How to Save Your Recipes to Make Them Easy to Find [Review Guide]


We live in the era of information. Thanks to the World Wide Web, we have access thousands of articles all around the world. Amongst these articles you can also find some of the most amazing food recipes you could ever imagine.

All the way from a simple recipe for Scrambled Eggs to the most difficult recipes like Boeuf Bourguignon, it doesn’t matter how easy the dish or how skilled the cook if you don’t have the recipe. You could tackle this issue head on and get yourself a blank notebook, then spend a ridiculous amount of time copying everything over in some weird order you will curse yourself for later.

Even if you are a master of duplication and taking notes by hand is no problem, how long will this book of recipes last? How long before your house pet gets its paws on it?

Keeping Track Of Recipes

Let’s face it, writing things down isn’t the most effective way anymore. If you need to save something for the long term, you need a better solution.

So what are your options?

We’ve managed to find a few ways you can save your favorite recipes conveniently online and not have to worry about them getting lost amongst all the books you own. Here are the three best ways you can save recipes without the hassle of a pen and paper.


Pinterest is a truly amazing website! The ‘pin it’ button on the website is an easy way to save almost anything on the internet. This saves things in a central location where you can later access everything you have ever pinned and bring it right back up.

It’s really that easy. One of the best features of Pinterest is that you have the ability to create boards to help you organize your internet clippings, no matter what they are

. This means you can have a board titled “Breakfast” and add all of your breakfast recipes to that board. This comes in very handy when you have to look them up later.

Furthermore, Pinterest makes a thumbnail of the information which you have pinned, so if you use a recipe from your favorite website and it has an image of the dish, Pinterest will use this image as a thumbnail for the recipe.

This can be super useful when you are browsing through your recipes and deciding what you want to cook next.


Evernote is specifically designed to let you capture and store any thought or note you might want to remember later. It can store images, snippets of an article, files on the internet, handwritten content, and even audio notes.

It comes in an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. Once you have the extension downloaded, Evernote lets you clip full websites, selections, or basically anything else you can find on the internet.

After you have clipped whatever you wish to save, the content is saved to your Evernote account and synced so that you can access it on any computer in the world as long as you have internet access.

One of the features that Evernote offers is the ability to search your clipping with ease. Whenever you clip any content, Evernote will scan all your content and make it searchable. It will even check to see what website the items you have clipped came from so that you can revisit that site in the future.

The most unique feature of Evernote is that you can access all of your clipping through your phone, as well. Evernote is an exceptional tool for saving content in any format, and it’s definitely worth giving it a shot for your favorite recipes.


Trello was created to help manage projects, and is a great organizational tool for anything you might be working with. It just happens to also be a pretty great way to organize meal planning. You can create boards and add cards to each board from your favorite blogs or recipe sites.

It lets you add lists to each board, so you can categorize each meal into different sections like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or even by the country of origin. Basically, any way you want to organize the recipes, you can do it with Trello.

You can directly copy and paste all the ingredients into each card, and if there is an image you can also copy and paste the image address as an attachment to each card. This way you will see a nice picture of the dish as a thumbnail on the board whenever you scroll through in the future.

But here is where Trello stands apart from all the other websites: you can add each card to a calendar! This is extremely useful when planning your meals for each week. Can you imagine adding all the meals to each week on the calendar and then easily making a shopping list from all the ingredients listed together?

This feature is extremely convenient if meal planning and shopping list organization are important to your recipe collection needs.

There a lot of different meal planning websites out there. Some are free while others charge monthly fees. Some of these websites are wonderful and fantastic, others not so much. You can choose the route of looking through all the different meal planning websites and finding the right one for you.

Personally, we think that the features that most paid sites have to offer can usually be found elsewhere free of charge.

Don’t get us wrong, if you are looking for a convenient and hassle-free option, then some of the paid meal planning options might be for you. But if you are looking to be a little bit more “hands on” with all the recipes you want to save, we suggest one of the free options listed above.

Either way, the ultimate decision is up to you. Just remember that the tools are out there and they each have unique features and benefits to offer.

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