Wildflower Health: Mobile Healthcare Apps For Growing Families?


There are many different health conditions that can arise over the course of one’s lifetime. For women, though, the challenges tend to be a bit more unique due to their reproductive abilities. Pregnancy is one of those conditions that requires a great deal of medical attention, care, and oversight. The trouble is, there are very few resources out there that can provide the necessary tools to navigate through regular doctor visits, health plan benefits, hospital services, and appointment schedules – until now. A new program on the market, called Wildflower Growing Healthy Families, may be just what women need to receive the necessary services so that they can get the guidance and support necessary to ensure that their pregnancy is a positive one.

What Is Wildflower Health?

Wildflower Growing Healthy Families is a new online platform that provides women with the support, guidance, and resources that they need to grow healthy families. As the program explains, its approach is to help women navigate through doctor visits, health plan benefits, hospital services, appointment schedules, and so much more. With this type of direction during pregnancy, women can eliminate stressors and ensure that they are in the best condition possible for a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Wildflower Health Mobile Healthcare Apps For Growing Families

Wildflower is a diverse platform that provides users with a number of different online and mobile services. As the brand explains, its products are designed to improve clinical quality, to connect patients to resources that they may need, and to help reduce medical costs as well. The three different services and tools that the platform provides are as follows:

  • Due Date Plus
  • GROW
  • Enterprise Platform

Each of these systems provides women with the tools and resources necessary for a successful pregnancy. Women can access these platforms either through their mobile device or through their computer.

Wildflower Health Due Date Plus

Due Date Plus is designed to help women from the start of their pregnancy to the delivery. The platform is designed to help women identify the risks that may be unique to them and to connect them to health providers or health plan managers so that they can get the help that they need. The smartphone application enables women to stay on track concerning their medical appointments, it features a “click to call” line that connects them to a nurse or benefit-look up, and those who use this platform tend to experience a reduction in health issues such as low birth weight babies and the like.

Further, it is important to note that this platform is available in Spanish and English. It is also compliant with HIPPA so that women do not need to worry about the dissemination of private health information, and it also triages high-risk issues to health care managers and providers so that women can readily get the care that they need for optimal results during their pregnancy. Very few platforms are able to provide the same qualities, making this an ideal go-to option for women’s need.

Wildflower Health GROW

GROW is the second platform provided by Wildflower and it is designed to provide women with the full spectrum of family health. The system caters to 85 percent of parents who use smartphone technology. Those who use this platform will have an easier time coordinating their family’s health, they can tap into a range of effective resources for family planning and health, and it also enables users to receive reminders for developmental screening, immunizations, and child appointments. With this app on hand, women will be able to make quick and effective decisions for their family’s health and they’ll also have an easier time maintaining their children’s health and wellness.

As users can tell, the health qualities of Wildflower extend well behind just the pregnancy stage. Instead, the platform permeates into family care and wellness so that users can get additional guidance and support to ensure that their family’s health is well taken care of. Additionally, this platform includes a dynamic delivery of information that is customized by age and gender, it provides preventative screening, immunization, and weight trackers, and it also integrates resources such as nurse hotline that is available 24/7.

Wildflower Health Enterprise Platform

The final platform is the Enterprise Platform. This system features turn-key technology, which is designed to address demand for rapid deployment, fast changing interoperability, and quick content updates. The platform is cloud-based, which means that the information is quickly accessible. Women who use this platform will be able to enjoy from features including tap-to-call care managers, provider look-up, health risk assessments, and clinical program referrals. With this type of approach, women will have exactly what they need to make solid decisions concerning their family and its health. Further, the program is complaint with HIPPA, it features population engagement dashboards with analytic tools, and the applications are customized for user needs.

A Stellar Team Behind Wildflower Health

There are many considerations to take into account when choosing a healthcare platform such as this one. Because this platform deals with healthcare, it is imperative to ensure that one is using the right tools and resources and that the program is run by the right individuals. In this case, Wildflower Health has a stellar team behind it. The professionals behind the products have years of experience in the healthcare and medical industries, ensuring that those who do choose these platforms are able to experience optimal results throughout the process. Very few platforms may be as reliable and effective as this one.

Wildflower Health Conclusion

Overall, those who are interested in making better decisions for their health and wellness may want to consider giving Wildflower Health a chance. The program has received a great deal of positive attention by the media for its ability to provide women with optimal qualities throughout their pregnancy and behind. The comprehensive program has a range of features that can be helpful throughout the pregnancy process so that women can stress less and focus more on caring for themselves and their child. To learn more about the program and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

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