Ab Lab – Nick Tait’s Game Of Scales 6 Pack Workout Program?


Ab Lab is a workout regimen that takes you from a beginner level to an advanced level. With each month, you are able to push your body further, bringing you closer to the body you want.

What Is the Ab Lab Program?

When you decide you are going to embark on a weight-loss and fitness journey, you still have many different decisions to make. You have an entire regimen to plan, which is overwhelming, no matter how much you already know about your body’s needs. If you have a full-time job or kids, the time you have available to just creating a regimen is limited, and each day spent without a plan is another one without a workout or a healthy diet. Rather than trying to create a course of action for yourself, let Ab Lab handle it for you.

Ab Lab focuses on challenging your body and meeting your goals, which help you to improve your body and your core muscles. Much of the workout focuses on changing up your routine enough to keep your body from plateauing, which you will find out more about in the next section.

This awesome program by Game of Scales is offered for both men and women. When you have an exercise partner, like your spouse, it can be much easier to stay on track and feel encouraged by this progress. The workout routines automatically show the movement positioning for each gender, so you won’t have to make many changes to include this program in your relationship, or just in a group.

How Does the Ab Lab Get Results?

While there are many effective exercises that go into this routine, the most important part is to constantly evolve in your efforts. Most diet and exercise plans fail, because you consistently do the same movements with the same amount of repetitions every single time. While these exercises will work when your body is adjusting to the workout, they will cease to show any kind of progress after your body gets used to it. The Ab Lab focuses on changing things up, keeping your muscles and metabolism constantly working hard.

With each month, your routine will become more intense, since the regimen is designed to start you at a beginner’s level, but take you to a much more advanced routine. These workouts are divided between two instructors, which gives you a more rounded approach to your routine. As the months go by, you should notice major changes in your strength, endurance, and metabolism, due to the evolving exercises.

The good thing about this approach is that you are able to learn the skills you need to constantly keep evolving your body’s structure. Even though there are only six months’ worth of workouts, you can learn the small differences that occur from month-to-month, helping you to form a new regimen on the seventh month. With the skills you accumulate, you are only a few steps away to the shredded body you want.

Pricing for the Ab Lab

With all the materials you are getting and the knowledge you have, you could end up spending over $2,400, if you had to find everything separately. However, Game of Scales understands that most consumers are more likely to engage in a program that is significantly more affordable, no matter how much commitment they have. That’s why the total cost of Ab Lab is only $47.00.

This payment is not a subscription; you only have to worry about one charge on your credit card, which can be refunded within the first two months of the program, if you aren’t satisfied. However, with such a wide range of movements in the workouts, a lack of results should not occur.

However, the unique trait of this company is that you still have an option – Ab Assault. If $47 is too much for your budget, or you just don’t believe the results that are promised, then you can access the PDF document for free, which gives you a taste of what the company offers. For most customers, this may be enough to try out the program. If not, then you can download the document to access at your leisure.

Included in Your Purchase

When you pay to gain access to the program, you will be privy to many fun and exciting materials, which include:

  • Six months’ worth of different workouts
  • Over 100 demonstrative videos, helping you to recreate the movements perfectly
  • The guidance of two coaches, who focus on strengthening and conditioning your muscles – Nick Tait and Greg Norris

You are given full access to everything promised by Ab Lab, as soon as your credit card payment goes through. You don’t have worry about waiting for a delivery in the mail, because the materials are accessible online.

Contacting the Creators of the Ab Lab

If you have questions for the creators of Ab Lab (Game of Scales), there doesn’t seem to be a phone number or specific email address that you forward them to, even though the support desk has regular business hours. You can submit a “ticket” on their website, which will be responded to within two business days.

Ab Lab Review Conclusion

Ab Lab seems to be a great way to improve your physical fitness level, even though the website doesn’t include any of the movements. By teaching you to increase the difficulty of your routine each month, you don’t have to worry about getting used to a workout, which is what causes any plateau. When you push yourself to learn and to adapt each month, you will easily be successful in this program, which is advertised by Game of Scales.

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