Xact Mind – Powerful Nootropic Brain Pill Supplement?


Xact is a nootropic supplement that promises to deliver intense focus and drive to your brain. Read our Xact review to find out if it’s the right choice for you.

What is Xact?

Xact – which we assume is pronounced “exact” – is a nutritional supplement that claims to supercharge your cognitive ability.

The supplement contains ingredients that “awaken your mind” and deliver “breakthrough mental energy”.

Of course, these are the “exact” same claims we’ve seen on other nootropic supplements sold online. Many of these supplements contain caffeine mixed with trace amounts of other nootropics – they offer few legitimate benefits.

Is Xact yet another nootropic supplement scam? Or is this a legitimate, proven formula backed by high-quality ingredients and clinical trials? Keep reading to find out how Xact works.

How Does Xact Work?

Xact makes many of the same claims as other cognitive health supplements.

It claims to improve your short-term and long-term memory, for example, while also boosting mental clarity, enhancing your mood, and raising energy levels and focus. Basically, it promises to supercharge every aspect of your cognitive health.

How does Xact achieve these benefits? Xact uses similar ingredients to what we’ve seen in other nootropic formulas. Unfortunately, like many other low-quality nootropics sold online, we never actually learn the dosage of any of these ingredients. So even though Xact uses proven ingredients, the dosage is likely too weak to provide much benefit. Typically, when manufacturers refuse to list dosage information, it’s because their dosages are incredibly weak.

With that in mind, here are the active ingredients in each serving of Xact:

— Eria Jarensis: The makers of Xact describe this as “a rare herb that delivers two unique β-phenylethylamine class compounds with the ability to pass the blood-brain barrier resulting in higher concentrations for better, longer lasting effects.” Xact never actually tells us what this compound does or how it works. There’s very little information about this plant available online, although it’s been labeled as the next DMAA alternative or even a replacement for ephedrine. It appears to work as a powerful stimulant.

— Caffeine: Another stimulant, caffeine is the most widely-used nootropic in the world today. It’s been shown to improve focus, memory, mood, drive, and general cognitive function. It’s worrying that Xact refuses to tell us the dosage of caffeine in their formula. Too much caffeine can be dangerous – especially if you’re a caffeine-sensitive individual.

L-Theanine: Xact spells this compound incorrectly as “L-theamine” on their website, which is worrying. In any case, L-theanine is commonly added to nootropic stacks in a 1:2 ratio with caffeine, as it’s been shown to “smooth out” the harsh edges of caffeine. It works as an anti-anxiety compound to reduce the jitters and anxiety associated with caffeine.

— GVS-111 (Noopept): I’ve never seen Noopept labeled as GVS-111, but they’re the same thing. Noopept is one of the more powerful nootropic compounds available today, and it’s been shown to improve overall cognition when used at a specific dosage. Since we don’t know the dosage in Xact, we don’t know if these benefits apply.

— Citrus Paradisi: This compound, found in grapefruit, is a natural plant chemical that claims to magnify the effects of caffeine “to sustain its effects by up to 31%”. The makers of Xact don’t cite any studies referencing this number, so it appears that they just made it up.

— Erythropalum Scandens: This flowering plant contains β-phenylethylamine class compounds, similar to the first ingredient listed, Eria jarensis. It purportedly influences “brain messengers that positively enhance mood, drive and mental energy.”

Xact certainly has some unique ingredients that we don’t see in other supplements. However, without dosage information, all of the information listed above becomes meaningless: we don’t know whether there’s 100mg of 300mg of caffeine, for example.

When nootropic manufacturers hide dosages behind proprietary formulas – or refuse to give us any dosage information – it’s typically because they’re hiding weak doses. The fact that Xact doesn’t cite any scientific studies or clinical trials is also extremely worrying. You’re basically a guinea pig for this company when you buy this supplement online.

Xact Pricing

Xact is available via a free trial offer or in one bottle packages. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

— Free Trial Kit: $0 + Free Shipping ($39.95 per month auto-renew 14 days after ordering, where you receive 1 bottle of 30 capsules every month until you cancel; free trial comes with 10 capsules / 5 day supply)

— 1 Bottle (30 Capsules / 15 Day Supply): $39.95

— 1 Bottle (60 Capsules / 30 Day Supply): $63.95

Xactmind claims their 10 capsule package is designed for a 5 day work week – so the recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day. That makes Xact relatively expensive, costing $39.95 for just a 15 day supply.

Given that we don’t know the dosages in this formula, it’s hard to justify that price range.

The free trial, however, is a very good deal. It’s nice to see that Xactmind is clear and upfront about the fact that the free trial comes with an autoship subscription. Directly on the sales page, Xactmind lists the date your autoship subscription will start along with the exact price you’ll pay. So many other nootropic supplement manufacturers hide free autoship trials in the fine print of their terms and conditions. Xactmind has taken a refreshingly transparent and honest approach.

Who Makes Xact?

Xact is made by a company named Xactmind. The company lists its address as the following:

3660 Howell Branch Ct.
Winter Park, FL 32792

You can contact the company by phone at (317) 699-2280 or by email at [email protected]

The company claims to “make products to help people reach their maximum potential”, according to their official About page [Xactmind.com/contact-us.php]. So far, Xact is the only supplement that’s been released by the company.

Xactmind claims to manufacturer Xact in the United States. However, it’s unclear where the ingredients inside the formula are sourced.

Should You Use Xact to Get Smarter?

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes researching nootropic supplements online, then you know that dosage is the most important quality in all supplements. Dosage is what changes a $10 nootropic to a $100 nootropic.

Without dosage information, it’s impossible to judge the effects of Xact. Yes, the supplement contains a handful of proven ingredients – like Noopept and caffeine – but the dosages are either unlisted or hidden within a proprietary formula.

Instead of spending $63.95 for a one month supply of Xact, you’re better off buying ingredients like caffeine and Noopept separately and then mixing it together in your own stack at your own well-known dosage. At this point, there’s just not enough information to suggest that Xact is worth the high price tag – although the free trial is a pretty good deal (it’s completely free, but comes with a clearly-labeled autoship subscription).

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