Wine RayZyn Company – Farm To Table Gourmet SuperFood Snacks?


The Wine RayZyn Company is a brand that offers a delicious and healthy snack with the use of grapes and different types of wine. This brand has multiple package options to allow consumers to have their choice with delicious flavors.

What Is The Wine RayZyn Company?

Finding healthy snacks to pass the time is critical to maintaining the health of any consumer. Most people turn to candy and salty snacks to fulfill their hunger, but these options are not necessarily healthy. Consumers need alternatives that are as pleasing to their taste buds as they are healthy for the body, which sometimes involves superfoods. That is where the Wine RayZyn Company comes in.

The Wine RayZyn Company comes from a family that brought it up in Napa, California. The company’s vineyards have won awards for the last three generations for their organic methods and the quality of their wines.

As they create their blends, they preserve the environment and the land they use for the best performance. Each snack is balanced nutritionally, and the farmers understand the importance of sustainable farming. Even though the actual business has only been booming since 2014, consumers can rely on their robust snacks to fill the gaps between meals.

Products From The Wine RayZyn Company

Consumers primarily have the choice between three varieties – CabernayZyn, MerlayZyn, and ChardonayZyn, each of which is made with a specific wine in mind. CabernayZyn uses a Cabernet, MerlayZyn uses a Merlot, and ChardonayZyn uses a Chardonnay. Users can choose from one of the package options to get their personal favorite flavor.

Variety Pack Snacks

The best way to get all the different flavors is to take advantage of one of the variety packs. The Grab & Go 3 Pack offers a smaller version of the flavors for $8.99. The full-size options are available in the Trio Pack Gourmet Gift for $10.99.

Grab & Go Snacks

The Grab & Go snacks help consumers get these delicious treats in bags that are easy to bring along for lunches or on a drive. Choose from 0.625-ounce bags of CabernayZyn, MerlayZyn, and ChardonayZyn dried grapes for $10.00 each.

Chocolate Covered Snacks

The chocolate-covered CabernayZyn is the only option in this category, offering a six-pack of the Pocket Singles for $10.00.

8oz Snack Packs

There are three different options for the eight-ounce snack packs – CabernayZyn, ChardonayZyn, and MerlayZyn. Each one is available for $10.00.


Along with these snacks, consumers also can get merchandise to help out with the purchase. The RayZyn Canvas Tote is made of cotton twill and weighs only 10 ounces, even though the bag is 14.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches high. The CabernayZyn Goblet Gift Set ($39.99) includes both a goblet and dried wine grapes.

Contacting the Wine RayZyn Company

Even with the information listed on the website, consumers may still have other questions that they want to have answered. The customer service team can be reached by phone (707-251-1600) or by email ([email protected]).

Wine RayZyn Company Review Summary

The Wine RayZyn Company is dedicated to providing snacks for anyone to indulge in. Even though these flavors are inspired by different wine options, consumers will not have to worry about any alcohol content. All they receive from the snacks are superfoods with impressive nutrients.

Pick any of the flavors to start, and stock up on enough bags to keep them in lunch bags or work desks to keep energy up throughout the day. As they flush out the toxins in the body, every consumer can feel more energized and satiated than if they were stuck with a bag of potato chips.

To get the most out of any diet, choose a healthy superfood like The Wine RayZyn Company’s dried grape options. Any of the Wine RayZyn Company orders comes with a $2.99 flat rate shipping fee.

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