4Pure – Spring Water, Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice Ingredient Drinks?


While people always talk about taking vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements, they often neglect the fact that if they fail to get adequate hydration, they start to face severe issues related to rapid skin ageing, poor metabolic functionality, decreased cognition etc.

In Fact, a study released by the Mayo clinic in the year 2007 showed that on an average a person should consume 3-5 litres of water daily for optimal cellular operation. This number reduces to 3-4 litres in colder countries, but it is still preferable for individuals to drink as much water as they can during the course of their daily activities.

Also, since we are talking about hydration and how it is important to regularly replenish our body’s aqueous content. We should look at other hydration options which have been found to maximise our inner energetic capacity.

For example, it has been seen that by simply adding small/ clinical quantities of fruits like lemons, raspberries the overall content of key electrolytes in our bodies increase quite substantially. These salts are required for our circulatory systems to run at a high rate.

About 4Pure

4Pure is an all new range of ‘lemonade based’ health beverages that have been specially designed to help users get hydrated and feel rejuvenated. However, before we delve any deeper into the products being offered by the company, we should look at a brief history of how 4Pure came to be. The company’s origins can be traced back to a decade ago when the first manufacturing outfit was set up in Maine.

What sets 4Pure apart from other beverages is the fact that all of the lemonades on offer are composed of natural ingredients (and nothing else). Some of the key features which make 4Pure products unique include:

(i) Organic: all of the key components/ ingredients which make the beverages so tasty and flavourful are derived from organic plantations. This ensures that optimal care is taken while the fruits are being grown so that the nutritional content of these components can be maximised.

(ii) Vegan: all of the nutrients added in the mix are completely compatible with Vegan lifestyles. Similarly, all of the production and manufacturing is also done in facilities that are kept free of any milk/ dairy based products.

(iii) Non GMO: in order to maximise product quality, 4Pure uses ingredients that are completely GMO free. Hence, users can be sure that they are only being delivered fruit content that is of the highest quality possible.

(iv) Allergen Free: all of the lemonade variants available for sale are free of common allergens like Soy, Dairy and Gluten. This essentially means that people with allergies can safely use these beverages without any danger of them flaring up.

4 Pure Quality Mission

To elaborate further on why the name 4 Pure was chosen, the manufacturer has released a statement on their official web page stating that ‘ The name 4 Pure signifies that only four ingredients necessary to deliver users with optimal flavor, nutrition and refreshment are used’.

In a similar vein, all of the beverages are low on calories, gluten-free and vegan. Additionally, no corn syrup, dyes and genetically modified organisms can be found (even in the slightest quantities) in these health beverages.


There are 3 key lemonade variants to choose from. They include:

(i) Pure Lemonade: this drink delivers exactly what it says on the label. The solution is composed of fresh lemon juice that has been infused into a healthy content of natural spring water. To add some sweetness to the overall taste, maple syrup has been used. Lastly, some zest of lemon peels have also been added to give the beverage a tangy, revitalising taste profile.

(ii) Raspberry Lemonade: in this variant, the manufacturer has used some specialized raspberry puree and added clinical portions of it into lemon juice. This concentrate has then been mixed into spring water to obtain a reddish solution that is not only great to taste, but also delivers all of the medicinal benefits of both lemons and raspberries. Lastly, like all of the other variants, additional sweetness has been delivered through the use of fresh maple syrup.

(iii) Blueberry Lemonade: quite clearly, this product has been composed of fresh blueberry extract along with lemon juice. The result is a sweet, tangy mix that is not only highly zesty in taste, but also provides medicinal benefits like increased blood circulation, decreased fatigue an increased skin vitality. To make the solution sweet, the manufacturer has infused the product with maple syrup which gives it a uniquely nice taste profile. Also important to note is the fact that all of the preparations have been done in natural, pure spring water which is of the highest quality possible.

4Pure Review Summary

All of the aforementioned variants can be viewed and bought from the official 4Pure website. The manufacturer has provided a list of all the distributors that have the beverages in stock.

Thus, users can locate their nearest store and make a physical purchase. Alternatively, company representatives can be contacted and a wholesale purchase can be made (allowing for large/ attractive discounts)

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