Weyland Energy – Herbal Brain Nutrition With Nootropic Boost?


With an energy supplement that will not leave consumers with a harsh crash, Weyland Energy relies on botanically sourced caffeine and balancing herbs for a consistent, prolonged energy increase.

Please read on for more about this plant-based energy supplement.

About Weyland Energy

Fatigue, and its resulting physical and mental stress, is a common ailment in today’s fast-paced life. Coffee and many energy supplements or drinks contain high doses of highly processed caffeine that often come with jitters, shakiness, anxiousness, and a crash of low energy when they wear off.

Weyland Energy is a natural energy supplement made with a blend of herbs specifically designed to prolong a gentle increase in energy without the sudden spike and crash.

With botanically sourced caffeine, rather than the more processed caffeine anhydrous, the energy boost is complemented by the balancing properties of Rhodiola Rosea, Panax ginseng, and ashwagandha extract.

How Does It Work?

Typical dosage is for users to take one serving of two tablets with food and water.

Some Amazon customers noted that only half a dose was needed to achieve the desired energy levels, so users might want to experiment with different amounts.

Due to the high caffeine content of Weyland: Energy, consumers should take caution when simultaneously consuming other caffeinated products to avoid feelings of sleeplessness, rapid heartbeat, and nervousness.

Weyland Energy Ingredients

Guarana Extract:

Almost chemically identical to caffeine, guarana extract has a slower release and longer lasting effects for a gentler boost of energy. In contrast to the more commonly used and more processed caffeine hydrous, this source is plant-based and natural.


As the calming extract of green tea, L-theanine has become increasingly recognized as beneficial for decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety for improved mental focus and function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Required to convert glucose into energy at the cellular level, this antioxidant helps the body transform blood sugar into available energy.

Rhodiola Extract:

A powerful adaptogen, this extract can increase red blood cell levels, which carry oxygen to the muscles, as well as stimulate fat burning, thereby transporting essential nutrients efficiently and increasing available fat to be used as energy.

Panax Ginseng Extract:

Long used to increase stamina in traditional Chinese medicine, Panax ginseng might also contribute to increase cognitive clarity.

Ashwagandha Extract:

With adrenal supportive, thyroid balancing, and mood enhancing properties, ashwagandha helps decrease stress levels and balance energy levels.

B-Vitamin Complex:

The full spectrum of B vitamins aid in metabolism and maintain energy for a sustained energy boost without a crash.

Weyland Energy Pricing


Offering the cheapest price of the three, bottles of 100 tablets are available through Amazon for $8.99.


The manufacturer offers one bottle of 100 tablets for $9.95 for a one-time purchase, but also offers a 10% discount for subscriptions.

Stimulife Health

As the most expensive option, this website sells the same 100 capsule bottles for $19.95.

Should You Use Weyland Energy?

With overwhelmingly positive reviews from Amazon customers, this might be a useful product for those looking for an affordable, natural energy booster without a crash, which also helps relieve stress.

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