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Zurvita Review

Zurvita is a multilevel marketing company that sells nutritional supplements in six countries around the world. Here’s our Zurvita review.

What is Zurvita?

Zurvita is a multilevel marketing company that sells nutritional supplements around the world. The company’s key products include the Zeal product lineup, including Zeal Wellness and Zeal Weight Management.

The company was launched in 2008 by two veterans of the direct marketing industry, a couple named Mark and Tracy Jarvis.

Zurvita is notable for being a Christian-focused company. The two founders are very upfront about their Christian beliefs. On the company’s Zurvita.com, official “about us” page, Zurvita says things like:

“…they [the founders] realized they had been called to a larger mission in life. After prayer, they identified these three core principles on which Zurvita was founded: Create a company that glorifies God by accepting and loving people wherever they are, Create strong but humble leadership, [and] Create an environment where people can win at every level.”

Zurvita claims to have grown from earning $3 million in revenue in 2011 to $70 million in 2014.

The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Representatives are based around in the world and sell products in Canada, Australia, Germany, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

Zurvita Products

Zurvita has a small product lineup. Here are all the products currently sold by the company:

Zeal Wellness Blend

The Zeal Wellness Blend is a protein and multivitamin powder that claims to boost your energy while nourishing your body. Zurvita claims that you would have to “take over 50 different pills and tablets just to consume the wide range of nutrients found in just one six ounce bottle of Zeal Wellness Blend.”

Zurvita doesn’t publish information about its Zeal Wellness formula online. Instead, they claim that the formula and pricing varies widely from country to country – so you’ll need to talk to your local Zurvita representative for more information.

In addition to a healthy range of vitamins and nutrients, Zeal Wellness includes high levels of stimulants like caffeine to keep you energized throughout the day.

Zeal Weight Management

Zeal’s Weight Management product lineup includes four products. You start your weight loss by using the Zeal Wellness multivitamin formula we mentioned above. Then, you take the Zeal Advanced Formula Protein Shakes as a meal replacement. You supplement these two products with Zeal Cleanse (an “herbal and probiotic cleanse”) along with Zeal Burn, which is a thermogenic fat burner.

While Zeal Wellness is available around the world, Zurvita’s Zeal Weight Management products are only available in the United States and Canada.

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Zurvita Product Reviews

It’s difficult to judge the safety, effectiveness, or value of Zurvita’s products because their formula and pricing is constantly changing. Since Zurvita is still a relatively small company, online reviews are also few and far between.

Some of the most accurate Zurvita reviews come from Amazon.com. Zurvita products used to be sold on Amazon but have since been removed from the online retailer’s store.

Just like with most multilevel marketing products sold on Amazon, the majority of reviews are either 5 stars or 1 star. The 5 star reviews are suspiciously positive and come from many first-time reviewers (people who have never reviewed other Amazon products) while the one star reviews come from many verified purchasers.

One 5 star review claims that he used to feel drained throughout the day. After taking the Zeal Wellness Formula as a meal replacement, he felt more energized than ever before. That reviewer also called himself “a big dude” and claimed that the Wellness formula could keep him full for 2.5 hours.

Another positive reviewer said that he used to take energy drinks every day before switching to Zeal Wellness to boost energy throughout the day.

On the other hand, Zurvita’s negative reviews are frighteningly negative. Here’s what one 1 star review had to say:

“AT 53, I'm healthy and take no RX for blood pressure issues. Took first 6oz serving of Zeal. Began to feel very strange, but attributed it to allergy season in Texas and inner ear pressure. Took second 6oz serving the next morning. By 11AM, I thought I was going to pass out. Strange tingling in hands and arms, radiating throughout my body. Had a co-worker drive me to the doctor, very frightening! My blood pressure measured 162/94! I told my doctor I'd taken Zeal that morning about 6AM. We looked up the ingredients on my iPhone and she identified several highly potent stimulants that she felt could be the cause.”

Other Zurvita reviews echoed the idea that there are an uncomfortable number of stimulants in the Wellness formula. One said that it gave them jitters similar to Red Bull, and that they felt there was too much caffeine in the formula.

Finally, one reviewer had a word of warning for anyone who signs up for the Preferred Customer program (which gives you a 15% discount on future product sales):

“The product seems to be good, but once you are on the preferred customer shipping (at a discount) from Zurvita, it is very difficult to get it cancelled.”

The Zurvita Opportunity

Like all good multilevel marketing companies, Zurvita is constantly looking for new recruits. At the company’s “Opportunity” page, you can sign up to become a distributor. Or, if you’d rather just purchase Zurvita products, then you can just sign up as a standard retail customer.

When you sign up as a “Preferred Customer”, you get all of the following advantages:

— 15% Discount On All Retail Sales
— Monthly Deliveries
— Setup An Online Shopping Website (Z-Center)
— Cancel Your Subscription At Any Time

When you read reviews from real Zurvita distributors online (including distributors who have left the company), you’ll learn some of the things going on behind the scenes of Zurvita.

For example, new consultants earn a 20% commission on every product they sell to consumers. They also earn that same 20% commission on all products sold to consultants that they’ve personally enrolled and sponsored.

Other key features of the Zurvita compensation plan include a 9-level promotional table, incentive pays, and complex commission overrides.

You can also control how you structure your downline team. If you structure it right, for example, then you can be paid an additional 5% on the first 8 levels of the downline as you promote up through the Zurvita leadership structure.

Ultimately, there are four ways to earn money through Zurvita, including:

— Retail sales (20% commission through direct sales of physical inventory and direct ship orders through your online store)

— Builder bonuses (any time a team member that you personally enroll orders a Builder Pack, you’ll earn a $100 bonus, as well as a $40 bonus for every Quick Start Pack sold)

— Team Bonuses (including an All Star Bonus and an Infinite Team Bonus)

— Overrides (arguably the biggest earning opportunity in Zurvita, the override system can be viewed below):


About Zurvita

Zurvita is headquartered in Houston, Texas at the following address:

800 Gessner Rd. Suite 110
Houston, TX 77024

You can contact the company by phone at (844) 987-8482 or by email at [email protected].

Regional Zurvita offices and contact numbers are also located around the world, including in all seven regions (six countries) where Zurvita is sold. View contact information for Zurvita in your country on their website: Zurvita.com

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  1. It made me feel energized and not in a gittery way. It gave me clarity and overall made me feel good. I just felt it was over priced, the container its in is only filled up half way, if that. I received it for 2 months then cancelled. Didnt have a problem with canceling. I received the product through my sister. The person she received the products thru said she would get a percentage of what I ordered but she never did. She called to get straightened out but didnt get anywhere. Looking for a product that is similar at wholefoods.

  2. let me tell you something I know a person that sells this product and she swear that this product is so good but since she has been selling this product she has not lost any weight her or her husband that ate probably around 50-70 lb overweight so yea i believe is a scam

  3. I’m not going to bash the company. What I will state is fact. I have been taking the product and have not noticed any significant changes. I am a former athlete, so I know how to train. I stopped taking the product and just got up off of my assignments and started working out again, and then I actually started loosing weight. Long story short, stop looking for some miracle cure to weight loss and get up off your ass!!!!! Nothing better for your body than an actual workout. Oh, and not to mention, I haven’t made any significant money either and have been in, and very successful at sales all of my life. Just my opinion.

  4. Total bullshit, If you buy this shit you’re an idiot. Every solitary positive post is from someone affiliated with this scam company. I despise all multi level marketing companys. If you read any of those positive reviews and don’t get the feeling of OMG THIS IS BULLSHIT then you deserve to get ripped off. I HAD AIDS AND DRANK MY YUMMY ZEAL WELLNESS SHAKE AND ALL THE AIDS DISAPPEARED ! It’s just laughable lol

    • Pyramid Scheme Definition: A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services.
      Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme

      Zeal is PRODUCT based and is already 6+years old.

      Thank you mark for your review. God bless you and Merry Christmas

    • Well I think your marriage was bound to fail no matter what lol. To blame it on Zeal or anything else is laughable. Pyramid schemes are illegal. Distribution businesses are not. Do your homework and check yourself.

  5. My wife and I have been taking Zeal since August 2015. In that period my wife lost 65 pounds on just the Zeal Wellness. Additionally, she has less joint pain, her blood pressure is now always at normal levels (before it was always elevated), and less headaches. Additionally, I have less joint pain, more alertness, and overall more endurance throughout the day. As we have improved our health on Zeal, others have asked what we have been doing, and without planning to build a business, and not really trying to build a business, just answer people’s questions, and show them how to get the product themselves, we have built a small group. In answer to the statement about a rating of 5 versus 1, all I can say is our’s would certainly be a 5, because of what the product has done for us physically, not because we have a group. Our group is very small, and we kind of like it that way. Regarding the claim of difficulty to cancel, we have had about 8 people have to cancel due to job losses, unexpected expenses, etc. Never have they had any problem cancelling. In several cases, they came back a few months later when their situation improved, and signed back up as a Preferred Customer; so I guess they would have rated it up around 5 also.
    One issue that arises in all multi-level marketing programs is people who think they are going to get rich quick and without working hard. When it doesn’t fall into place for them, they rag on the company, instead of their own lack of drive. We haven’t gotten rich in Zurvita, even though others have in less time than we have been involved with the product. But they have “busted their tails” and we have just been enjoying the product and sharing it.

    • The positive effects of loosing weight is less pressure on your joings because of the weight loss which improves joint pain. Your blood pressure improves with weight loss as well and, yes a stimulant will give anyone better endurance throughout the day. I can definitely assure that you feel better overall because of the weight loss. Anyone that looses weight will have the same results. My point being It’s not the effects of the product because anyone that looses weight not using this product will have tbe same results.

    • Hello! Do you know if it’s safe for pregnant women? A person that does this for a living, mentioned she took it, but I know how sales work and I rather ask real customers who are taking it. Would appreciate it a little more info please. I also suffer from “fibromyalgia” since 2007 and gets worse with time, I am now pregnant and honestly I’ve tried many many products throughout those 10 years. I took a sample one and started feeling horribly dizzy, my hands felt numb and my eyelids were twitching, I can never ever take anything with caffeine, would not dare to take an energy drink or anything that athlete’s take for protein or boost up, my blood pressure will drop and I faint, I felt just like that because this lady said I could take it while pregnant. Pregnant or not, after I drank it, dumb me! I read it contained caffeine and was not recommended for children nor pregnant women 😥 … Then she showed me the one that is caffeine free, and says it’s safe for pregnant women, hmm … So I’d love some more info from someone who is consuming this and has some knowledge of research, if you have that info. Thank you for your attention.

  6. I Dont Happy With This Product The Lady Distributor That Dont Tell Me That The Next Mouth The Scan My Money From My Account We No My Concert Was B…..HT No By Never EVER This Product Also Wtf. The Plastic Bote Cain almos Haf WTF… Was Surprice U SCAN $$$$$ Dont Buy This Product Be careful Stay AWAY From Then

  7. Even here, the posts from “satisfied customers” are all strangely 100%, 5 stars, super-duper, perfect scores. I find it strange because as a rule of thumb, any given product generates a variety of opinions. It’s as though these users had some kind of incentive to broadcast only positive reviews.

  8. I think the above article is very negative towards Zurvita. I have been using Zeal for 1 month now & have notice quite a difference in my Clarity, My energy Level & my sleep patterns. I use to be one of those people that always reached for that late afternoon coffee or energy drink, then hated myself because I wouldn’t beable to sleep that night, being frustrated since I’d be tossing & turning all night. I DO NOT have this issue with Zeal. I can drink one in the afternoon & still sleep soundly. Very Happy with my Zeal.

  9. Zeal has changed my life! They are also the only supplement company in this industry to be classified as a FUNCTIONAL FOOD by the FDA. They are also GRAS & GMO certified. Zeal is Vegan, Gluten-Free and Kosher. I have never had anything that was as effective and affordable. I have more energy, mental clarity/focus, best sleep of my life, no more anxiety, no more palpitations, much less aches and pain, less migraines used to get 3 a week now I get about 1 a month, helps curb cravings for junk food and coffee and it also helped me shed 15 lbs of UNWANTED weight!

    They have a 30 day money back guarantee! So you literally have nothing to lose! Don’t listen to this blogger who clearly has an agenda. Learn more about this amazing product and company

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