ZP.Tech – Zero Point Monoatomic Minerals & Liquid M-State Alloys?


There are always new health trends making their way onto the market, and some tend to sound quite ridiculous to many people. We are used to the typical health products that all work with similar products and ingredients and the same outcomes. We now have a company know a ZP Tech that has released a range of products known as the “The Philosopher’s Stone” which contains Monoatomic Gold.

This is supposedly an ancient compound forgotten by science and now rediscovered. It has properties that are super healthy for humans that can strengthen mental and physical attributes and even get you to reach a higher state of being.

What Is ZP Tech?

ZP Tech specializes in creating new products for superhealth. By using modern technologies and breakthroughs, they provide a mixture of products such as liquids and powders created from using White Powder Gold and M-State monoatomic Elements. They are constantly developing and distributing their products worldwide.

There are many other vendors out there with fake products, or their products can actually harm you with the way they are extracted. With ZP Tech, research and science is their foremost objective. You can trust their product, along with many customer reviews that this product works and you will feel more energy and an overall health boost.

What Is Monoatomic Gold?

Monoatomic gold is also known as ORMUS, which has many benefits towards human health. This substance was valued by ancient cultures since it had many supposed mystical properties with magical powers. Ormus stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements which include gold, platinum, iridium, and many others. These metals supposedly contain a single atom, while according to believers most elements contain two atoms making them diatomic. What makes these elements so popular these days is that they, according to some believers, are the cure for cancer and aids.

There is also a belief that these metals can aid in developing psychic abilities since it contains a rejuvenating elements. As a health product, it is reported that people have improved mental focus. This is because the metals are known as a superconductor that can change your cell structure to increase photon flow. You will feel an increase in energy when you try some of these products.

How Did Monoatomic Gold Make It To The Market?

Back in 1975, a farmer from Arizona known as David Hudson was digging in his soil and found gold. He then left it out in the sun and after a few minutes, it magically vanished with a flash of bright light. When he took it out of the gaze of the sun, it didn’t disappear. Being a successful cotton farmer, he went on to spend millions of dollars in research this metal. He used many labs across the country that eventually discovered the wonderful properties of this substance.

Later on, a writer known as Laurence Gardner wrote about Monoatomic metals in his book ‘Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark’ in which the Ark of the Covenant created the gold to extend life. This made the theory very popular. It may sound crazy, but that is how the substance is now sold by many companies as a health product, including ZP Tech.

The Main Products

ZP Tech has a wide range of products that includes different metals in different states. They have ranges that are in liquid form and powders that are also mixed with supplements, and they have a protein bar product.


Trace is a daily supplement that contains Earth minerals. Your body absorbs these minerals really fast and easily. It helps boost your immune system and your energy levels. These elements are usually found in fruits and vegetables, but your body barely even gets enough of them.

Reading the label, you will find that the product is jam packed with all kinds of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and many others. This dietary supplement on its own will be very beneficial to your health in more ways than one. It is a powder you can enjoy as a shake or sprinkled on your cereals.


This product is actually a stage 2 product. They have a range of four stages to reach optimum health. There are those that have skipped the first stage and recommend this product on its own. This is a Monatomic Gold and Platinum union to create a powder for an individual M-state.

These two metals combined will enhance your Grey Matter development, which benefits your health and mental capacity. It also contains trace minerals. This powder is an extremely fine white gold that you dissolve a little bit under your tongue. After about 40 minutes you begin to feel a lot better.


This product is currently the best-selling product of its kind on the market. Many people experience amazing results from more energy to unblocking of chakras. This product has many uses from health to spiritual enlightenment.

This is also considered the best product to buy if it is your first Monoatomic metal product to try out. You can use Zynergy every day to reap all the benefits. This is a mixture of gold and Diatomic Indium which is a very rare mineral which increases mineral absorption.


These metals are wonderful for your overall health. It will boost your immune system and provide your body with more energy and mental power. Many people report a restoration in all areas of their health, with the added benefit of peace and spirituality.


Even though this area of science and alchemy is on the rise, with a lot of research backing it up, it is claimed that the usual methods of science can’t measure all the benefits of Monoatomic metals. This gives off a slight apprehension on whether or not this product actually works. Some people don’t feel the effects. Along with that, we know that the research doesn’t have much substantial back up or proof.

There also isn’t that much information of the products on the internet, so it seems it has a lot of room to grow. The prices of the products also seem to be a bit extreme, for a small bit of powder; it seems almost like a rip-off.

ZP Tech Review Summary

This product does have an interesting background and boasts some amazing claims. The best thing that can be done is to just try it out for yourself.

The website is quite professional so they are serious about their products. As it stands, the worst thing said about the product is that it doesn’t work. And yet there are hundreds of reviews of how amazing people feel about using the product. So, it won’t hurt to give it a try.

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