Oskri Egg White Protein Bar Turmeric: Gluten Free Protein Snack?


People who live active lifestyles may find it difficult to work high levels of protein into their daily diet without compromising taste. This is why protein bars are so popular.

In an easy to take along package protein bars can help keep energy levels high while boosting nutrition throughout the day. 3 Egg Whites Protein Bars by Oskri and available in a variety of flavors including turmeric which supports health and wellness while reducing inflammation within the body.

What are Oskri 3 Egg Whites Protein Bars With Turmeric?

3 Egg Whites Protein Bars with Turmeric offer active consumers a way to boost protein consumption as part of a busy lifestyle. Each of these bars combine egg white powder along with almonds and chicory root for a tasty snack that supports lean muscle growth.

Consuming a diet rich in protein also supports adults who are trying to lose weight by keeping them fuller for longer preventing snacking.

These convenient bars are shelf stable making them easy to tuck into a backpack or bring along on strenuous activities like biking or running.

How Do Oskri Protein Bars Work?

Adults who have been looking for a natural way to enhance their daily protein consumption without eating tons of nuts or eggs will want to check out these convenient protein bars.

Offering a more savory taste profile than many sugar laden protein bars, this product by Oskri offers high levels of protein without high amounts of sugar. Each bar contains six grams of fiber helping consumers feel full longer while maintaining energy levels.

Users simply consume as they would any other snack food to help curb hunger cravings and boost energy on the go.

3 Egg Whites Protein Bars Ingredients

Oskri is a US based company dedicated to offering consumers healthy snack foods that focus on quality ingredients and nutrition. 3 Egg Whites Protein Bars combine egg white powder and almonds along with chicory root for a tasty, nutrient rich snack bar.

This specific bar offers the extra nutritional support of turmeric. This powerful root has been shown to reduce inflammation and enhance overall health and wellness. 3 Egg Whites Protein Bars are gluten free. Full ingredient information is available through the product listing at Oskri.com.

Oskri 3 Egg Whites Protein Bars Pricing

Interested consumers can purchase Oskri protein bars online through the manufacturer’s website www.oskri.com. Each box of 3 Egg Whites Protein Bars contain eight bars and cost $30.00.

Should You Buy Oskri Egg White Protein Bar Turmeric?

Oskri has been manufacturing quality snack foods since 1999. Consumers will appreciate the company’s commitment to offering tasty snacks that are free from added preservatives, chemicals, and refined sugar.

One of the drawbacks of this product may be the price point. However, many similar protein bars are about the same costs but many of these consumers can purchase single bars to try before committing to an entire box of a new product. Product details are somewhat limited on the company website but interested consumers can view the entire range online through wwwl.oskri.com.


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