Yuguo Farms Shiitake Mushroom Chips: Healthy Vegan Snack?


Consumers who love potato chips but want shift to healthier snacking may be curious to learn about Shiitake Mushroom Chips by Yuguo Farms.

These crispy chips are available in three flavors and offer a similar crunch and texture to traditional potato chips. Please read below to learn more about this new snacking option.

What Are Yuguo Farms ShDiitake Mushroom Chips?

Available in three different flavors, Shiitake Mushroom Chips offer a delicious snacking alternative to potato chips. With just twenty-five calories per three mushroom serving, these snacks help curb cravings without consuming extra calories or sugar.

Flavor choices included original, spicy, and wasabi. In addition to eating straight these chips can also be added to salads or on top of soups to add a nutritional crunch along with extra flavor.

Who Makes Shiitake Mushroom Chips?

Yuguo Farms is a small business dedicated to offering consumers worldwide access to delicious shiitake mushrooms grown in China. Yuguo Farms is based in the Dahong Shan region which has optimal growing conditions for these delicious mushrooms.

Traditionally shiitake mushrooms required logs for growing but Yuguo Farms has developed a new growing method utilizing wood chips. This new process allows the farm to produce greater quantities of mushrooms without increasing their environmental impact.

In addition to crispy snack chips, Yuguo Farms also offers dried shiitake mushrooms in both whole and sliced form.

Yuguo Farms Shiitake Mushroom Chips Ingredients

Shiitake mushrooms have been shown as a powerful immune booster. Regular consumption works to help strengthen the immune system helping people better resist illness and disease. These tasty mushrooms also support the body in absorbing iron and offer cardiovascular benefits.

When cooked for a short period of time shiitake mushrooms retain their high levels of B vitamins giving consumers extra energy support.

Shiitake Mushroom Chips are low in calories and are cholesterol free. They are also certified non-GMO.

Shiitake Mushroom Chips Pricing

Consumers can purchase these chips online through the Yuguo Farms website or Amazon.

There are three flavors of chips available and consumers have a few options when it comes to purchasing. Three packs contain three 1.5-ounce bags for $7.59 in either single flavors or a mixed pack offering a chance to try all three flavors.

Amazon also offers each of these combinations at a slightly higher price of $7.99 per three-pack. Free shipping is available on qualified Amazon purchases of $25.00 or more.

A larger twelve pack option if available through the Yuguo Farms website. Each pack is available for $27.99 and consumers can choose single flavors or a three-flavor combo pack.

Yuguo Farms offers a ten percent off coupon code for consumers who sign up for their e-newsletter.

Should You Consume Yuguo Shiitake Mushroom Chips?

Adults who are looking for a healthier snacking option will want to consider trying Shiitake Mushroom Chips.

Since these mushrooms naturally reduce cholesterol levels while promoting heart health they can actually help prevent health issues related to the cardiovascular system. Yuguo Farms is dedicated to treating their farmers well and maintaining sustainable growing practices.


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