Ripple – The Healthy Milk That Doesn't Endanger Cows?


Ripple Review – Still Taste Refreshing?

Ripple is a company that produced plant-based milk for consumers that are physically unable to have products containing milk for medical or personal reasons. This is our review.

What is Ripple?

Milk is one of the few beverages that we need to include in our diet for our entire life. From birth, we rely on some sort of milk for brain development and strength. Milk is packed with calcium, which is essential for bone strength and development, no matter how old you are. You are able to pick between a variety of fat content levels, which makes it easy to get the nutrition you want. However, you may be one of the individuals in the world today that is not able to drink milk from an intolerance or an allergy. The makers of Ripple don’t want you to miss out on this essential part of the food pyramid, so they made their own version of this delicious drink.

Ripple is a plant-based milk that contains no lactose whatsoever, but still tastes like the delicious beverage. That absence of lactose means that it is safe for drinking out of a glass, adding to your breakfast, and pretty much every other way you enjoy milk. Most people don’t have to think twice about pouring a glass of milk; the makers of Ripple wanted to make that true for everyone.

All of the Ripple products are high in protein, and contain the minimally-needed sugar to create the right flavor. With so many Americans indulging in food without any real nutritional value, Ripple wanted to make some major changes in the way that we “indulge.”

Thought the product was made with lactose-intolerant sufferers in mind, the drink is not exclusive to this purpose. The fat content in regular milk is fairly high, which can be the root cause of obesity of many of our young children. In spite of drinking the recommended amount of milk, they still are deficient in calcium in vitamin D. Ripple makes sure that this is not the case.

Ripple Products

All of the Ripple products are manufactured in a way that consumers with a lactose intolerance or other lactose condition can enjoy the same taste as the average consumer. The product comes in multiple flavors, which means that the consumer who was previously restricted by their allergy is able to feel a bit of freedom in their diet.


The original formula for Ripple is a creamy and rich formula, and is not like the chalky and thin milk products you will find in the organic and health food sections of the grocery store. The formula is gentle on your stomach, containing eight times the amount of protein that regular milk does, but without any milk, nuts, or gluten.

However, there is more to this formula than just the way Ripple tastes. Ripple has the nutrition that milk cannot provide you with, since it contains 50% more calcium, and more of the other essential vitamins and minerals you need. Additionally, it actually only has half of the sugar that milk contains.

You can use this option in all of the ways that you would have milk normally. Pour Ripple over cereal, add it to your coffee, or have a glass at dinner time.

Original Unsweetened

While the original recipe has a little bit of sweetener, you can eliminate this all together by getting the unsweetened version. It only has 75% of the calories, and includes omega-3s. This formula contains no cholesterol and no sugar. This blend is just as smooth as the original, but with a cleaner taste that is uninhibited by sugar.


Vanilla “milk” is much different than the regular “milk” offered by Ripple. However, in spite of the fact that it contains a little more sugar than regular milk, it also is packed with the nutritious vitamins and minerals you need. The vanilla flavor makes is an ideal coffee creamer, and helps to create desserts that require a little more sweetness.


Everyone loves a tall glass of chocolate milk, but Ripple allows you to enjoy it guilt-free. The recipe has 1/3 less sugar than the chocolate milk sold in stores, and is packed with 50% more calcium. Ripple recommends the use of this drink as a workout recovery drink, due to the nutritional value and flavor.

Contacting the Makers of Ripple

If you need more information about the products made by Ripple, you can pose your question to someone in the customer service department. The company offers a fill-in form on their website for email correspondence, but you can call 1-888-206-1664 to reach someone directly.


With calcium and vitamin D being so critically important to your bone health, you can’t afford to completely eliminate dairy from your diet. However, by choosing Ripple, you are able to get the delicious flavor of milk with less calories and more nutritional value. Depending on availability, this product could help save our nation’s children from obesity, if we just make a few changes to their daily diet.

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