Zensportz – Copper Infused Pain Release Compression Braces?


ZenSportz is a pain-relief product line that promises complete satisfaction. They have a no-hassle, 30-day return policy on all products. After 30 days, you can send it back but you’ll have to pay a 10% re-stocking fee. Exchanges are easy and can be made by simply contact customer support by phone or email.

About ZenSportz

ZenSportz has a simple philosophy that drives everything they do. Basically, they believe that you can achieve more and go further if you don’t have pain stopping you and holding you back. They market to athletes, and to everyday people who may face pain because of their career or some other cause.

ZenSportz makes equipment that helps balance the body and mind. They say their equipment will help relieve anxiety, stress, and pain associated with all sorts of causes. Their products are infused with copper, which is thought to have ancient healing powers and its use in such products pre-dates western civilization.

ZenSportz sells their copper infused products as a way to balance and harmonized your body. It will lengthen your inner focus while relieving pain and aligning your entire self.

They say their products will also help you come closer to your true self and that, with on-going usage, you’ll find joy coming into your life without any pain to hinder it and you’ll be guided towards your purpose.

Zensportz Products

ZenSportz offers multiple products to help you fight pain. You can shop their website by selecting which body part needs relief, choosing from ankle, back, elbow, knee, shoulder, and wrist.

However, not all categories have products as of yet. Currently, the ankle, back, knee, and wrist sections are all empty. The only two products listed on their website are located under elbow and shoulder.

Their copper-infused compression sleeve is $19.99 and helps with elbow pain. It is marketed towards fitness professionals and athletes who are suffering from pain in their elbow due to strain or overuse.

The compression provides support for the muscles and relief from fatigue, pain, and soreness. Meanwhile, the copper infusion helps to speed up recovery and improve circulation. Additionally, they claim the copper infused material will benefit working muscles via oxygenation.

This product can be worn on the right or left arm. They suggest it for golfers, tennis players, and basketball players. It also feature anti-slip strips (made of silicone) to help it stay in place and prevent it from rolling up.

It provides full-coverage support for the forearm, elbow, and wrist. It also retains heat while wicking away sweat, making it comfortable to wear. It eliminates bacteria, and they claim it releases “positive ions” that promote wellness.

Their other product is made for shoulders. It’s ideal for supporting the rotator cuff and preventing injury. ZenSportz also suggests it for dislocated AC joints, Labrum tears, soreness, strains, and Busitis Tendinitis.

Like the compression sleeve, the copper-infused material in this product is said to release positive ions and speed up recovery time. The compression helps relieve pain while the material improves circulation, eliminates bacteria on the skin, wicks away moisture, and retains heat to help prevent fatigue and muscle strain.

The exterior portion is made of pure neoprene while it’s lined with their unique, copper-infused nylon fabric that is odor-resistant and flexible. The product itself is marketed to be lightweight and comfortable.

ZenSportz considers its elbow support to be easy-to-wear. It also contours to your shoulder to give the best support possible. It sells for $49.99 online and comes with an adjustable strap so you can choose how much compression is put onto your shoulder.

Shopping Experience

They have a large catalog list but only two products in all. They do not appear to have a review system setup yet, but they do have size charts and measuring instructions for both products.

They also offer multiple photos and extensive descriptions so you’ll know what you’re buying. They do offer gift cards and they have a discount codes section. If you have your own code, you can enter it, or you will automatically get 20% with your order through their “Pain-Free Price” system.

You can calculate shipping from the cart page. It appears they ship internationally, but if you want to reach out and see, they make contacting them very simple. They offer a mailing address along with a direct email and phone number. They also have an affiliate program, so you’re likely to see their products being promoted by others.

ZenSportz Review Summary

ZenSportz is still getting everything together for their website, but as of now, the products they do have up seem to be high-quality and priced competitively. They have their social media profiles connected, however, they aren’t particularly active on them.

Their last post was in January 2017 when they confirmed they were getting everything together. Although they don’t have any social media content up yet, just over 120 people follow them on Facebook and the video they shared at the start of 2017 did gain a few thousand views.

The premise behind ZenSportz’ products is exciting, and it has sparked a lot of interest from a lot of different groups. Athletes appreciate the products because they allow for quicker relief from pain and injury associated with training, but, the benefits Zen Sportz claim copper infused material has stretches far beyond the gym. They have sparked the interest of many people in all sorts of industries who suffer from pain regularly.

While they’re a fairly young company, ZenSportz is growing and they are getting everything together with time. The customer support is always friendly and responsive, and their site is fully functional for anyone interested in purchasing one of the products they currently have available.

While there haven’t been too many studies on how copper infused material actually affects or benefits the body, ZenSportz stands behind their product and they will allow you to try it out for 30 days risk-free. If you don’t like it, you can return it.

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