NatureMedic Fucoidan 3-Plus – Mozuku, Mekabu & Fucus Extract?


Calling NatureMedic Fucoidan 3-Plus a powerful antioxidant would be an understatement, maybe even a disservice. Because, it is much more than that. You see, it has several therapeutic properties that protect against cell damage. It is often seen as a dietary supplement that it is here too. It is said to help kill viruses and fight inflammation.

Some research suggests that it can also stimulate and balance the immune system and guard against things like neurotoxicity and prevent blood clots. In other terms, it is referred to as a carotenoid that is often found in things like brown seaweed like wakame and hijiki.

NatureMedic Fucoidan 3-Plus, however, is derived from three types of Fucoidan extracts – really pushing its power to an entirely new level;

  1. Mozuku
  2. Mekabu
  3. Fucus

Carotenoids however, as a whole, are crucial to maintaining good health. They can be found in brightly colored foods. This natural food compound has shown promise in fighting cancer. And, although this research is still preliminary, its compounds are a good indication of more goodness to come.

More About NatureMedic Fucoidan 3-Plus

NatureMedic Fucoidan 3-Plus is the first in the world in its innovative class. Its formulation as mentioned above contains three (3) different extracts of Fucoidan which has not been seen in the marketplace. This bottle here, contains 40 grams of high quality and purity Fucoidan made from the three (3) extracts described above.

It is certified organic and has been deemed safe from radiation and heavy metals. To ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of this dietary supplement, each bottle has a hologram security label on it and an individual serial number.

It is believed, the company went this far to not only protect their reputation of quality and pure products, but above all else make sure their consumers are receiving the best available.

Connection With Fucoidan, Cancer, and Other Health Ailments

As mentioned above, research is still preliminary, however; it appears to have anti-tumor, anti-cancer and neuroprotective actions. More specifically, Fucoidan appears to block cancer cells from developing and growing. It is possible that it provides anti-coagulant and anti-thrombotic effects that can improve blood circulation.

In some cases, it is used to treat high blood pressure of hypertension. It may help treat allergies, bacterial or viral infections and all ailments tied to inflammation – which we know more and more is connected to just about everything.

Overall, this dietary supplement appears to be a winner across the board in prevention and management of both minor and serious ailments. There are clinically proven elements to their extracts included in this brand – and the fact that this one contains three (3) different ones is remarkable.

How To Order NatureMedic Fucoidan 3-Plus

The manufacturing and selling of NatureMedic Fucoidan 3-Plus is in Japan, however they do ship internationally and shipping costs are determined upon checkout – but reads that it is free.

To order yours, please visit Amazon to order. The listed retail price is $350.00.

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