XSurge – Energy Performance Recovery Nutrition Formula?


XSurge is an innovative supplement that enhances sports performance and builds stamina and endurance in users. Featuring a unique botanical blend of plant-based ingredients, the formula offers three key benefits.

By boosting energy levels, the supplement allows users to increase exercise capacity and diminish feelings of fatigue during workouts. Shown to significantly increase performance, the formulation provides focus, clarity, alertness, and reaction speed.

XSurge reduces delayed onset muscle soreness and increases muscle strength, force recovery, and power, helping users reach peak performance. Best used after a hard workout, XSurge is a powerful sports nutrition product that everyone should own.

What Is XSurge?

XSurge is manufactured by Kemin Industries. Known by its customers as a laboratory, researcher, and valuable resource, the company is a worldwide ingredient manufacturer.

Dedicated to improving the human condition and increasing quality of life, Kemin Industries has a full team of scientist that are located all over the world.

With facilities in North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA, the company is using science and advanced technology to preserve the planet.

Through the use of molecular level technology, the Xsurge formulation provides health solutions for the changing world. So far, Kemin has partnered with its customers to develop sustainable products and services.

To create a sustainable agronomic approach to growing scientifically advanced ingredients, Kemin Industries has invested millions of dollars. Utilizing a rigorous agricultural sustainability standard, 100% of Kemin crop production is certified natural and organic.

Growing crops in accordance with superior environmental and social responsibility, the company currently contracts with family farmers located in New Mexico and Indiana.

With the botanical manufacturing facilities cleaning the air of carbon dioxide, the approach has improved farming practices, promoted healthy working conditions, and strengthened community relations.

Unlike other companies, Kemin Industries is creating solutions for human nutrition and animal health. Offering a variety of health benefits, each supplement is designed to restore health.

Continuously improving and adapting every formula, each ingredient contains properties that aid in athletic performance, weight loss, and cognitive health.

To extract the native molecular profile of botanical ingredients, Kemin laboratories uses a proprietary, gentle water extraction that contains no processing aids or harsh solvents.

Generally recognized as meeting strict regulatory requirements, XSurge is developed using these superior sourcing and processing methods.

By improving performance and recovery, XSurge allows users to overcome their fitness barriers. During an intense workout or training session, athletes often experience a sudden decline in performance.

An abrupt shift from the feelings of strength, it seems that reaching fitness goals is harder than before. As the exercise routine begins to take a toll on the body, it often leaves athletes feeling sore, fatigued, and frustrated.

These feelings are caused by oxidative stress and inflammation and XSurge works to combat these problems by improving antioxidant levels and reducing post-exercise inflammation.

XSurge helps users get back on track, helping athletes achieve optimal capability.

How XSurge Works

Kemin scientists formulated XSurge with catechins, theaflavins, caffeine, and manganese. Powerfully developed to support sports nutrition gains, the molecules work to enhance performance, energy, and recovery.

With the expert advice of plant scientists, the Camela sinesis was identified. A natural source of key molecules, the company worked with a trusted tea supplier to locate the perfect raw materials to access this ingredient.

After screening and analyzing thousands of tea variations, Kemin Industries selected two non-GMO lines of green and black tea.

After the extensive search, the two teas showed a natural ability to produce efficacious levels of the active properties found in the final XSurge formulation.

Using the extracts of the premium green and black tea, the Kemin scientists designed a one-of-a-kind, proprietary blend that was formulated with sports enhancing benefits.

Unlike the green and black teas that are commonly sold at the grocery store, the XSurge proprietary natural blend delivers optimal levels of caffeine, manganese, and polyphenols to users.

The elite tea is grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified plantations and harvested by dedicated farmers. Picked in short harvest cycles, the tea leaves are selected following quality and safety standards.

Made possible by plant science, XSurge is supported by clinical studies and scientific research. During a 13-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study, participants were asked to regularly take the supplement.

Results showed that those who took XSurge experienced an accelerated increase of strength recovery. Additionally, the study revealed a decrease in markers of muscle damage after exercise.

Conducted with reputable sports nutrition research teams, Kemin Industries continues to invest in an ongoing research program that includes advanced research.

Purchasing XSurge

XSurge is available for purchase at select retailers worldwide. To find the nearest supplier, customers can search the company website for a location in their area.

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