Womens Strength Nation – Healthy Workout Tips & Meal Plans?


Women’s Strength Nation is a website that provides women important information about the right way to work out and eat for success. You can choose from one of the paid workout programs to start on your path today.

What is Women’s Strength Nation?

The fitness industry has been educating and training men for years to improve their physique and health. However, finding the right regimen for a woman that wants to be both lean and strong is difficult. You may need assistance to find the right regimen for you, which is what Women’s Strength Nation is all about.

This website highlights the importance of women’s fitness, and was developed by Holly Perkins. She aims to help you improve your confidence and control by empowering you during your fitness goals. You need support with your current regimen to ensure that you feel secure in the work you’re putting in.

Most of the time, the support of friends is helpful, but you need someone to encourage you in a workout plan that you may be completely new to. You need to start your fitness regimen by gaining confidence in your own decisions.

Once you manage to reach that point, there’s nothing that you can’t do, which is when the workouts and diet plans from Womens Strength Nation come in to play.

About “5 Tools I Use Everyday to Stay Fit and Lean” by Holly Perkins

Upon entering the website, you are given the opportunity to download “5 Tools I Use Everyday to Stay Fit and Lean” by Holly Perkins. This guide is free, and comes in PDF format to make it easy to access from your computer or smartphone. All you need to do is enter your email address and name.

Workouts From Womens Strength Nation

Women’s Strength Nation has plenty of different articles to help you improve your life, but you may be wondering what to do to put those in action. The website gives you the opportunity to participate in several workouts to enhance your appearance and health. Read on below to find out more about each one.

90-Day Cardio Plan

For $97, you can get a customized plan for you to improve your cardio routine. Many people have no direction, when it comes to their cardio workout. However, by understanding the needs of your body, you can balance the maintenance of your muscles and the speed of your metabolism. Cardio is necessary for you to maintain the health of your heart, to improve your endurance during sports and similar activities, and even to help you lose weight.

Your plan will be designed with the consideration of your specific goals, along with your current physiology. The program lasts for 30 months, and can be combined with either of the 90-day customized programs.

90-Day Eating Plan

For $297, you can get a customized eating plan to teach you the right way to eat while you’re trying to slim down. Finding a program can be overwhelming, especially because every program is not meant for you. You may not know the best way for your body to trigger fat loss, which is how this program is different from the rest.

The creator of your regimen considers the fuel that you need to sustain your daily habits. Some people may require a higher level of protein, since they’re trying to endure strength-training workouts. However, if your lifestyle is predominantly sedentary, your needs will not be the same. While restricted calories may stimulate weight loss, the nutritional content of the calories is much more important.

The program is based on a system called the MacroNutrient Edge. The plan theorizes that you don’t need to dramatically change the diet you currently are consuming. Instead, you will change the way that you eat that diet. You will go through a brief questionnaire for the coaches to review, and you’ll learn how to structure your meals into a Protein-Fat-Carbohydrate combination each day.

This program can be combined with the 90-day customized workout regimens.

90-Day Strength Training Plan

For $297, you can learn the right way to improve your muscle mass with the Strength Training Plan. Most regimens for improving your muscle tone is based on, or converted from, a regimen that is already made for men. However, a woman’s body is entirely different, so you need to work out in a way that pushes your muscles to improve their strength as it should be.

Just like the other customized plans, you must fill out another questionnaire that will result in a downloadable training plan being emailed to you. You’ll learn about the best way to tackle your muscles, even describing the exact amount of sets and reps required, and how long you should rest.

All the exercises that are recommended for you will be on a webpage with videos to ensure that you follow the correct form for the best success possible. You’ll have to perform two to four workouts a week with this regimen, but you can make this program into a progressive routine after the 90 days is over, if you adjust some of the variables that determine what you should do.

The GLUTES Project

With the GLUTES Project, you’ll be spending the next 12 weeks improving your buttocks, by:

  • Minimizing fat
  • Improving lean muscle mass
  • Smoothing cellulite
  • Increasing the speed of your metabolism
  • Correcting your posture
  • Improving your stamina.

The program involves detailed notes for every step of the way, so you will know that you’re doing every movement in the right way. The workouts focus on progression, which means you’ll be pushing yourself a little further in each day that you perform the GLUTES routine.

Along with the intensive workouts for your lower body, you will also get a cardio plan that is customized for your body. You will also get many tutorial about the program to maintain the form that you need while you work out.

The total cost will depend on whether you get the both the home and gym versions of the program ($57.99), or if you just get one of the two options ($39.99).

Lift to Get Lean

Lift to Get Lean is a program that teaches women how to improve their strength and develop healthy muscles. This approach is specialized to meet the needs of a woman, when it comes to strength training, and it’s available for $24.99.

Slim Sexy Strong

Slim Sexy Strong is a pre-recorded workout routine on DVD, which has four different sequences that you can use to target specific issues on your body. The regimen covers:

  • Full body (20 minutes)
  • Abs (10 minutes)
  • Arms (10 minutes)
  • Legs (10 minutes)

There’s 64 different ways that you can complete your workout, while makes it easy to never feel bored. To get this DVD for yourself, the total cost is $18.95.

Contacting Women’s Strength Nation

With all the different types of plans that are available, you may find yourself with some questions that you should probably address before you make your purchase. That’s why the customer service team offers both a fill in form and a phone number, (865) 498-3167, that you can use to reach them.

Womens Strength Nation Conclusion

Women’s Strength Nation gives the support that you need to understand that the fitness goals you’ve set are achievable with your personal strength. You don’t need to second-guess the routine that you participate in, especially if you choose one that caters to your body.

If you’re ready to be stronger in mind, body, and spirit, Women’s Strength Nation is the key to your newfound success.

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