pricing

Ab Step is only available to order by email. When you visit the official website, BuyAbStep.com, you’re redirected to an email address.

There’s no online ordering form or upfront pricing information: you need to send an email to purchase Ab Step.

That email address is [email protected] Pricing details are not listed upfront.

Who Makes Ab Step?

Ab Step is a trademark of the DURE Company. We couldn’t find any information about that company available online.

There’s a Canadian vending company under that name, and a Swiss UN consultant firm. However, we could find no additional information about the DURE Company behind Ab Step.

You can contact the company through [email protected] or by phone at +86-186-2136-1916. +86 is the international calling code for China – so Ab Step appears to be made by a China-based company.

Should You Buy Ab Step?

If you want to train your abs, you can find plenty of pieces of exercise equipment available online – including workout equipment that looks virtually identical to Ab Step.

Based on the information we see online today, Ab Step is made by a mysterious Chinese company. That company doesn’t even offer an online sales form: you need to email them directly to purchase the training equipment.

Ultimately, there just isn’t enough information about Ab Step available online at this time. You’re better off buying a stepper (there are dozens available online) and using that to work out underneath your desk.

Until Ab Step reveals more information about itself, it’s difficult to recommend.

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