Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies is a company that provides incontinence products for mail order directly to your home. They pride themselves in discreet shipping to avoid unpleasant or embarrassing questions or prying eyes.

They understand how personal the choice is for incontinence products, and how important the level of protection is. They have been open since 1986, and have 30 years experience providing these products to their thousands of happy customers around the nation.

They provide brands that you probably already use such as Depends, Poise, Attends, and more, and even have an auto ship option for convenience so you never run out of your product.

 What is Home Delivery Incontinence?

The best benefit is also the most simple: convenience. Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies makes it to where you won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home for your products. No more standing in line, trying to hide what you are purchasing, or dealing with the store being out of your size or brand.

Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies ships your favorite items, in the correct sizes directly to you! You never have to worry about running out and having to make an emergency run to the store.

 Home Delivery Incontinence Products

Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies carries a variety of incontinence products, bowel protection, pads and liners, reusable products, skin care, hair care, odor care, mobility, and bathing products.


Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies has a variety of retailers’ products and brands that you already probably use for incontinence. They have all sizes and shapes, and their customer service can even help you pick the product that is right for you if you need help with your selection.

Bladder control will no longer be an issue with Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies helping you! They have many products, from pads to line your undergarments to disposable undergarments to pads to put on your bed for ultimate protection.

Whatever your preference is, Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies has something to help you maintain privacy and dignity.Some of the popular brands in this category are Depends, Poise, Reassure, Always, Abena, Attends, etc.

Personal care

Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies has many products to help keep cleanliness a top priority. They provide body cleansers, disposable washrags, anti fungal creams, lotions, compression stockings, and many other offerings.

They have your cleanliness, privacy, and convenience in mind. If you are not sure what products may benefit you, their customer service is happy to help you pick out a line of products that can help you with any issue you may need.

They also provide bowel protection products if you need them also. From pads for small leaks to disposable adult underwear for big accidents, Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies has a product to keep you covered.

Health and Wellness

Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies can even ship your vitamins and supplements directly to you also. They have a variety of brands and supplements and different choices of vitamins to choose from.

They also have a selection of memory foam pillows and neck rests; to help you with your comfort.


Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies knows it can be difficult to move around as you age or are bedridden. They also provide mobility products such as wheelchairs, walkers, chairs, and many accessories that can help with these items.

Some of these items may even be covered by Medicaid (and may incur little to not cost to you)! Call Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies customer service to see how you can get these items at little to no out of pocket expense to you if your insurance covers it!


Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies supplies many different types of catheters that are delivered right to you for your convenience and privacy.

If you select the auto ship option, they will ship you the catheters completely worry free! They will renew your order automatically as you need them, and you will never have to worry about running out again!

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about the products that Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies provides, as well as more information about their products and offerings at their website at www.hdis.com.

You can also compare products, choose which one is right for you, read testimonials, and sign up for auto renew options as well. Incontinence can be an embarrassing issue, but HDIS makes it easy, discreet, and convenient to purchase your supplies as you need them, when you need them.

You can also order a paper catalog to be delivered to you, as well as money saving coupons for your first order.


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