Yirego Drumi – On The Go Instant Wash Cycle Laundry Machine?


Tired of having to deal with excessive electricity bills? Need a quick and efficient way of washing and rinsing personal items and intimate wear. The way in which clothes have been washed has evolved ever so greatly.

It once only required water and stomping, to eventually slamming soaking wet and foamy clothing on rocks to the a more technologically advanced way; the washing machine. Although a washing machine can wash larger quantities of clothing per load, it can be time, water and money consuming. Fortunately, this is not the case with YIREGO Drumi.

Not only does Drumi claim to wash and rinse clothes in almost half the time it would take a washing machine to do so, but it also claims to positively contribute towards the environment. The following review will look closely into Drumi with respect to its purpose, its uses and tips, its maintenance and its overall affordability.

What is Yirego Drumi?

Yirego Drumi is an electricity-free laundry machine that has been designed with the intentions of minimizing the use of water and electricity, while achieving a convenient and efficient way of cleaning clothes. Its overall appearance may slightly resemble that of a trash can where consumers use their foot to open it.

How to Make Efficient Use of Drumi?

Consumers must first place the handle onto the opposite side to lift its cover. Then, consumers are required to lift the lid of another opening in which clothes are to be inserted. Following that, the lid must be closed and in a small hole, consumers must pour detergent.

After having done so, it is important to pour water onto it and then finally placing the lid again. Lastly, it takes as little as a few pumps, which spins the insides of Drumi like that of a washing machine.

When it comes to its uses, consumers have endless options as one can use it in a cottage or while off grid living, urban living, and in RV to mobile homes. This is the key distinguishable point, as consumers do not require more than approximately 2 gallons of water, detergent and some foot action.

It is believed to take 5 to 10 minutes for the entire washing and drying process, which can be broken down into 2 minutes for washing, 2 minutes for rinsing and about a minute to dry.

What Are the Necessary Steps in Caring and Preserving Drumi?

Since Drumi can be taken apart or put back together, cleaning it can be easily achieved. Consumers are advised to wipe the entire drum inside out. There are no restrictions as to what types of detergents to use, therefore consumers can choose a type to their likings.

It is ideal to cleanse Drumi after every use, as the residue created by the mixture of soap and water can accumulate over the time.

What Is the Suggested Price of Yirego Drumi?

Once set a price of $299, the newly suggested price of Yirego Drumi is approximately $239. The price is fairly set given that consumers pay a one-time price to use it endlessly, whereas using a washing machine requires the initial cost as well as the electricity bill associated with it.

Is Yirego Drumi a Worthwhile Investment?

Overall Drumi is a worthwhile investment, as it can create a win-win situation for both consumers and the environment. Unfortunately, there is a limit as to how much pieces of clothing it can wash compared to that of a washing machine. More specifically, it can hold up to 5 to 7 personal items ranging from t-shirts to undergarments or to a single pair of jeans.

The time it takes to wash and dry clothes varies across a consumer’s physical abilities, as the determining factor is the speed at which consumers pump it. For more information, go to: http://www.yirego.com.

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