Muscle Matrix 5 Protein – Complete Gluten-Free Muscle Formula?


Muscle Matrix 5 Protein is a protein based supplement featuring a blend of different types of protein to give users a more thorough protein profile to power their bodies.

Created to improve lean muscle mass and promote weight loss, the supplement slows the digestion of anti-catabolic protein for up to four hours. Free of fillers and chemical additives, the Muscle Matrix 5 Protein contains no proprietary blends.

Safe and effective, the Muscle Matrix 5 Protein promotes protein synthesis and provides users with strength, recovery, and muscle benefits.

What Is Muscle Matrix 5 Protein?

Muscle Matrix 5 Protein is manufactured by the company NutraBio Labs. Founded in 1996, the company is dedicated to improving quality of life.

Providing customers with the most effective nutrition products, the company implements the highest level of pharmaceutical standards.

At a re-launch in 2001, the company introduced four quality commitments with the intention of changing the supplement industry. With each formulation based on the latest scientific research, NutraBio only uses the purest ingredients available.

Hand-picked by expert chemists from around the globe, the raw materials undergo a superior analysis to ensure zero tolerance for impurities.

Tested at various stages during the manufacturing process, each supplement label is an honest portrayal of what is in the product. Featuring an advanced full-spectrum amino acid profile, the Muscle Matrix 5 Protein contains 25 grams of pure, complete protein.

Taken from two different milk sources, the formula contains properties that can digest and absorb at different rates.

These functions allow the body to boost protein synthesis in the muscles and maintain amino acid levels. Keeping the circulatory system elevated for hours, Muscle Matrix 5 Protein provides the ideal anabolic state for optimal muscle growth and repair.

Best used alongside a strict fitness regimen, Muscle Matrix Protein can lead to a significant increase in lean muscle mass, strength gains, and a decrease in body fat.

With less time spent on recovering from a muscle damaging training session, the supplement prevents amino spiking and potential injury for users.

Through non-denatured proteins that are processed at cold temperatures, the Muscle Matrix Protein keeps the protein fractions intact. Preserving the integrity of the amino acid profiles, the supplement is much more effective than other protein powders on the market.

How Muscle Matrix 5 Protein Works

Low in carbohydrates, fat, sugar, and calories, the Muscle Matrix Protein builds the foundation of better health.

Containing 55% Whey Protein Isolate and 45% Micellar Casein, these two protein concentrations work to enhance performance and elevate muscle protein synthesis. Whey protein isolates are known to digest and absorb rapidly.

The purest form of protein, it contains about 90% pure protein. To attain this high level of purity, the raw material undergoes a cold, cross-micro and ultra-filtration process that removes the larger, less-absorbable protein molecules.

Filtering out lactose, ash, and fat, this high-quality protein is the most important physiological factor for muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

An ideal choice for individuals who want to define and enhance muscle, whey isolates are the perfect choice for lactose intolerant users and low-carb dieters.

As whey isolates digest and absorb rapidly, micellar casein works much slower. With the slower rate, the ingredient leads to a relatively sustained increase of amino acids in the body.

Preventing the breakdown of proteins, micellar casein is more powerful than whey isolates that prolong muscle protein synthesis times. A specific type of casein, micellar casein is isolated from milk by filtration.

Rather than the use of heat or acid, the filtration method preserves the structural integrity of protein. Providing amino acids and biologically active proteins, it has physiological and immune health benefits.

Muscle Matrix 5 Protein Benefits

By combining whey isolates and micellar casein, the Muscle Matrix 5 Protein formula offers the comprehensive benefits of each protein. Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the combination of the two proteins provides power and strength.

Unlike other protein products on the market, the Muscle Matrix 5 Protein was pioneered over 15 years ago, one of the firsts where the ingredients in the supplement are free of impurities.

Completely pure, the Muscle Matrix 5 Protein contains a fully effective therapeutic dosage.

Based on effectiveness, for the best results, it is recommended that users add 1 scoop of Muscle Matrix Protein to six to eight ounces of cold water or other beverages such as almond milk or juice.

Although it can be taken at any time, Muscle Matrix 5 Protein is best consumed within 20 minutes after a workout. Based on individual needs, it can also be taken right before sleep.

Delivering the sustained amino acids, these times are the most vital periods of muscle growth. During post-training and sleep, the supplement uses biological cells to create new proteins in the body.

By supplementing the body with essential nutrients, Muscle Matrix 5 Protein gathers amino acids, and reproduces the proteins needed to build muscle.

Purchasing Muscle Matrix 5 Protein

Muscle Matrix Protein is available for purchase on the official company website. Available in vanilla or chocolate, the five pound container costs $79.99.

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