Ziel Smart Sleeve – Innovative Sleeve Warns About Potential Injuries?


Ziel Smart Sleeve is a device that helps trainers and players in baseball to see necessary data about their pitching style. This sleeve aims to help the wearer pitch in a safe and effective way in the long run.

What is the Ziel Smart Sleeve?

When you regularly engage in sports, you need to make sure that you’re protecting yourself against potential injury.

You may stretch or put on protective gear, but how do you know that you’re really playing safely? There’s no way to measure the exertion from your arm as you throw a ball, or as you swing a bat. However, what if you had a way to track this information safely? That’s what the creators of the Ziel Smart Sleeve hope to achieve.

The Ziel Smart Sleeve is still in the developing stages right now, but it has patents pending for how effective the technology is behind it. With this device, the user wears it while they pitch.

As they pitch, the sleeve features special sensors that pick up on muscle movements, analyzing the motion they use.

By tracking this type of information, you are able to see the damage you are doing to your muscles and ligaments with your pitching style.

Sports injuries can be incredibly severe, depending on the type of wound. Some wounds occur purely by accident, with no way of preventing them beforehand.

However, when it comes to the way you exert yourself, you may slowly ruin the muscles in the area that you are mistreating, leading to long-lasting difficulties.

By tracking the way that your body moves and exerts itself while pitching, you can change your style to accommodate a safer position.

How Does the Ziel Smart Sleeve Work?

The entire focus behind the Ziel Smart Sleeve is to improve your performance, while keeping you safe. Right now, the product is geared towards athletes that participate in baseball.

The device helps to track every single movement of your arm, since this area of your body gets put through the most activity during a game or practice.

As soon as your arm stops moving, you will be able to get quick feedback, which is sent to your smartphone.

Since you need your smartphone for the data, the company will require you to download their app when the product is available to the public.

This technology is not just limited to being used for baseball sleeves. As the company evolves their product line, it’s possible to use this tracking software on any part of the body to reduce the amount of stress you place on it.

You can put stress on your muscles and joints as you participate in any physical activity, so it’s important to understand the impact that each movement and release can make.

Using the Ziel Smart Sleeve

Since the company is still working to finalize the Ziel Smart Sleeve, usage information is limited. However, it is designed to slide on your arm, with the middle of the device positioned at your elbow.

When you throw a ball, your elbow normally takes most of the damage as you reel back and release the ball to the home plate. However, this sleeve acts as a way to protect these muscles from tearing, while also tracking scientific information in the memory of the device.

For information on retrieving the recorded data, you may need to speak with the creators of the device

Pricing for the Ziel Smart Sleeve

At the moment, there’s no pricing information on the website about the Ziel Smart Sleeve. However, they will be launching the product in 2018, which should allow you to pre-order it. According to several news reports, the sleeve will probably be priced at around $250.00, requiring you to get a subscription for coaching support.

If you would like more specific information, the customer service team is your best resource.

Contacting the Creators of the Ziel Smart Sleeve

The technology behind the Ziel Smart Sleeve is still being developed, but it’s possible you will have some more questions about the product before it is released.

Most of the new information is detailed on the company’s blog, but you can still submit an inquiry with the fill-in form. However, there is no indication of how long you will need to wait for a response.

Ziel Smart Sleeve Review Summary

At this time, the company is still working on the fourth prototype, so you won’t be able to add the Ziel Smart Sleeve to your baseball equipment any time soon.

In fact, the website is not even offering the opportunity to purchase the sleeve early to secure your spot on the wait list.

This device helps you to see what you’re doing wrong, but it also helps to protect you from following through with a potentially dangerous movement.

If you want to prolong your potential career in sports, this device could mean the difference between high school baseball and the major leagues.


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