YOPI – Real Time VO2 Oxygen Monitoring Wearable Fitness Device?


When it comes to efficiently training, consumers need to assess what their maximum is. This can not only eliminate any form of sports or fitness-related injuries, but it can also ensure that one still can put in the required effort to achieve weight management goals.

The only way to potentially measure one’s capacity is by analyzing one’s oxygen levels. Currently such a test can be done, however it requires heavy machines with excessive wirings. Fortunately, it no longer has to be this way with the use of Yopi.

Based on the claims made, Yopi is an easy-to-use source of guidance that encourages consumers to push to their limits without leaving one injured. The following review will analyze Yopi with respect to its purpose, functionality, suitability, and much more.

What is Yopi?

Yopi is a multipurpose, wearable device that claims to monitor one’s oxygen levels while potentially pushing one to excel within his or her fitness capacity. It is an innovative idea in which a potential growth can be expected in the near future.

What makes it unique is its ability to read one’s oxygen via its VO2, a technology that neither requires laboratory visits nor excessive wirings while running. A typical test of this sort is unheard of in the form of a smart bracelet. To better understand the possibilities with Yopi, let’s take a closer look at its functionality.

How Does Yopi Work?

Yopi is founded on two types of technology; VO2 and VO2max. The first type is said to assess one’s momentary oxygen consumption, which is the type required for one’s training purposes. The latter evaluates the total amount of oxygen in the body that can be consumed.

Before Yopi sprung into action, the only way to measure and put numbers to such oxygen content is by visiting a lab. Unfortunately, many have failed to realize that the use of such medicinal machines only suggests oxygen content in the time of being tested, which serves no good purpose for consumers in the long run.

To eliminate such a concern, Yopi has been founded as a way to test both VO2 and VO2max by simply absorbing sweat from one’s skin. As consumers take part in physical activities, the embedded technology are believed to absorb one’s sweat to ensure that one’s limit has not been reached, and if so, it can potentially warn one to slow down.

Who Can Benefit From the Use of Yopi?

Yopi is recommended for athletes of all levels. Ideally, those who have some knowledge of VO2 and VO2max are more likely to understand its potential, however, it has been proclaimed as open to everyone. In particular, those who train at intense levels and require an oxygen check, are most likely to improve upon their fitness capacities without hurting themselves.

How Might the Stored Data Contribute Towards One’s Healthy Lifestyle?

In the early stages of its uses, consumers will be required to enter any essential information tied to their health conditions. Afterwards, the creators of Yopi claim to be provided with results for checkups, which will then be fed into an algorithm. To better assess how Yopi can contribute towards one’s success, consumers will set a goal that way they can have a program that best reflects results.

Throughout one’s training program, additional guidance will be provided by Yopi to ensure that consumers reach their goal in a safe manner. Ultimately, Yopi takes on the role of a virtual, personal trainer, who guides one towards a healthier path from start to finish.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest in Yopi?

Although Yopi is in its earlier stages with simply a protocol, claims have been made that its successes can lead consumers to invest anywhere between $100 and $200 for the wearable device.

Given that the price is yet to be announced, an amount of $100 to $200 is still fairly inexpensive given that it is a lightweight and convenient way of keeping track of one’s oxygen levels. Furthermore, its potential to mimic the role of a personal trainer at a significantly low cost, makes it all the more effective.

Yopi Review Summary

Overall, it appears Yopi can excel within the health and fitness industries in the next couple of years. Its ability to provide consumers with sound and reasonable programs, direction and warnings when one exceeds his or her capacity makes it smart and unique at the same time.

Most importantly, something so simple as a wearable device’s ability to do the same job as bulky, medicinal machines makes it potent. The fact that consumers are encouraged and motivated to train in a healthy manner makes Yopi worth considering. For more information, check out: https://wefunder.com/yopi.

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